The Relation between Dieting Habit and Acid Reflux or Heartburn

Proper nutrition is essential, though in this fast-paced life as well as lifestyle scenario, we lean towards junk foods more than eating healthy items. As a result, we acquire different sorts of physical disorders. Junk foods are named so, as they come with minimal nutritious elements. They may taste good, but they do not have anything beneficial to offer to your body. Nevertheless, they are not easy to be digested. As a result, digestive disorders start occurring. Too much fast food consumption can lead to fatal physical conditions like GERD which is also called as Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder.

In simple words, GERD is a disorder which is caused due to indigestion. When our stomach becomes filled with acidic element, GERD occurs. It is natural for our stomach to release acid to digest the foods. But, there are some problems. When we eat junk items, foods are not digested properly. To decompose the foods, stomach releases more and more acid. As a result, the presence of acid gets high and unusual inside the stomach. It leads to burning feeling inside the stomach as well as the esophageal area. This symptom is commonly termed as heartburn and the physical condition is known as acid reflux.

Acid reflux or GERD can lead to various physical complications. For example, it can cause chest pain, leading to heart-related problems. If digestive problem sustains for a long time, it can cause excessive toxin formation inside your body and that would lower down immunity level. The digestive disorder can also cause malnutrition. Last, but not the least, it can lead to liver disorder, kidney disorder, and many other problems. GERD treatment is necessary to stop ulcer formation in the esophageal tube. An ulcer can lead to esophageal cancer. Now, the important question is what should be the ideal food for escaping the curse of acid reflux? In the following section, we shall find a list of the foods that are known to be good against managing acid reflux.

Foods to Avoid Acid Reflux

It is a proven fact that good food habit is effective and helpful against acid reflux. You need proper nutrition for your body. At the same time, your stomach demands the food items that are easy to be digested. Simple diet is always suggested. It is always better to avoid junk foods as much as possible. Continuing with the habit of eating junk foods rigorously will cause digestion issues and that would result in acid reflux. Here are the foods that you should consume more to avoid indigestion as well as acid reflux.

  1. Any Kinds of Green Vegetables

The more green vegetables, you can add to your regular diet, is good for your body. Eating green vegetables has a lot of advantages. They are enriched with essential nutrients that help our body to stay fit as well as strong. Another important thing is that green vegetables are the easiest things to be digested. If you are suffering from indigestion issue, you should consume them as much as you can. Since they are simple to be digested, they never lead to acid reflux issues.

  1. Ginger

Ginger comes with natural anti-inflammatory properties and thus it is extremely good against preventing acid reflux issues. It does not only prevent acid reflux but also treat acid reflux issues. In fact, serious acid reflux issues can be managed with the help of this magical substance. You can consume raw ginger or can use the juice of ginger for preparing cool drinks. If you are a tea lover, ginger and tea make a nice combination. So, add ginger tea on your regular diet. You shall definitely find excellent relief against frequent heartburn problem.

  1. Eggs for Reducing Acid Reflux

Egg comes with a lot of proteins and it is also enriched with nitrogen. Consuming at least two eggs on a daily basis will prevent various kinds of physical complications, including acid reflux issue. Eggs can be eaten in different ways, though chronic acid reflux patients are recommended to each boiled eggs. If not, light oil poached or even water poached eggs would be perfectly fine for them.

  1. Seafood for Preventing Acid Reflux

It has been noted that acid reflux occurs due to consumption of fat enriched proteins, especially the meats that we use to consume. Instead of goat or beef or pork meats, you can go for simple meat, like chicken. However, chicken can also come with a high amount of fat. The best option is to go for the seafood items. You shall find many kinds of seafood which can be considered as highly nutrition enriched. They come with omega-3 fatty acid, which is a good cholesterol and simplified protein. So, consumption of a generous amount of seafood in place of the meat is always a good thing to stay protected from indigestion issues. Saying goodbye to indigestion is actually saying goodbye to chronic acid reflux. You should try seafood recipes that require lesser spices and oil. Make it healthier to stay fit and protected from acid reflux problem.

  1. Fruits on a Daily Basis

Consumption of fruits is important for our body in many ways. Fruits often come with the high amount of nutrients which help to make our immune system strong as well as healthy. A healthy immune system means that all major body organs are working properly. When the digestive system works perfectly, acid reflux would not make you feel bothered.

Know Foods That Trigger Acid Reflux

Though eating fruits on daily basis is good for adding nutrients to the body, it is also required to be kept in mind that some fruits act as triggering elements for acid reflux or heartburn. Not just fruits, you may find some foods or special dishes which may trigger your acid reflux. For different people, food items that trigger acid reflux vary a lot. For example, cheese can cause heartburn problem for many people, but a lot of people are there who are not affected by cheese when it comes to triggering acid reflux. Similarly, garlic could be a triggering element for acid reflux. For the best acid reflux diet plan, a nutritionist should be consulted.

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