To get glowing and radiant skin is every one’s desire.
Summer is a very harsh season for skin. Maintaining
skin routine is most during this time.
The stubborn suntan is a major problem especially
during summer. Sometimes, this suntan remains even
after the summer season overs. Suntan gives tanned
skin and blotchy patches, which are in wanted.
To detan skin there are so many options. One can go
through different types of chemical treatments or
surgeries, different types of facial but there are so
many home remedies available for skin tanning. Even
our Bollywood celebs make some changes in skin care
routine and diet during summer, to beat the suntan.
 Aloe Vera: It’s helps as a protective layer on skin
and moisturize it.
 Lemon: Lemon contains ascorbic acid which detan
the skin.
 Honey: Honey gives glow to skin

 Tomato: Tomato acts as natural sunscreen
because it contains lycopene, which helps to fight
cellular damage.
 Papaya: Papaya gives you a facial look. It glows the
skin and gives a radiant look.
 Sugar scrub: Make sugar scrub with lemon. It helps
to exfoliate skin and detan skin.
 Mangoes: King of fruits mango is very yummy, but
it has so many benefits on skin. Mango exfoliate
skin, nourished it and keeps it hydrated.

 Apply cold milk on skin using cotton ball. It makes
skin soft and lighter.
 Make a scrub of almond and curd. It helps to detan
 Make a paste of haldi and curd. It acts as a sun
 Apply pack of cucumber pulp and yogurt, twice a
Other than this, beautician Shahnaz Hussain
recommends avoiding sun exposure between 11
am to 3 PM, because heat of sun is at peak this
time. And if you have emergency, then don’t go
out without applying sunscreen.
Bollywood Celebs summer routine

 Bipasha Basu: Before steeping out she applies
sunscreen and put bandana. And drinks a lot of
water, coconut water and eat water-based fruits
like watermelon and pomegranate.
 Bhumi Padnekar: She use Aloe Vera gel of good
brand for her smooth skin. Eat seasonal fruits and
vegetables and takes loads of water and juices.
 Jacqueline Fernandez: She eat papaya and drink
hot water in the morning. Eat lot of salad and
home cooked food and always take water supper
before stepping out.
 Katrina Kaif: She prefers low make up and apply
sunscreen. During summer, she increases her
water intake. Consumes loads of fruits and
especially her love mangoes.

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Giving a personal touch in Insurance is ensuring your stakeholders are paid personal attention.

People are investing in insurances for their valuables. The claim for the same is damn serious and the urgency is equally valuable. Hence, conversational AI for insurances, keep the insurance beneficiary up to date and well convinced.

Conversation AI works well for handling almost all the basic queries. A beneficiary is natural to mad if not responded on time. In this era, on time, literally means in seconds. To hold the engagement ratio, AI plays a vital. They are smart and work as programmed. There are several general and common queries that AI could handle properly and promptly.

Here’s the list of tasks that conversational AI for Insurance could perform way better than humans:

Insurance Companies can literally be 24*7 available with AI

Although with 3 different work shifts, humans could achieve this, bots are more prompt. The bots are even are accurate and avoid minor errors, which otherwise happens with humans. Moreover, expenditure over human employees is more than bots.

For your general queries or just to know the status or an update, AI works better. AI also reduces the response time, and customers are okay interacting with them.

AI as an Insurance Agent

Your Insurance agent is not always in the same situation. You cannot expect a high conversion rate from the same agent for years. But the thing with bots is different. AI explains the insurance policy and plans over and over again.

With the same tone of voice, and with the same patience, any human could manage only for a limited amount of time. With the bots, you get the same fed information and could update to it as well. Bots will never change their script unless you do.

AI as an Insurance consultant

With some questionnaires, AI smartly manages to know which insurance policy be the best of the inquire. This is so robotic job for any human brain. Once the data and templates are ready, no one really has to use the brain to consult for which insurance is the best for the respective person.

The insurance consultant has this fixed-job that AI performs extremely well. The initial steps of insurance consultation are carried out smoothly. This saves time and manpower indulged in the process.

AI for insights and analysis

In a few cases, the requirement comes up to have the insight of a particular insurance policy. This job is so easy that the AI does it in a matter of a fraction of seconds. The inquirer becomes more than happy to have the analysis report that he asked for, so instantly.

With accuracy and with so much speed, only bots could manage to satisfy the inquirer. Also, people find absolutely fine to disturb bots over and over again, for the same documents if needed. Any human could lose his temper!

AI for easy assistance and integration

Many a time, people tend to confirm some points, despite being mentioned in the papers. For such purposes and assistance, AI does simply great. The words of bots are considered as much authenticate as of humans’.

In case you are about to claim for insurance, bots do well in assisting with the procedure. Many insurance providers have applications of their own to upload some documents and pictures while claiming for the insurance. Hence, AI appears more useful in such assistance.

AI for Insurance Feedbacks & Reviews

After the Insurance is served right, AI asks the beneficiaries to give their feedback and to review the service. The questionnaire is set already, so the beneficiaries get the right questions asked. The task is so accurately performed by the bot, than any other human.

Also, the amount of hours spent on such robotic tasks is reduced. The research reports also came out that, people are engaging with the bots quicker than humans. The reason could be promptness and responsiveness.

AI for Insurance’s pre-sales and post-sales

There are certain formalities to be followed before the insurance is sold and the after service is more important. The procedure is usually the same. Hence, bots are very much capable of handling pre-sales and post-sales insurance jobs.

Feeding the information right and following up after a certain interval of time, or giving updates or modifications in the policy — are some of the tasks that AI handles during this period. With such activities outsourced to AIs, time and energy are saved in loads.

Bottom Line

Insurance is actually the thing that people are very careful about. In an hour of need, people are desperate to get in touch with insurance agents. In such scenarios, AI manages to help people and relieve them by fixing every little query for them. Conversational AI for insurance thus ends up saving tremendous time for both the parties.

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Many people prefer to have a low carb diet over a high carb diet for a variety of reasons. A low carb diet comes with many health benefits and has been proved as a very effective way to reduce body fat.

A diet with a low amount of carbohydrates in it can be very beneficial and healthy for you. In order to switch your diet to a low carb diet, it is important to avoid items with a high amount of carbohydrates in it. The food items you need to avoid are bread and grains, pasta, cereal, beer, starchy vegetables, dates, mango, raisins, potato, corn, etc.

It is advised to switch to a low carb diet in order to reduce body weight. Along with this, there are many other reasons also because of which people prefer to go for a low carb diet over a high carb diet. They are as follows:

  • Reduce blood triglycerides – Triglycerides are nothing but a kind of fat molecules that are found in the blood. A high amount of these molecules can increase the risk of heart diseases therefore, it is always advised to maintain the range of triglycerides in your bloodstream. There are various diet plans available but one can always go for the low carb diet as it is one of the most effective ways to reduce blood triglycerides.

