The Newlyweds’ Guide to Finding the Right Home

Your wedding day was perfection, the honeymoon was even better, but now you are back at home facing a series of decisions to be made as a couple. Perhaps the most difficult of those, is the decision to buy a new home. But with a little help from our side, you will soon find out that it is one of the most exciting things to do with your partner as you two step into a long and beautiful future together. Here you go.

Right Home

Prioritising Well

Before you start looking, it is better to sit down together and discuss your priorities. Purchasing the wrong home is a decision that will plague you and your partner for years, or even decades. Therefore, the first step in shopping for a home is to determine what you and your partner’s priorities are.

The size and design of a home usually figure on top of the list. Newly-weds may want to start with a more compact and therefore less “fussy” home. For those in Mumbai, a 1BHK flat in Dahisar  is a great choice. On the other hand, if a couple is planning to have a family soon and looking for a long term residence, then they may find a small home inadequate and may want to consider a 2BHK flat in Goregaon East.

Equally important is the kind of neighbourhood in which the home is located. For some people it is a neighbourhood with short commutes to great jobs or good schools that matters. Others may want more peace and solitude.

Choosing the Right Fit

The next step is browsing through your options and finding the right fit. This part is the most fun.

You will be looking at a variety of choices, get excited, get confused and discuss endlessly with your partner whether to go with this one or that. While you can look at as many print-outs, brochures and computer images as you would like, nothing can replace the experience of the true look and feel of the house when visiting it.

That is how you find out whether you and your partner connect with it and picture yourselves spending the rest of (or at least a significant part of) your life together in the house.

Taking Help from the Professionals

As first time buyers, it is a good idea to use a real estate agent. They are professionals who have in-depth information and access to properties for sale. They can narrow down the results for you on the basis of your needs and requirements and steer you toward the right home. What’s more, they can also help you with the negotiations, paperwork and the buying time-line.

Find an experienced agent with a reputation for competence. It is better to meet with more than one agent in order to see which agent is easiest to work with. And always chose a reputed developer to purchase from. The Dynamix Group has some great offerings in the segment of luxury apartments in Mumbai. Couples in love with Mumbai and the city life in general must have a look at their properties before making the final selection.

Getting Rid of Financing Fears

The finance part is the most intimidating part in the entire process, especially for those vast majority of buyers who are going to take a home loan for buying the home. Most mortgages are written for twenty to thirty years, and when one stops to consider secondary mortgages, those loans can last even longer.

To stay away from these sources of confusion, it is important to make sure that you strictly stay within a realistic budget. There is no point in getting your hopes up about the “perfect house” if you know you cannot afford it. It is always wise to consult a mortgage broker or loan agent to help you get the best lending deal. And besides, there is ample information available online, on developer websites, lending websites and forums, which should be able to allay most (if not all) of your concerns or fears.

Don’t forget to savour the momentous occasion by taking pictures and enjoying a special candle-lit dinner the first day you move into your dreamy paradise which you will proudly call your own home.

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