Nothing one gets happy with shaving, tweezing, or waxing except salon professionals to remove unwanted hair that comes in the way of your beauty regime.

laser hair removal treatment is considered to be a worthwhile option for removing this unwanted hair.


Laser hair removal has become one of the commonly used treatment all over the world. It is a nonsurgical cosmetic treatment which aids in enhancing beauty cosmetic


How Does It Work:


Though laser treatment is a cosmetic treatment it comes under the medical procedure. It uses a highly concentrated beam of light commonly known as a laser to remove hair which is no more wanted. Here again, physics comes into action and changes light energy into heat or thermal energy, which in turn reaches hair follicles and permanently damages it. This may cause permanent inhibition of hair growth or may sometimes delay the growth of the hair, thus giving a clean look.


Advantages of Laser Hair Removal:


1.      Painless Procedure:


Though it sounds painful in actual, it is not a painful procedure. You will feel a very mild sharp pain on thin skin tones near the nose, chin, and temples on the face. Nowadays, the lasers have a cooling mechanism i.e., the doctors regularly run a cold blast of air at the place where laser beams are pointed, thus giving a cooling effect.




The speed at which the impulse or throb of the laser comes into action is just a fraction of a second. These impulses can treat the number of hairs at one time. The laser can treat the upper lip in less than a minute and larger areas in an hour or so. 


3.Predictability and Patience Work:


Generally, patients who undergo laser hair removal treatment lose hair permanently after three to seven or eight sessions. It takes about 14- 21 days to see a visible difference and more than eight sessions to get the desired results.


4. Get Rid of Shaving:


You will take a sigh of relief after laser hair removal treatment of the areas where you wanted permanent removal and reduction of hair, as you no longer need to shave and trim hair.


5.Reduction Of Ingrown Hairs:


Laser treatments can work wonders with ingrown hairs too. It helps in reducing the growth of the ingrown hairs and reduces skin irritation. This is achieved because this procedure makes the hair grow in a straight manner and direction. Besides this, it makes the skin smooth, clean, and radiant.


6.Helps and Work on All Types of Skin Tones:


Laser hair removal treatment works on all type of skin colors and nature. The results are the same for light as well as dark skin tone. This treatment is safe for treating pigmented, blemishes, or dark skin tones.


Bottom line:


It is seen that women shave more than 8000 times in their lifetime. So if you add up the amount that is spent on buying razors, trimmers or the amount spent on bikini wax sessions throughout your life, it will cost you a fortune. So, isn’t it a better option to invest in laser hair removal to enhance your beauty without any pain and discomfort. It is recommended to go for a highly-skilled, trained and experienced professional if ever you are going for laser hair removal.

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