  • Blood pressure– One of the other benefits of having a low carb diet is that it can help you to lower the blood pressure level in your body. In simple words, a low carb diet can help to drop your blood pressure thus reducing the risks of many diseases. It can help you to reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Also, a low blood pressure level can be achieved by reducing weight which can be achieved by switching to a low carb diet. 

  • Diabetic patients– If you are also a diabetic patient then switching to a low carb diet can be very useful for you. It is known to reduce the level of blood sugar and insulin level in the body thus helping you in treating diabetes. It has been scientifically seen that a low carb diet can be used to reverse type2 diabetes and to reduce type1 diabetes. The high amount of sugar level can increase the risk of many other chronic diseases also such as cancer, dementia and cardiovascular disease. So it becomes more important to lower the amount of carbohydrates in your diet.

  • Acne problem– It has been seen that a low carb diet can also reduce the acne problem. Switching to a low carb diet can help you to achieve the goal of clear skin without any pimple. A high carb diet can make the acne problem worse so if you are also dealing with the issue of acne then go for a low carb diet and wait for the results.

  • Reduce inflammation– The other benefit of a low carb diet is that it helps in reducing inflammation in your body. A low carb diet reduces the sugar level and insulin level in the body which helps in reducing the inflammation. A high sugar level can also increase the chances of many risks so it is good to go for a low carb diet in order to have a healthy lifestyle.


A low carb diet can be very effective for your body as it comes with enormous benefits. Above discussed are the most essential reasons on ‘Why opting for a low carb diet worth it’, but there are many more reasons also that can be listed. It is not a very difficult task to include food items with low carbs in your diet if you really want to see the effective results. A low carb diet is always advised to diabetic patients and who want to reduce weight. Include the list of food items with a low amount of carbohydrates in it and get ready to see the effective results. 

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Logos in many cases are stuck in our ideas, especially once we find them at our home with the required deal inside. Custom boxes are designed to be made out of a brand to create a organization acknowledged and preferred. For instance, let us speak about Amazon. If you have actually withstood their company, you have to be familiar using their transport package too. They certainly were one of many several major E-commerce companies who chose to manufacturer their boxes.

Now they are serving most the populace, if one receives a box making use of their logo onto it, it excites them. This is exactly why a logo issues, it creates their place in people’s brains and whenever they start to see the brand again, it tells them of these excellent experience with the company. Minus the brand, a package would seem like any other field with any normal thing inside. A brand in your custom box increases the worthiness of one’s organization and ensure it is apparent in the respected market.

Listed below are a few things that matter when you use your custom boxes with logo :


Your model or emblem is not merely your design or message alternatively it is becoming an advertising tool nowadays, but lots of companies are not properly aware of this or they’re maybe not getting any advantage. Because case, why not cause your competition and then add value to your custom boxes. Just how a customer perceives your business issues a great deal as it chooses whether they will get from you again or maybe not, or whether they’ll recommend your organization to a friend. Look at a brown basic delivery field, does that appear appealing or even interesting for you? Absolutely no, so just how could it boost your value in a person’s eye of the customer.

Costumers Are Your Business Advocates

The buying process does not and shouldn’t conclusion one the merchandise reaches the customer. Delighting and shocking your customer with pleasant custom boxes with your emblem about it might result in them advocating your business to others in the future. It’s true that custom boxes with logo could cost a bit more compared to the simple boxes nonetheless it will not damage much, specially when it will take company to you. With the raising variety of printing possibilities on the market, there are a lot of types to suit in your budget. Boosting your value by customizing your custom boxes with logo may aware people about your company and it will truly have more sales.


If your custom package includes your logo, your name, or equally it will take it wherever it travels, and this way, your brand gets the exposure. Does not subject if the field is sitting on a deck, in a company waiting region, or being carried down the street, your brand is being known. You must pick a nice-looking style and shades for the boxes for this to look wonderful and elegant, but at the end, the logo matters because it can create the enjoyment in customers actually before they open it. Therefore, publicity issues a great deal if you have a logo to show. It surely publicizes and grows your company.


By maybe not using a simple brown box, you’re featuring the worth and common of one’s company. Any company sending their product in plain boxed will not be preferred by the consumer because it will not excite them as compared to the one offering the merchandise in lovely and sophisticated boxes. Therefore, custom field with the emblem onto it reveals how much your organization issues and just how much price it bears. Easy containers show that you’ve a start-up and it’s not that critical while custom boxes with logo display your business has a worth.


Once a person is pleased and happy with your service, he will remember your logo. By giving the custom boxes with logo , you are actually creating them conscious of one’s brand. They wouldn’t have to memorize such a thing about you, in reality, later on, they might just see your logo and recall the experience they had with you. That could cause them to state great of you or to purchase again. Logos are the simplest way of earning people find out about you without creating them buy your product. First, they will know and then they’ll come.

So, start packing your services and products in the custom boxes with logo and surprise your customer. You your self could easily get surprised by the benefits it provides to your sale. If you wish to raise the value of one’s packaging, then have a proud brand on it and get people’s attention. It’ll put your company within their brains first than some other one.

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If you are trying hard to turn your living space into a fresh nest but it seems like something is still missing, maybe you should apply tips of a cleaning company Chevy Chase MD. Whether you are a perfectionist or someone who would use professional cleaning advice, make sure to check out these 6 easily-applicable steps.

1. Treat Your Bedding and Towels with Special Care

Wash your sheets, pillowcases, and towels weekly. This will help you prevent dust mites, bacteria, and pathogens from causing you allergies. Towels seem to be a breeding place for microbes. Just a couple of uses are enough for these crawlers to start spreading. Act as if your bedroom is a well-run hotel and replace beddings and towels frequently.

2. Sanitize All Electronics

Electronics and remote controls are some of the sneakiest places for germs. You should sanitize buttons, appliance dials, and light switches at least once a week. Depending on the number of people living in your household, all of you will touch some of the controls hundreds of times.

Maids make sure these instruments are sanitized and safe for you. Follow their lead! Just make sure to unplug appliances and remove batteries beforehand.

3. Ventilate the Premises

Maids are well-aware of indoor air pollution. That is why they air all of the premises for at least 5 minutes. Open the windows while cleaning the dust and applying chemicals. This will allow your premises to breathe, as the airflow will help with reducing the presence of chemicals in your space. As a cherry to the top, the natural light will give you better visibility of the surfaces you should clean.

4. Stay Away From Feather Dusters

Feather dusters only spread the dust more evenly. Avoid these items at all costs and use old T-shirts or anything else made of cotton. An alternative to cotton is microfiber. You can’t go wrong with a microfiber sheet when dust-cleaning.

5. Prioritize Tricky Spots

Details are crucial when cleaning your living space. Some of the hardest-to-clean areas in your home are screws at the bottom of your toilet, racks, etc. Recognize those tricky areas ahead of time, whatever they be, and include them to your priority regimen.

6. Allow Your Cleaning Products to Do Their Thing

Tedious tasks sometimes cause too much pressure we try to complete them in the shortest time possible. Yet, if you want to get the most out of your money, slow down a bit. Apply the products and let them sink it.

