The Reason to Add Coral Color to Your Wardrobe


First thing that comes to your mind is that this color is only for spring and summer outfits, but that’s not all there is to this fab color. Combined with gray and navy green it can accentuate your tan and create a fun outfit perfect for a relaxed weekend afternoon or a shopping day with friends. During summer you can easily combine coral clothes with white and ivory accessories and during winter a coral scarf or a top can make a huge difference since they can brighten things up. If you let your prejudice about summer and winter color schemes go, you will see how liberating it can be.

Tops That Lift Up the Whole Look

Coral is in fact a mixture between orange and red that make her look warm and feminine. Because of this it is important to mix it with proper items to avoid girly look. You can opt to balance its intensity with neutral color blazer or a sweater that will tone it down.

Gray and white details go very well with it, especially in work environment. Dark shades of blue get along with corals very well. For an everyday outfit combine it with simple jeans and earthy colored blazer to make sure everyone is looking at you. It goes well with animal prints too!


Adding color to your casual look is a great way to update from your sweatshirt. A coral bag is great and versatile and if you’re feeling washed out in your white basic shirt, try winding a coral scarf around your neck or trying to wear coral shoes with it.

Coral Bottoms – Showstoppers!

If you want to have a wow factor in your outfit this color and all its variations will offer plenty of style ideas and interpretations. When it comes to pants, skirts and shorts this is a fabulous way to go. Whether the corals are in loud neon or muted pastels, you can bet that they are all in style so you can play and combine. Coral is ideal for bottoms because you can wear it either with black or a white top but earthy colors create an interesting option too.


Coral as The Ultimate Beach Color

Considered as a pretty girly color, you can opt to balance its sweetness with something more serious. You can work with the sweet tone by wearing a top in the color and toughen it up by teaming it with denim shorts or sandals for ultimate beach look.

If you look at the Hollywood celebs like Jessica Alba and Emma Stone you will see how they combine coral pieces with white ones and always look very stylish. Coral shades are also perfect for color-blocking, especially with purple and if colors are what you are looking for this season, experiment as much as you can. On the beach everything is allowed, and here in Australia we have great swimwear suits options.


This color can be worn a variety of different ways, either as a color for your clothing or, if you just want to experiment, as an accent to update your wardrobe. In the end, it is always about how you feel in your clothes.

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