The Short Woman\’s Guide to Wearing Floor-Length Dresses

Despite what you may have heard, being short does not mean you have to take a pass on certain dress styles. If you’ve spent your whole life believing that long, floor-length dresses were off limits to you, it’s time reconsider. By following a few simple tips and tricks, you can wear any dress you want without fear that the dress is wearing you.

Wear Solid Colours
When it comes to floor-length dresses, solid colours are your friend. It will create a look that draws the eye from top to bottom, giving you a longer, taller, look. Try to avoid anything that will divide the body in two. When you wear blocks of colour or broad patterns that draw attention to different parts of the dress, you are breaking up the lines of your body and making yourself appear shorter.

Consider The Length
When you are diminutive in stature, your best bet for a long dress is one that skims the top of the toes. Sticking to this length allows you some flexibility in your footwear. If you wear a dress that skims the floor, you are more or less limited to wearing heels. When the dress hits at the tops of your toes, you can go back and forth between flats and heels as the occasion, the dress, or your mood dictates. Steer clear of ankle-length dresses as they can cut you off and make your legs look short.

Choose The Right Material
Whether you are looking for a formal dress or a casual summer staple, pay close attention the fabric. Try to avoid heavy or bulky material because they can overwhelm a tiny frame. Look for fabrics that are light and flow or move with your body. This accentuates your frame without burying it. A semi-sheer fabric, for example, will show the lines of your curves, creating a consistent, elongating flow from top to bottom.

Check The Shape
For shorter women, the shape and cut of the dress can make all the difference. Look for a dress that has a fitted bodice. This will show off your shape without shielding your feminine lines. When you have a fitted waist, and a skirt that flows from there, you will automatically look longer. It is also important to consider the neckline. Halters, v-necks, and sweetheart necklines are all great choices for adding extra length. If you can’t find a dress that cinches at the waist, try adding a narrow belt. This will give you a high-waisted look, adding length to your legs and making your waist look smaller. Avoid full skirts or anything that flares at the bottom. The wider the bottom, the shorter you are likely to look.

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