Allowing your cleaning products to achieve their highest efficiency by letting them sit for a couple of minutes. It takes no more than 2 to 3 minutes and your patience will pay off – big time. You will be able to tackle all the stubborn stains effortlessly.
Let’s get real – all of these 6 tips are no-brainers. Yet, somehow, we tend to prioritize bigger tasks instead of paying attention to details. That’s what you can learn from a Maid Cleaning Service Kensington MD if you want to make your living space fresher than ever.

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Students seeking admissions in graduate or business schools abroad have to undertake the GRE or Graduate Record Examinations which is one of the major requirements to get admitted into these institutions worldwide. It is mostly required by all the colleges in the USA and a few colleges in other countries. Students who clear this exam successfully are eligible to get admission to master’s and doctoral degree programs in these institutions. Studying abroad in the USA, Canada is a dream come true for many students. As such almost 6 lakh students apply each year for this exam.

  • Before you start preparing for the GRE, it is wise to take a look at the GRE scores that are expected by a university for a particular program. Since there are no cutoff marks in this exam, ultimately it is you who will decide whether you have the score that is required to apply for the program of your choice. Most of the universities mention the minimum or average GRE scores needed in the admission requirements. By taking a look at scores and your GRE test results you will understand whether you have a shot of getting into the university. Therefore the first step in preparing for your exam is that you have to set a target score for yourself and then work towards it.
  • Once you have set the target score, then you have to take a practice GRE test to determine your level of preparation in all the sections of the test. Then take a test from a proper website to determine where you stand. You can now decide on the areas that you want to improve more and make the study time table accordingly.
  • You should take some time to acquaint yourself with the question paper format as this will also help you in planning how much time you should devote to a particular section in the paper. The next step is to review the basic content in each section like the formulas of geometry because the most difficult questions in the paper are based on simple high school level concepts.
  • The quality of the study material is very important because if you prepare well from poor resources you stand to lose in the exam. As such people go for GRE coaching in Chennai or their city as they will provide you with relevant and certified material for the exam. There are also some good websites where you can find easy to understand explanations of any topic you want, sample question papers, and effective tips for the exam.

Spend some time identifying your weak points so that you are not thrown off by any challenging questions in the question paper. Always remember that all the sections are not equally important for you. For example, if you are applying for any social science program then you need to focus more on your verbal reasoning section. Therefore you must also identify which sections are more important and relevant for your program. Following these simple tips will certainly help you to get the desired GRE score you want.

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The Government of India in the 2000s introduced industrial parks known as Special Economic Zones which would help them enhance foreign investments, boost employment generation, and would provide an internationally competitive export-processing environment. The Central Ministry of Commerce and Industry made it mandatory to have at least 51 per cent of SEZ land as processing area or core industrial area at the places where manufacturing units are located.

Today India has got 213 operating SEZs which could potentially generate up to 1,018 megawatts (MW) of on-site solar power. The data is based on the two years of field assessments showing:

  1. The core industrial areas may have only 50%of the actual factory area (the rest will be for factory infrastructures like the sewage system roads.)
  2. Only 60%of the actual factory area will be built up and functioning
  3. Only 35% of the built area is suitable for on-site solar power

As of May 2018, India had only 1,211 MW of rooftop solar power that were installed across all its sectors. It is only 3% of the target of 40,000MW by 2022. Thus, with this high solar potential, SEZs could help in doubling the installed rooftop solar capacity.

SEZ in Odisha

The Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur is developing its anchorage ferrochrome plant with the capacity of 55,000 tonnes per in the Ganjam district of Odhisha. The vice-president of project Gopalpur &MD of Tata Steel SEZ Ltd. stated that the Central government had approved the SEZ projectthe ferrochrome plant functioning will result at the beginning of future development of Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur. Around 20 companies have from UAE, Singapore, and the United Kingdom showed their interest in having units in SEZ. Also, Tata Power proposed investment in two thermal power plants in the region with a vision of fulfilling ‘Make in India’ scheme for promoting its SEZ.

The Anchorage industry of the Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur, with a worth of 800crores ferrochrome plant, was expected to start its functioning by December 2015. But due to several reasons like power connectivity delayed its inauguration by some months.

As the Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur ferrochrome plant is located in the coastal region, it would depend on the chemical change of seawater along with rainwater harvesting. This would help them meet the needs of water.

It is anticipated the Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur will draw Rs 10,000 crore investment to Rs 15,000 crore. More than 10,000 individuals will also get direct and indirect job incentives. The plant is constructed over 2970 acres of land with SEZ over 2570 acres of multi-product, along with Tata Steel’s over 400 acres anchor operation. Tata Steel is considering an investment of crore Rs 800 at the Gopalpur Industrial Park for anchor. This involves investment on a Ferro Chrome project with a strong carbon 55,000 TPA. The Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur will also have a 1.2 MGD desalination project which will use seawater to fulfill the industrial unit and power plant needs. The project has approval from India’s administration, the Union Ministry of Environment & Forests. Tata Steel is designing the Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur, to ensure the region’s economic growth.

The Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur will mainly invest in downstream steel and related manufacturing, electronics, chemicals, and other developing manufacturing. The Tata Steel SEZ Gopalpur also leads to the socio-economic growth of the city together with the significant generation of job opportunities.

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CBD sales in 2020 are expected to blow sales from 2019 out of the water—and that is due to the number of products that are available on the market. One of the most popular products people are currently using includes CBD topicals.

What Are CBD Topicals?

CBD topicals are any product that you apply directly to your skin. CBD is a compound that is produced naturally in hemp plants. While studies on the effectiveness of CBD are still ongoing, CBD topicals are commonly used by individuals who suffer from pain, or other chronic issues.

What Are CBD Balms?

CBD topicals come in different varieties, including lotions, balms, creams, salves, and body butter. In general, you apply each of these directly to your body by rubbing them onto your skin, but there are slight differences between them.

For example, balms and salves use fatty oils and wax as their base, while creams and lotions use water as their base. Body butter, on the other hand, is created by mixing natural butter such as cocoa, shea, or mango with infused oils. Among manufacturers who produce CBD topicals are Pure Ratios, CBDfx, cbdMD and others.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Balms?

Deciding to use CBD balms can be incredibly beneficial. CBD is a powerful antioxidant that can prevent your skin from drying out. It can also aid in the healing process, reducing the amount of time it takes a wound to heal. Some other CBD skin benefits include that it can strengthen the skin’s natural defense system and increase its ability to regenerate. This might be helpful in relieving various skin ailments, including medical issues.

How Does CBD Balm Work?

Applying CBD balm to your skin will give you targeted relief. The skin absorbs the CBD, allowing it to react with the cannabinoid receptors that are nearby. If you find yourself wondering, can CBD be absorbed through the skin, it can, but not very well. Thus, to get the most out of your CBD balm, you need to apply a thick layer or make sure it has a high concentration of CBD.

How to Use CBD Balms?

There are many different uses for CBD balm, and a few of them are listed below.

