The Nature of Abuse in A Domestic Setting

Tasks of a Domestic Violence Lawyer and the Nature of Abuse in A Domestic Setting

Domestic violence is also related to the same branch as family violence or domestic abuse. It is a form of violence that is enclosed in a domestic setting. Domestic abuse can happen in situations related to cohabitation or marriage. It can be synonymous with intimate partner violence which is committed by a spouse against his or her partner. Domestic violence can also include abuse of parents, the elderly, or children. These are sensitive cases in court that would need the expertise of an experienced domestic violence lawyer.

Domestic violence can have various forms that involve emotional, verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. There are various ranges in these cases which can span from coercive manipulation, marital rape, to violent attacks that can include beating, choking, and acid throwing that can result in injury or death.

Across the globe, women have the most numbers of domestic violence victims. Women’s Aid stated that women are most likely to experience repeated abuse. Women tend to experience severe violence although there are cases where men are also victims. In most cases, men are the usual attackers who commit the heinous act of violence against their partners.

Domestic abuse has been gaining momentum and more attention due to the rights’ activists fighting against this crime. However, domestic violence-related cases are still one of the most under-reported crimes across the globe. Although there are more cases of women experiencing domestic abuse, there is a social stigma that overlooks male victims in the situation.

Abusive relationships have a cycle where tensions arise leading to violent encounters. The violent encounter will be followed by calm and reconciliation. Victims within the cycle of domestic abuse can be trapped in these types of situations. The abuser can use manipulation, power, control, traumatic bonding, and isolation to trap the victim.

Results of the abuse may vary where victims can have aggression, health problems, physical disabilities, limited finances and can develop a mental illness. Post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological issues. A child who grew in a violent household can show signs of mental problems. A child who witnessed violence, especially to his or her parent causes trauma. Later in life, they develop paranoia in their relationships. These distressing situations can lead to personality disorders for the child. One of the main destructive types of abuse related to domestic violence is physical abuse. 

This type of violence includes inflicting pain, fear, injury, bodily harm, and any physical suffering. Physical abuse can be the culmination or peak from the other physical behavior of a partner. Before physical violence comes in, there are other types of attacks that can happen. It involves restricting the freedom of the victim, intimidation, and threats. 

Strangulation is considered as one of the most lethal types of domestic violence. It has received significant attention as this physical harm has no visible external injuries in certain cases. It can be a hidden problem in some domestic cases due to the lack of medical training and social awareness with regard to strangulation cases. Multiple US states have created laws that address strangulation and its nature to protect victims despite lacking visible injuries.

Tasks of Domestic Violence Lawyer

Cases related to domestic violence are sensitive and need immediate action to protect the victim from the perpetrator. Since many victims were isolated, they would feel trapped with the lack of resources or have no network of support. This is why victims undergo the abuse for a very long period of time because of the difficulties in getting help. 

Here some tasks of a domestic violence attorney:

Serve as a Resource for the Victim

A domestic violence lawyer who specializes in violence and abuse serves as the resource that helps the victims. This type of lawyer can help a victim to get a restraining order to prevent the perpetrator from having any form of contact with the victim.

File Lawsuit on Behalf of the Victim

Victims can incur medical treatment costs and even lose wages for the inability to work. A specialized lawyer in domestic violence can help in filing a lawsuit to get back all the lost wages and cover medical costs. A lawyer can also help the victim receive compensation from the pain and suffering he or she went through.

Represent the Victim in Court

Lawyers play a major role in representing the victims in court. This will help the victims take off some burden from the victim. The attorney will be the one handling the legal proceedings and file necessary documents. The lawyer will handle the filings that will alleviate any pressure on the victim who is already experiencing emotional trauma.

Domestic violence attorneys not only helps clients navigate the legal system but also assist them in their journey. Lawyers specializing in this field can help both men and women in these cases. Victims of abuse need to work with a reliable and experienced lawyer in this field to have the assurance that their cases are in good hands.


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