Medical tourism provides an avenue for patients to cross over borders in search of quality treatment. If you evaluate the net worth of medical tourism industry it stands to be around $ 40 billion and the savings work out to be 85 % in most cases. A lot of south East Asian countries are hubs of medical tourism, though India tends to be top the list.

The advantages

Savings in terms of cost is one of the main pillars why the industry of medical tourism thrives. In some countries of the world, medical tourism works out to be on the expensive side. The cardiac surgeries and the organ transplants are really expensive. You are forced to spend a lot and when you opt for medical tourism you do not have to spend a lot of money. If you take into consideration the cost of travel, along with medical travel and the cost of accommodation the cost is relatively on the smaller side. Most of the medical tourism websites drive home this point. In consideration for the cost effective treatment the quality is of the highest class as well.

With medical tourism you get instant access to health care facilities with zero waiting lists. It works out to be a viable solution for someone who needs immediate medical attention. Some patients are not able to receive care in the local hospitals at the same time.

If you observe the figures there are around 60 JCI accredited hospitals all over the world. In all these hospitals highest standards of medical care are provided which is hardly possible in the home countries as well. Most of the health care facilities have suitable link ups with medical tourism companies. For an outstation patient this is a blessing in disguise as ready help is there as soon as you land in India. You would just need to furnish in a few details like what form of surgery you are looking at. The medical tourism will take care of things and there are more of a friend and not a money making syndrome. In some cases surgery might not be the only option as alternate course of treatment might work out. The patients do get the best of care and all this is provided in a relaxed atmosphere.

With the help of medical tourism you get exposed to a new country along with a new culture. The chances are high that you can combine a health care trip with a visit to the beautiful tourism locations of the country. India is blessed to have some of the most beautiful tourist wonders of the world. The backwaters of Kerala or the beaches of Goa would be a perfect gateway.

For a lot of people the low cost might seem to bring an element of doubt. The main reason for the low cost is the labour cost is lower in these countries. The government has extended all possible help to the development of this sector in a big way as well.

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