  1. For Dry Skin

Due to the ingredients in the CBD balm, it can effectively and efficiently nourish any type of skin, especially dry skin. If you’re looking for soft, supple skin, then using a CBD balm on a daily basis might help. Consider applying the balm after getting out of the shower or bath, or throughout the day as your skin is exposed to elements that might dry it out, including the sun and wind.

  1. For Wrinkles

Wrinkles commonly form when your skin is dry, so increasing oil production could be beneficial. Since CBD balm has ingredients that keep your skin moisturized, it might be able to help reduce the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. For Sensitive Skin

Most CBD balms only contain natural ingredients, which could make it ideal for people who have sensitive skin. If this is you, using CBD balms means you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or fragrances that might have a negative impact on your skin.

A Short Review of CBD Balms

If you’re looking for some of the best CBD balms on the market, you might try the one offered by Lazarus Naturals or the one available from Myriam’s Hope.

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals offers a wide selection of CBD balms with flavors:

  • lavender
  • cedar citrus
  • soothing mint
  • portland rose
  • unscented

These full-spectrum CBD balms are ideal for relaxation. They are made from high-quality ingredients, with two CBD potencies – 300 mg and 1200 mg per 0.5-oz and 2-oz jars. Most users have given it 5 out of 5 stars for how well it works.

Myriam’s Hope CBD Balm

Myriam’s Hope produces one of the strongest full-spectrum CBD balms on the market. They have meticulously selected the ingredients to ensure that customers are getting the purest and most effective CBD balm. Users have given it 5 out of 5 stars.

Are CBD Balms Right for You?

If you are looking for a topical CBD product that targets a specific area of your body, then CBD balms might be exactly what you are looking for. They are easy to use and apply, and they go anywhere you go. You have nothing to lose by giving CBD balms a try.

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Many people dream about visiting famous casino gambling destinations such as Las Vega for betting and winning more money, most of them don’t get time or opportunity to visit such destinations. Online casinos emerged as a great alternative to such expensive destinations.

You can pick and play any casino game you want. Online casinos feature every game you may like to play and the slot is one of them. What if you could visit a virtual platform thoroughly dedicated for online slot gaming? Such a destination will provide many variants of slots to bet and win real money with immense. Here you will know more about winning slots and the leading slot websites for winning real money.

Finding the best online casino slot sites:

NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Evolution, etc. are the leading online casino game developers. These companies have built robust programs which ensure fair game play in online casino games. You should pick an online casino slot website that features games developed by one of such trusted companies.

New players will always find it difficult to trust any online gambling platform. Some even spend hours doing good research to find the best websites to play slot games. You can save that time and pick one of top-rated online slots website right now.

We have assessed many platforms and chosen the best websites to enjoy fair gameplay in slot games. Here you will also get a lot of bonus and bonuses on deposit and wins. Therefore, you should pick one of the below-listed websites to play slot games.

  1. Jackpot City Casino by Microgaming with 1600% Bonus and 97.88% Returns.
  2. Spin Casino by Microgaming with 1000% Bonus and 98.47% Returns.
  3. Gaming Club Casino by Microgaming with 800% Bonus and 96.81% Returns.
  4. 888 Casino by 888 Holdings with 1500% Bonus and 94.12% Returns.
  5. Guts Casino by IGT with 500% Bonus and 98.47% Returns
  6. Royal Panda by NetEnt with 100% Bonus and 97.55% Returns.
  7. Green Casino by NetEnt with 100% Bonus and 95.94% Returns.
  8. Playmo Casino by NetEnt with 1500% Bonus and 95.87% Returns.
  9. Play Casino by Microgaming with 200% Bonus and 93.12% Returns.
  10. Gala Casino by Playtech with 200%Bonus and 98.47% Returns.

Why does the returns rate matters?

The RTP or the Return on the Player is not any standard followed by each online casino. The RTP rate decides how beneficial an online slot gaming website is. The RTP is usually recorded in percentage and we have already mentioned the RTP rate in front of each online.

The RTP rate reveals how often you can win real money on an online casino slot website. The higher the RTP percentage the more you will win. Suppose, if a website has 100% returns, your chances of winning will be the same as the casino’s winning chances. That’s how it works.

Another thing you must consider before choosing an online casino for playing online slots is the amount bonus it can provide when you are betting in slot games. Thus, you will have additional money in your account to play bets and win more!

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Paraben free face serum is a skincare product used by thousands of people on the skin after cleansing but before moisturizing with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin pores. The serum is particularly suited to this task because it is manufactured with small molecules that can absorb easily into the skin and deliver a high concentration of active ingredients. This makes them an essential product for targeting specific skincare concerns, like wrinkles, signs of aging, dull & dry skin!

The serum is a moisturizer because it is chock with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides to keep skin healthy. But they are not same like traditional moisturizers. Jasmine Face Oil, creams and lotions are richer and create a barrier on top of the skin to keep all that good stuff in.

Is serum right for your skin?

Probably, check the ingredients before buying it. If you’re…

Acne-prone- Look for vitamin C face serum (enhances skin’s repair process, collagen production, and reduced inflammation), retinol also an antioxidant ingredient, zinc (soothes skin allergies, regulates oil production) and salicylic acid (unclogs pores).

Dryness- Look for Vitamin E Alcohol-free toner (an antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative damage), glycolic acid (gently exfoliates and lightens discoloration), niacinamide (improves skin ceramide levels, elasticity).

Dullness: Look for antioxidants face serums that include green tea, resveratrol, ferulic acid that gives you free radicals, increase the effectiveness of sunscreen by day, and promote cellular repair and healing by night.

Note: Serums are super potent; more is always not better so be careful before piling it on. Powerful ingredients may cause irritation to sensitive skin. Always patch-test accordingly.

However, a top-brand serum is able to hydrate the skin more effectively than even the heaviest creams. The molecules present in it are able to truly perforate the skin and hydrate on the deepest level, while the heavier face creams more so sit on those top layers. Hydrating serums do not necessarily replace your moisturizer but also increase the hydrating effects of your moisturizer said celebrity Karee Hays.

Most of the alcohol free toner contains topical antioxidants including Vitamin A, C, and E. They also contain topical retinoids and ingredients that even out skin tone. When layered deepest, good-quality face serums act as a targeted treatment for wrinkles, pigmentation and redness stated by Dr. Angela J Lamb, a certified dermatologist and associate professor at the Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai’s dermatology department.

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The choice of one’s workout outfit mostly depends on the type of exercise they’re intending to do. Polyester and spandex are a perfect choice for yoga, while some more intense exercises (like aerobics and running) require materials that will prevent excessive sweating.

Fashion designers work hard to incorporate gym outfits into the latest fashion trends. Consequently, it is not unusual to see the sportswear used as a part of a streetwear style, especially by the people who are trying to add a personal touch to an entire outfit.

Make the Gym Wear Stylish Street Wear

Sporty comfort is one of the most popular types of fashion trends today. As long as it feels comfortable, not restrictive and it can be worn on various occasions, it is the perfect outfit. A fashionable pair of sneakers will make any outfit look cozy, but stylish. A pair of sneakers in combination with a leather jacket, a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans will make the ultimate casual look. Additionally, a cute summer dress and a denim jacket can go perfectly with a pair of black sneakers.

