If you mention the word“investing”, most people think of sharp men in equally sharp suits gambling on the stock market – an inaccessible world of high finance, far removed from the typical man in the street. However, in the age of the internet, a wide range of investment opportunities have opened up to everyone – areas that were previously utterly inaccessible toeveryday people.

Of course, before you make your first million, you need to start small, so here are some ideas to get you off the ground.

The cookie jar approach

It may sound a little outdated, but even putting away a small amount each week can add up surprisingly quickly. Saving little by little is just simple math – if you put away $10 a week, by the end a year,you’ll have over $500. It soon adds up without you particularly noticing.

As we move increasingly to a cashless society and start using cards/apps more, the idea of the traditional cookie jar might be long gone – however, smart apps do a great job at saving your virtual cash without you even noticing you’ve put the money away.

Invest in stocks and shares

In previous times, to invest in the stock market typically requiredusing the services of a broker or other specialist to manage your accounts. The internet has changed all that, and with online tradingwebsites and apps, it’s never been easier to invest in stocks and shares.

Many popular banking apps now allowquick and easyways to buy stocks and shares with live updated values to show performance. Investing is similar to making a bank transfer – all done virtually, on screen.

Invest in gold

Over the years, gold has held its value better thanany othercommodity, stock, or share. The main attraction of gold is its lack of volatility – the value stays remarkably stable and has done for many years.If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to save money for the future, gold-stock is a very reliable investment.

In these increasingly uncertain times, stability can be seen as a very good thing – particularly when it comes to a longer-term investment.

Gold tends not to suffer from the vast fluctuations in value seen in other markets and, while this means you’re unlikely to get rich quick, it also means you’re far less likely to lose money. 

Many online gold brokers sell flakes of gold at minimal fees, allowing you to dip your toes in the market. For example, nuggetsbygrant.com enables online customers to buy gold in minimal amounts, starting from as little as $10 and up.

Invest in real estate

Not so very long ago, investing in real estate required you to have access to significant sums of money. These days, through the concept ofcrowdfunding, markets have been liberated, making it possible for even the smallest of small-time investors to get their foot on a shared property ladder.

Crowdfunding property investment is a great way to learn the fundamentals of investing in real estate without leaving yourself wide open to the risks of being a sole proprietor or landlord.

With so many opportunities open to smaller-time investors, there’s never been a better time to begin putting money behind you and start investing in your future.

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