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The Rules For a Successful Eclectic Design

An eclectic style is easy to fall in love with, but tricky if you want to implement it in your home. People like this style because of the freedom and relaxation it provides – and the end result are always fascinating! A wide variety of different styles combined together is what makes this design so attractive and the more you include, the bigger of a WOW factor you’ll get. However, with its unusual elements, even designers sometimes struggle in order to make everything work well together. That’s why you need to follow these simple steps in order to avoid the most common mistakes.


Create a neutral background

When you’re trying to recreate a specific style, it’s easy to make a mistake right at the beginning. This style consists of many different textures and colors, so the safest start would be creating a neutral background which will be the perfect base for the upcoming projects. This blank canvas is now perfect for adding eye-catching elements and finding the perfect place for your decorations. Be careful when making a layout plan – this style doesn’t have only one focal point, but lots of items scattered throughout the room instead. This balance is crucial if you want to be successful at this endeavor.


Color coordination

To pull the overall look together, you need to pick a main color and make it tie the whole design together. This is the time to be inspired by the most outrageous colors because that’s what this style is all about. Choose one shade as the dominant one and use it to cover big parts of the room, but don’t forget to add another to accentuate the décor. The main benefit of this style is that it welcomes colors, encourages bold combinations and lets you do almost anything when it comes to combining different hues.


Interesting furniture

You shouldn’t forget comfort and coziness when it comes to choosing furniture and every piece you include should have a purpose. This style has become popular in Australia in the last few years and it can now be found in many homes. Given that Aussies like to follow trends, it’s no surprise that they choose to visit a store to buy living room furniture in Sydney and choose some interesting pieces. With a little help from people working there, you’ll be able to find furniture that suits your new interior perfectly.


Add a statement piece

The true shining star of the eclectic style is the unexpected statement piece that will make everything fun and fresh. This is your chance to be bold and let your interior shine with a few unusual effects. There are so many options and you don’t need to spend too much money – instead, just use what you already have in your home. The safest option is to go with your old travel memorabilia and display it in a unique way, making a connection between different items. Apart from that, you can go all or nothing and use some modern art pieces that will surely turn out to be a real showstopper.


Create balance and symmetry

With all the different colors and styles, you’ll need something that will unify every part of your eclectic design, so find something that will work well in all your rooms. Keep in mind that the balance in every part of the design is what makes perfect harmony, so incorporate it into your interior. In addition to that, you can opt for different textures, which adds more and more depth, and that’s more than welcome in this style. The ongoing trend of layering rugs is the perfect solution to add style and warmth. Just avoid having a certain part be overly dominant and make everything blend together instead.


In the end, confidence is your most powerful tool and you should use it from start to finish. Also, enjoy the process and have fun with adding the final touches. Sure, it has to be amazing and leave everyone breathless, but it should also be a place where you’ll live, so consult your inner decorator too. All you have left is to follow these simple guidelines and create your own eclectic style and enjoy the new changes in your home.

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