Make the Gym Wear Stylish Street Wear

Embrace the Tailored Sweatpants

Tailored sweatpants are the new fashion trend many stylish women are embracing. This versatile and universal type of apparel will provide everyone with the comfort and the style they need. Additionally, these pants are a perfect thing to wear instead of jeans. Slim fit tapered joggers are just some of the numerous different cuts tailored sweatpants come in, and they are perfect for work or a lunch date. A woven fabric will provide the ultimate comfort, and when you pair these pants with a turtleneck and a pair of high heels, they look gorgeous.

Embrace the Tailored Sweatpants

Accentuate the Figure with Tight Leggings

Tight black leggings are perfect for highlighting the thinnest points on legs, and accentuate the figure in the right way. For tall women, an above-the-knee crop is the best choice, because it balances the body proportions. Many women have equally wide thighs and calves, so a boot cut version would look great on them because it nips in at the knee and flares a bit at the ankle. Matching a pair of leggings with a T- shirt, an oversized cardigan, a pair of sneakers, and a cute bag will easily turn this gym outfit into a streetwear combination.Accentuate the Figure with Tight Leggings

Sporty Accessories

Accessories are an indispensable part of every outfit, which is why a bag must have its rightful place in any ensemble. Sturdy functional gym bags are a perfect addition to the sportswear, but they can also be incorporated into a streetwear style. The bag should be big enough for you to put your workout clothes, training shoes and gym equipment in; but also well designed to look stylish and cute, so it can easily blend in with your everyday style.

Sporty Accessories

The comfort we once only had at the gym, can now easily be shifted to the streets as well. The fact that they are practical and non-restrictive makes them perfect for any casual situation. Adding a little bit of a personal touch to the gym clothes will make the sportswear look stylish and chic. Therefore, always experiment, be bold, and try new things – you never know whose eccentric ideas will make the next big trend in the fashion world.

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Using custom boxes could provide plenty of positive aspects for you as well as your organization, it can benefit to preserve much more money, get far more promotion and show a far more expert feeling. Almost all of the top rated firms employ these types of packing containers because of its numerous rewards.

1. Appears to be a lot more professional

Have you been thinking about the way to show your professionalism and reliability with custom boxes? It will be possible, and there are various techniques to accomplish. One of these could possibly be printing in the box the home address of your firm together with the company logo, make contact with number, as well as your company’s email.

2. The size you require

The most significant advantages is that you could seize any kind of dimension you want to receive the best in shape for your items. As a result, you’ll certainly be preserving a lot of cash in decreasing their packaging stuff that are needed. One more thing is that you may also save money on getting more compact boxes.

3. It appears to be amazing!

It seems as good as a basic brown box with absolutely nothing on the isn’t stable, only examine a colored container having a logo, company name, speak to number, e-mail, a precise size along with design with a boring normal brown square box, it I entice far more individuals.

Just how to obtain Custom Boxes

Once you have determined that you want all these boxes, it’s time to consider how you will likely obtain the custom boxes and could be the layout that you have at heart.

Consider the design as well as creativity

While exploring for boxes in custom boxes web sites, they provide you the croping and editing equipment yet is up to you to determine how you are proceeding to make your box, imagine the colors, the size, the place where you want to set the logo, phone number, and so on.

Discover a custom box company

Given that you have your design and style in your mind, it is time to locate a fine company who can get you the boxes done.

Relying on your spot, you will see several types of box producers. Finding a along with hunt for custom box manufacturers, make contact with them and let them know every piece of information to your thought to see if it is also possible and get a impression of the selling price. The greater boxes you acquire, the more affordable each box will be, the retail price additionally may differ with the form of logo design you decided to go with, and also box style along with dimension, and so preserve every one of these at heart.

Ideas to get your current custom boxes accomplished

  • You could notice the concept “flute size” this is the thickness of the pressed paper base
  • The most effective supplies you can decided to choose a box are Kemi White, Kraft and also Bright. Kemi boxes incorporate a clay-based layered base that appears excellent, protecting against the ink from infiltrating the liner along with making a smooth finish
  • The White one fees a tad bit more dollars; it is because you obtain a increased making top quality.
  • The Kraft, is one of frequent of three, it does not take least costly, includes a brown color which is made out of remade supplies.
  • Mailer is among the most used box design, you can use this on your boxes, only a few mailers are created the same exact way, when you want to be confident, ask for several samples to help you view what type is best.
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Japan is a country of opposites, place renowned for polite manners, and yet slurping noodles, napping at work, and Hadaka Matsuri – the naked festival – are common occurrence. On the other hand, Japan is also known for its weird trends: Ganguro (blackface) trend where girls tan to extreme and Yaeba trend of having crooked teeth. Nevertheless, this is a country with rich history and its traditions, customs, and especially fashion are an inspiration to people worldwide.

Schoolgirl uniforms


Being around for more than a hundred years, school uniforms have become another symbol of Japanese culture. There are different types of uniform: sailor, with a navy scarf over a white blouse, blazer and bolero uniform, and uniforms with different kinds of skirts: jumper skirt, overall, and suspender skirt. Now, girls like them short, but schools don’t allow it, so they wait to get out of school grounds and then simply fold it several times. Also, as their uniforms are plain, they use any opportunity to add colour: sweaters, scarves, sneakers, key rings on schoolbags, etc… The more the merrier!

Connecting the odds

jap street style

What Western girls would never even think of wearing, Japanese girls have turned into fashion statements: platform shoes combined with flower patterned skirt and polka dot shirt. Boldly combine different patterns and colours, and forget all about that Western rule that you should not wear more than two colours or patterns at the same time – Japanese girls rock the look! Bright lipsticks, neon eye shadows, differently coloured and decorated nails, and rainbow hair; Kawaii style allows it all.

Different shades of Lolita


Gothic Lolita, steampunk Lolita, sweet Lolita, Wa Lolita and many more styles have been born and explored in Japan where girls are crazy about Lolita look. Gothic is all about dark yet feminine look: plenty of silk, lace, leather, red-and-black lips, and elaborate jewelry. When playing with steampunk go all Victorian-meets-modern and think corsets, puffy (but short) skirts, and modern accessories. Sweet Lolita is all about girly-girl traits: pastel colours, ribbons, and glitters; while Wa Lolita blends traditional Japanese dress, kimonos, belts, and hairpieces with modern shoes and elaborate makeup.

Harajuku style


When Gwen Stefani introduced this style to America, it only opened up people’s eyes and brought this incredible trend to their attention. Like Halloween every Sunday, Harajuku in Japan is a chance for girls to show off with their talents and creations by combining modern and traditional. Girls who are looking to copy this style should aim to dress in layers, customize their clothes, do their hair and makeup wild, and wear accessories which do not necessarily go with their overall outfits. Boys loved wearing oversized military jackets, leather jackets with combat boots, leggings, and shorts, and sharp wool suits with cute hats. You see, it’s not just for girls.

