The Secret For A Hassle-Free Motorcycle Trip

Good preparation for motorcycle trips can turn your trips around. But to pack perfectly and just the right way it takes years of practice. Fortunately, you do not have to wait years and try out different things because we are going to tell you what is the secret of the hassle-free motorcycle trip. Following is a checklist, you can add somethings to it if you like.

Carry a spare key

Having a spare key always helps so make sure you carry one. Hide it somewhere on the bike or carry it separate from other keys.

Luggage and protection

Of course, you would need motorcycle luggage bags and thus protection for it. Saddlebags are the most commonly used ones but you can buy others as well. Protection from rain, water, mud, etc. is important so bikers use plastic or garbage bags. If you want you can choose any other medium for protection. Check out Viking Bags for good deals, affordable prices, and quality luggage.

Eat properly

If you are planning on eating in a restaurant then try to make plans other than busy hours. 8 am, noon, and 9 pm are counted as busy hours. This way you can get in and out quickly saving time. Don’t keep yourself hungry. Another way to kill little hunger on the road is to eat snacks that you should pack.

Quick getaway

If you are near the end of your day riding it is the time for setting you a quick gateway. Ride as far as possible in the morning without stopping, when traffic is less. This saves your time from being wasted in traffic and you can enjoy more.

Check your bike

Always have a look at your bike before hitting the roads. Checking tire pressure, oil level, any missing bolts or nuts, fasteners, etc. will only take a couple of minutes but save you a lot of time, effort and even your life.


A backpack is also necessary, it will not cost or weigh much but have a lot of benefits. You can keep water, snacks, and other smaller items in there which need quick access. A pipe from the bottle lets you sip while driving so you won’t have to do a small stop.

Luggage packing

Packing is crucial and luggage and how you pack decides a lot of things. First, put heavy items on the bottom and build up from that with lightest ones on top. Do not put anything that you might need quick access to at the bottom, pack it separately. To prevent hassle, you can make an envelope for each day and mark it accordingly. So, you’ll only have to open the envelope and all done. Toothbrush, paste, shampoo, soap, clothes, gear, and other basic items are not to be forgotten.

Wear earplugs

This might feel like you are overdoing it but it will pay off. Earplugs reduce wind noise and you will be able to hear crystal clear when you get off the bike after a long ride. They also add comfort to the ride.


Paper maps are good but not as efficient as GPS or navigations systems. You can use your mobile phone for navigation as well. A mobile phone is really helpful as you can call for help from anywhere if you have signals. Even then the dispatch unit will have to know your location.


Having a great time is what motorcycle trips and tours are all about. If you are just racing to the finishing point when why go on a tour just take part in some motorcycle race. Take it as a vacation and plan for it.

Daily mileage

Do not try to overdo it, covering some extra miles might affect your next day drive. On scenic routes stop to have a good look around. Plan and find stops on your route to have the best view.

Motorcycle cover

Covering up the motorcycle to protect it from dust, rain, etc. is important so buy a good motorcycle cover.

Make reservations

Make reservations before you actually reach there. Book room or whatever you are comfortable with ahead of time. This not only saves time but also gets you better rates. Before making reservations do a review or check other places. If you are planning on camping then do not forget to pack a tent, a heated sleeping bag, and other important things you might need.

Riding into sun

Try not to ride staring into the sun. Instead, you can plan your breakfasts, lunches, or stop at some scenic place to enjoy, rest or do some repairs if needed. Don’t try to get blind.

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