With our environment and atmosphere’s quality going down the drain, it is getting increasingly difficult even for the best of us to stay healthy without any issues or help from medicines or pain relief medicines. This pain can be of any kind be it a muscle spasm or a simple cramp. These cramps get more and more common as you grow older, and since everything we eat, drink and breathe is contaminated in some way or another, it has become even more common. The new generations don’t even like physical activities as much as mental ones, and I’m sure that your best friend would prefer chilling on your couch over going out to chill. This lack of usage of your muscles might lead to cramps when you do use them. The solution to them has never been easier though with the introduction of the Theraworx spray. You can use it for leg cramps, muscle spasms, and pretty much muscle pain on any part of the body.


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How does Theraworx spray work?

The spray works by the blend of safe, gentle ingredients which includes magnesium sulfate, colloidal silver, citrus grapefruit extract, aloe, allantoin, and vitamin E. In this list of the ingredients used, the main active ingredient in this spray is Magnesium Sulphate. All these ingredients work together in harmony to provide the maximum satisfaction and positive results the customers are experiencing.  You might be thinking it must have a pungent smell for all those ingredients used in it, but no, our scientists have infused green apple scent into the product so that it blends pleasantly in your surroundings. One of the advantages of this drug is that it’s not a prescription drug and is available over-the-counter.

It has been proven to prevent and relieve muscles cramps in the legs and feet. There have not been many scientific studies on Theraworx Relief for other muscle groups, but it’s safe to use on any area of the body as experienced by their prestigious customers.

While most pain sprays and gels have a heating or cooling sensation attached to them when applied on your skin, you can use this spray for leg cramps without feeling any such effects on your skin. The products that do have these heating or cooling effects distract your nerves rather than work on the pain, whereas This spray has a unique approach to the problem as it works with the body’s natural functions to prevent muscle cramps and spasms which helps release muscle tightness at the time of a cramp. It can even reduce muscle soreness after the cramp or spasm has gone away.

Leg Cramps

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So is this wonder drug safe to use?

With all the positive aspects of the drug it starts to feel suspicious as there are no perfect drugs, so can you use this spray for leg cramps and on other parts of your body without any ill-effects?

The answer is yes, and no. While the spray has been clinically proven safe for multiple skin types, there have been limited reported cases of adverse effects. The most dangerous “side-effect” it can produce do involves mild skin reactions. So if you notice it irritating your skin, discontinue using it and contact a practitioner. In general, it just contains non-toxic ad gentle ingredients so the spray can be used as often as required, and on any place of the body required. This also means it is safe to use even for sensitive skin, but if you happen to have a skin condition, it is always advised to consult a doctor or skin professional before applying anything over it.

Being an FDA registered product it has received New Drug Codes from the FDA approving its commercial labeling and can, therefore, be trusted as it’s not easy getting a permit with a product that isn’t safe.

It is also important to know that the Theraworx spray should not generally interact with any other medication you might be on. But there are a few skin products like lotions or creams that might act as a barrier between the spray and your skin, making it less effective. So, it is advised to apply the spray first and letting it dry before you apply any other lotion or cream on your skin.

Is it safe for all ages?

Though the spray has only been studied for subjects over 17 years of age, there is no reason it wouldn’t be safe for anyone younger to use it. With the growing deterioration in the health of our young ones, it is one of the few safe options for pain relief from cramps usable for all ages.

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