Pieces of Japan on runways


Famous designers don’t hide that they find inspiration in Japan’s rich culture and tradition, and we can see young Japanese designers making a breakthrough with their unique style. Kimonos, wide obi belts, and wide cut sleeves can be seen not only on runways, but in the streets as well. Japanese dresses and kimonos are made of light materials that feel great, and no wonder this summer girls everywhere chose to add silky or lace kimonos to their outfits.

Perhaps you cannot go to Japan and experience their culture first-hand, but you can do plenty to feel like you are a part of it nonetheless. Finding inspiration in their fashion and dressing as lovely Japanese girls do will make find your inner Kawaii.

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There is a good chance you will turn on your AC if the temperatures hit the 80s and 90s. This will leave you feeling cooler and makes the room comfortable, but this will mean having to pay more on your energy costs. This is because AC will result in a higher energy bill or even result in the need for AC repair. During the course of the summer, you can easily end up spending hundreds of dollars on this. But the good thing is that it is possible to be comfortable and cool in your home without having to pay a lot in energy costs. Below are sit tips that will help you save on your AC costs.

Keeping the Filter Clean

When was the last time you changed the air filter of your AC unit? If you have not replaced it in a while, then you need to do it as soon as possible. The filter accumulates a lot of dust and dirt over time, and this will have an effect on air flow. You should be checking on the filter once a month and replacing or cleaning them when needed. By just cleaning or replacing the filter, you stand to cut the energy use by 5-15%.

There are some thermostats that usually have a reminder light to show you whether you need to clean or change the filter. This is a great option for people who have a hard time remembering to do a check on it.

Maintaining Cooling Systems

Using the most energy-efficient units and installing a programmable thermostat is not going to do much in terms of savings if you aren’t going to take care of the equipment. If the air filters are blocked, they end up making the unit work harder. This is why it is important to clean and replace filters regularly so you can get the five to fifteen percent savings it brings. If you have installed the central cooling system, then you need to make sure that dust and furniture have not blocked the floor registers. You should also ensure that the condenser and evaporator of the unit don’t have debris (branches, leaves, and grass) and dust. You should also clear any shrub less than two feet away from the condenser.

Closing Blinds, Curtains, and Shades

You will be able to get savings by having these drawn all day because they help in preventing solar heat gain. When you lower and close them on windows getting direct sunlight, the blinds are going to reduce the heat gain by 45% if they are the reflective ones. You should also consider using light-colored treatments; the lighter the hue, then the more the deflection. You should have the shades hanged close to the panes because they are going to help in blocking the heat from outside from getting inside the home.

Maintaining the Ducts and Vents

You should ensure the air ducts have been insulated properly if you have the central air-conditioning unit in your home. This is especially important if it is passing through areas that are not air-conditioned such as the attic. It is also a good idea to get an expert to do an inspection on the ducts and vents once a year to see if there is any leaks or holes.

Duct tape is going to give you a temporary solution, but the holes and leaks will need to be fixed by a professional. If there are rooms that aren’t being used, then you need to close the vents and shut the doors so you can save on energy.

Checking for Household Leaks

You should make sure there is no air escaping through openings like doors, fireplace dampers, or windows. You should have a good look at the seals at such areas to ensure if caulk or weather stripping is needed. You should always be looking for any leaks before you turn on the AC at the start of summer.

Reducing Heat Sources

While it is nice to have natural light coming inside your home, during summer, the rays from the sun can cause an increase in temperature in your home. You should consider getting blackout curtains or closing the blinds and drapes because it is going to help in reducing exterior heat.

Having appliances producing heat such as lamps or TVs far from the thermostat. If it is close to the thermostat, it is going to make the thermostat worker harder to cool the room because it thinks the temperature is high, and this will have an effect on your energy bill.

Baking, cooking, or the use of appliances can lead to an increase in temperature inside your home then this will make the AC work a little hard to cool the room, so you should try minimizing such activities when it is hot.

Strategically Using Fans

You can use fans to cool the home while spending a fraction of what you spend on an AC. While it is hard to completely replace the AC unit, a fan supplements it. When it is not too hot, you can just use the fans, and this can help you in saving up to 60% on your energy costs. You should place them near your windows.

Using a ceiling or circulating fan. It has a wind-chill effect that will leave you feeling six to seven degrees cooler; a fan is not going to cool the room, it just makes it a little bit more comfortable to stay in. If you have an AC running, the fan is going to help in dispersing the cooler air more efficiently, and this gives you the freedom of increasing the thermostat reading by up to for degrees without causing any discomfort.

Setting a Realistic Temperature

The most efficient temperature to set your AC on the warmer months is about 78 degrees. If you reduce it by six degrees, it could lead to a 47 percent increase in energy costs.

During the hotter days, you should choose a lower temperature to set the AC. This can seem like it helps in cooling the room quicker, but it doesn’t, it just makes it work harder.

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Becoming a fitness model is a task that is a tough challenge – not only in the beginning but throughout your whole life. No matter how impossible the mission of maintaining the figure once you got it – the tips from the top fitness girls in the industry will come in handy.

Coming up with your own routine and the daily rituals are the essence of living a healthy life and keeping a hot-shaped body.

These are the few tips that will help you overcome the challenges, and they go way beyond healthy nutrition. All the best fitness girls will advise you on the following:

The morning is the imperative

We all know that the morning is the greatest forecaster of the rest of the day. Have you ever wondered if there is one single correct way to start the morning? There actually is.

Waking up at the same time every morning is the essential. It may be hard at the beginning, but once you get used to it, you won’t need ten alarms to wake up at the time you have determined at the beginning. Waking up earlier, preferably when the sun comes up will fill your day with positive energy.

Drinking a glass of warm water is the next step you should try to practice every day until it becomes your ritual. A glass of warm water boosts your metabolism and wakes up every cell of your body better than 3 cups of coffee. Besides, it cleans out the toxins out of your body and prepares it for the rest of the day.

Avoiding the technology devices at least few hours after you come out of bed seems to be working too. This way, you will help your brain work peacefully and without unnecessary disturbances.

Eating a well-balanced breakfast is not just a cliché. It actually works better than you think. Add some cereals to your low-fat dairy, mix it up with healthy fresh fruit and feel the energy boost instantly.

Do some meditation or yoga – whichever you find working better for you. Finding your private spot in your house or apartment where you won’t get disturbed and taking 15 minutes to connect with yourself is the magic trick of all fitness pros. There are plenty of breathing techniques that are the basis of all meditation practices. Visualizing a day full of energy as well as your body healthy and well-toned will do wonders to your subconsciousness. Additionally, few yoga poses will stretch your body to a point that will wake every cell of it – and get it ready for the day that comes.

Planning your day, including the food you are going to eat and the exercises you are going to do is an important step you should do every single morning. This may take you some time in the morning, but you will be thankful for the whole rest of the day since you won’t have to think about managing your time and get muddled.


Once you start your day properly and prepare your mind and body for the gym – you come one step closer to become an admired fitness pro. Good luck!

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featured image 03

So, you’ve received a cocktail party invitation and now you’re puzzled with what to wear: we’ve all been there. What does “cocktail chic”, “black-tie” and “formal attire” even mean? Finding a balance between the not-too-fussy-formal and not-too-casual look can be a tough one. There are three things you should take into consideration before dressing up: the season, the venue and the host.

Style Tips

Here are the cocktail party dress codes – decoded.

Leave your fashion comfort zone

Depending on the level of formality, cocktail parties can be an ideal opportunity for you to experiment with new looks. The balanced mixture of the playfulness and formality gives you freedom to wear pieces you don’t normally have a chance to try out. According to the celebrity stylist Kate Young, it’s good to wear a more invading dress colour or add a bit of a spark to your outfit, if the occasion allows it. Don’t be shy and ask the host/hostess of the party about these details.

Leave your fashion comfort zone

Men can opt for the bolder patterns when choosing a jacket (e.g. a checkered one), or try a colour that’s not a typical neutral one: burgundy or olive green make nice choices. Tuxedos should be worn only if specified: otherwise, you risk looking over-dressed. If you don’t feel like spending too much time thinking about what to wear, stick with the classics: well-fitted tailored suit will do the trick; lose the tie for a more casual look.

Minding the venue

There are different types of cocktail parties, depending on the venue and occasion. They can take place in someone’s home or garden, but they can also be organized as a formal reception at the popular restaurant. Taking this into consideration is half of your dress-success.

For men, it is useful to know how to dress smart casual since this style implies an effortless, casual charm, but with a dash of elegance.  It’s all about creating a look that’s on the point, but also relaxed and not too “matchy”. The basics of smart casual are crucial for making men’s outfit more vivid, along with picking the right accessories such as cufflinks, pocket squares, belts and watches.

Minding the venue

Women, on the other hand, have more dressing options.

Timeless LBD and other simplified solutions

Emerged from the twenties and credited to the famous Coco Chanel, little black dress is one of the everlasting pieces that you can’t go wrong with. The original cut was a short-length black dress that was universal and could form different looks, depending on the choice of accessories.

Timeless LBD and other simplified solutions

To make your LBD party-ready, have your eyes open for details. Strategically put belt can enhance your waistline, pearl earrings can add a bit of class to your look, black patent leather stilettos – a dash of mystery and femininity. The black-white combo is perfect for the more formal venues, but you can also add a dash of colour (e.g. fiery red). Put on a red lipstick and opt for a red clutch purse – and you’re done! Another simple solution includes a silky slip-on dress: for a classy look – style your hair into a sleek chignon, instead of messy waves.

Think beyond traditional femininity

Who says it has to be a classic cut dress or a dress at all? Consider wearing formal jumpsuits. Many celebrities embraced this trend: from Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr to Kate Hudson and Diane Kruger!  A lot of jumpsuits have a fitted dress-like upper part (e.g. a heart-shaped one), which makes it a fashion piece that lies somewhere between a maxi dress and a suit – a perfect choice for a cocktail party!

Other less conventional options include wearing a women’s suit or a blazer-dress. These can be extremely chic and eye-catching. For a glamorous look, style your hair in big waves or into a straight sleek ponytail.  

Think beyond traditional femininity

Make sure to have a clear idea of the level of formality. The key is adjusting your look to the occasion so you blend in with the guests, but also incorporate details that will make you stand out in a tasteful manner.

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kylie jenner

Lately there have been lots of rumors and speculation about the procedures Kylie Jenner, the 17 year old star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality show has done. If we compare the photos of this young star, it is obvious that she looks very different now than just a few years back, and much older too. According to plastic surgeon Mark Ho Asjoe who did a study with the Mirror magazine, it seems that Kylie has had so many plastic surgeries that she has aged herself by 10 years at least. He suspects she has had fillers to her lips and cheeks, a nose job and possibly some bone shaving around her jaw, as well as breast and booty injections.

No.1 – Lip fillers

Even with all this speculation in the media, Jenner has only admitted to having had lip fillers. She said “I have temporary lip fillers. It’s just an insecurity of mine, and it’s what I wanted to do.” Another surgeon, Schulman, who is an assistant professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, commented that he’d hesitate about doing this procedure on someone so young, but that he didn’t have any safety concerns except for psychological effects of changing one’s appearance. Temporary lip fillers are arguably the safest, they are hyaluronic acids, which is basically a sugar gel, and the body breaks it down, as opposed to permanent fillers like silicone injections.

No.2 – Nose job


It is said Kylie could have had the so called lunch-hour nose job or non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is a non surgical nose job in which the shape of the nose is altered by applying injectable fillers, most commonly hyaluronic acid ones like Restylane and Juvederm. We can’t know for sure if she has done it, but she has definitely spoken of wanting to do it.

Anything else?


She allegedly also got a breast and butt augmentation, an eyebrow lift, upper eyelid surgery, a chin implant and jaw reshaping. It is most likely she has altered her butt to catch up with one of her famous sisters. An inside source said Kylie always wanted a butt to match her sister’s, Kim Kardashian’s, and that she was happy with the results now and showing them off.

But it is not only her booty that has suddenly grown, she has started wearing more revealing necklines to show off her cleavage. However, she denies having gone under the knife saying: “To [whomever] thinks I had breast implants, there’s a whole lot of tape in here, holding these up.”

rumor butt

As a psychologist has commented recently, if Kylie had been born in a normal family, she wouldn’t have felt like she needed to compete for the love of the audience and the world with her older sisters, who have already made their fame from being seen as sexy and gorgeous. The main problem is that she’s had the Kardashian tribe for role models and all of them have undergone a lot of plastic surgery so this is not something out of the ordinary for this teen. It is seen as normal and desirable and a way to succeed in life. We can only hope she manages to find better ways to deal with sister rivalry and other avenues to prove herself and get public attention.

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rings for couples

Women love their trinkets – whether they are expensive diamond jewellery or simple junk items. When teamed up with the right costumes, these accessories can help in making great style statements on all occasions and events. Most women have great stocks of such jewels and it is important that they remain organized and well sorted so that you can find the right piece at the proper time. Proper organization of the jewellery pieces also ensures that the trinkets are well maintained.

At the very first place, it is important to segregate the pieces that are worn frequently from the ones that are kept only for special occasions. Women love to wear small pieces of jewels even while going to college or to work. Usually these trinkets are not very expensive and should be separated from expensive pieces of jewellery. If you are confused as how to manage the whole thing, here are some highly effective tips that can help you, in keeping your jewellery well organized:

For storing necklaces – Necklaces often tend to get tangled with one another, when they are not kept properly. And untangling them is a pretty difficult job. If not handled in the right manner, the chain might break while untangling them. The best way of storing necklaces is by hanging them from small hangers. Freestanding necklace holders and hangers are available in the market. If you cannot find one, get a peg rack installed in your wardrobe, where you can hang all your necklaces without tangling them. This also gives you easy visibility of the various neck pieces that you have.

For keeping rings – Rings are small pieces of jewels and have high chances of being misplaced when not stored property. For storing your precious diamond eternity rings or other expensive rings, it is recommended to use a box with soft, velvet cloth spread inside. Many women also use cotton for that extra padding so that the jewels remain extra protected. However, for junk rings, you can choose an ordinary box and keep all the rings at one place, so that you can find all the available options at one place.

Storing earrings properly – Earrings come in wide varieties. While some come in small stud style, some are big ones like hoops or danglers and chandeliers. It is important that each kind is stored separately so that you don’t have to rummage through all varieties while looking for a particular earring. Make small boxes or bags for each kind of earring and put a tag on each box as which kind of earring it contains.

Keeping bangles and bracelets – While some bangles are sleek; some are oversized and chunky pieces. The same applies for bracelets. Keeping these in jewellery boxes occupies lots of space. Instead use various kinds of holders (even a bangle holder will do) to keep your bangles organized. You can keep your bracelets spread in narrow jewellery boxes to keep them free from tangling.

Special care for bespoke diamond jewellery – It is quite obvious that the care and maintenance for your special bespoke jewellery will be little different from the ordinary pieces of trinkets that you possess. Usually these unique pieces of jewels come in special bags or cases. It is recommended to keep them as it is. These bags and cases have soft velvet lining inside so they keep the jewelleries free from scratches.

Now that your jewelleries are organized, you will have no problem in finding the right piece at the right time.

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A new trend has emerged in the world of social media – micro fashion, or better yet, dressing kids like adults. Social networks like Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with pictures of little boys and girls following the latest fashion and dressing up in grown-up attire. Kids have apparently jumped out of princess dresses and superhero shirts and slipped into something more formal, but still comfortable. Here’s how you can style up your youngsters without damaging your budget.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

How it all started

The phenomenon of micro fashion started to spread out as more and more fashion brands began to offer children’s clothes designed in adult-like manner. Before you know it, this occurrence in fashion world appeared on various social media. “The trend really began on social media with moms sharing images of their kids dressed up just like them. It’s not a sexualized, cleavage-showing look. Stores like H&M and Zara are offering the same clothing for children and adults because kids are becoming more highly stylized. Forget the princess shirts,” said Krista Thompson, president of Boomerang Kids corporation, a chain of stores that specialize in children’s clothes from toddler to teen years.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

Style tips

You don’t need to go over the budget to dress your kid like a star. The key is to invest in basic clothing pieces and then just layer according to the occasion. It’s important to choose items that are both fashionable and comfortable. What’s more, let your child be involved in decision-making at least to some extent. Select 3-4 outfits for them and let them choose the one they like best. Show them that you value their opinion and choices.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

For girls

If you wish to avoid princess dresses, there are plenty of outfits to make your little girl look dazzling. A pretty skirt with a daisy print and a waistband works well with almost every blouse or shirt. Make contrasts by having stark bottoms and gentle tops and vice versa. Combine printed shirts and dresses with a denim jacket, flats, and an effective scarf to complete the look. Pair up flattering summer dresses with suede wedges and accessorize appropriately depending on the occasion.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

For boys

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to boy’s fashion. Try mixing colors and patterns. Incorporate polo shirts with bright colors or stylish vests with unusual prints. If you prefer gentle tones, combine plaid shirts with one-color vests and an interesting bow-tie. Pair up coral pants with a shirt in a subtler shade, a cardigan and brown boots. You can achieve a stylish look even if you have a limited budget. There are many stores with quality clothing that offer great discounts. Also, search online for more deals and ideas and don’t forget to check to find some delightful pieces at very affordable prices.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

A well-organized closet is important

A messy closet doesn’t look nice and results in frequent ironing. Keeping your closet neat is a more efficient way of managing your clothes. All those fancy pieces deserve proper care. Make the most of your free space by hanging as much clothes as you can. You can group clothes into several categories in order to easily find what you need. Additionally, make sure to fold all pieces in the same way to prevent clothes from wrinkling. If possible, store smaller items and accessories like belts and jewelry into drawers or boxes to avoid making a mess in the entire closet when searching for something.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

Little fashionistas seem to be emerging and setting up trends. Young children are developing a sense for fashion much earlier than it used to be the case, guided by their parents. It’s become obvious that clothes represent one way of expressing someone’s personality, regardless of their age. Little fashion stars are bringing the runway look into their daily lives and there’s no reason why your kids shouldn’t join in. The best part is that you can get the look without excessive spending.

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The rudraksha beads are seeds of the fruit got from the rudraksha trees. These trees are found only in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and other Indonesian islands. A few are found in Nepal and India.

Reason for the name 5 mukhi

The name of the beads arises from the long lines on the seeds that result in making the seed into parts or faces. The most common one is the 5 face rudraksha. One seeds the Indonesian 5 mukhi rudraksha beads have a smaller diameter compared to the Nepal beads. The Nepal beads have sizes bigger than 15 mm while the Indonesian ones are lesser than this.

Benefits of wearing the 5 mukhi beads

  • Wear 3 large 5 mukhi rudraksha malas (necklaces or garlands) to avoid accidental death
  • Blessing of Shiva stays with you for a long period
  • Remove sins you made by doing wrong things

Symbolic meaning of the faces

This represents Shiva in the Mahadev form which means that each of the faces will denote one specific quality. The faces will have three eyes except fot the face that faces North. The five faces symbolize destruction, preservation, creation, obligation, and detachment. The fifth face of Shiva points up in the direction of spiritual progress. In the context of the elements, the five faces represent Vaayu (air), Agni (fire), Prithvi (earth), Aakash (sky), and Jal (water).

Buy online

The reason people shop online is that they get to compare the rudraksha beads and the shops. They study the customer reviews and form their opinion on which one is good. In addition, they can check the period for which the store was in business. This will give a good sign of how trustworthy the online store is.

The other big reason is that one can buy without any hassles. One does not have to stand in line for hours or anything like that. You just need to point and click. Online payment processors take care of the rest.

Divine blessings

While blending traditional with the modern, the modern man has the right to exist in the seventh heaven. He or she keeps up with the tradition in the worship and devotion but does not have to suffer or do painful penance (unless there is a specific reason). The internet makes sure you do not have to move around much or even speak when you buy online.

When people use combination rudraksha beads, they make it a point to include at least one 5 mukhi bead. Since the 5 mukhi is common, it is not expensive. The 5 mukhi rudraksha price is only $4 – $5 while the rudraksha mala is $50. One needs to do proper siddhi (purification process) before one wears the mala. The rudraksha keeps the wearer on the path of truth and eventually leads him or her to success. They get all manner of leisure and comfort and kills diseases thus keeping the wearer healthy always.

Be careful when you buy

Since there always is the chance of someone cheating you, one must look for the authenticity certificate. A reputed testing lab must give this certificate. One can do tests like the water test or the x-ray test if one is buying from a regular brick-and-mortar shop. Check whether the beads have a regular appearance or they have cracks. Some cheats will use glue to stick pieces of fake material on the bead. Use a magnifying glass to see if this is the case.

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