On the off chance that you address any Kratom purchaser, more than likely they are either adoring a red strain or green vein Kratom, the power behind these two strains have influenced the lives of a large number of individuals, and for a valid justification.

As a rule, red strains are the more prevalent strains among the majority. This doesn’t imply that green vein Kratom isn’t supported, or is less appropriate for the run of the mill Kratom customer. In actuality, green vein Kratom meets the particular requirements for those looking for an unmistakable, uplifted involvement with Kratom. I need to talk about what I like about green strain Kratom, even though I lean more towards the reds, regardless I couldn’t live without the green, and here’s the reason.

Green Vein Kratom, The Perfect Marriage

Above all else, much the same as most of any strain shade of Kratom, green is a result of red first. While there are green vein Kratom forgets there, the event is incredibly uncommon, and usually green is created through a cautious drying process outside by the collector. By understanding this reality, you start to acknowledge why green turns into an ideal decision to blend with a red strain. This is one of the significant reasons I cherish green. It winds up adaptable with any red, especially Wild Red Bali (my top choice).

It would be ideal if you remember that each experience is unique and I understand not every person will have indistinguishable outcomes from me (exceptionally constructive!), yet making a marriage between red/green strains for my day by day schedule has turned out to be very successful for my profitability just as upgraded different parts of my life.

By and large, on the off chance that you converse with somebody who favors red or green vein Kratom, you will find that at some point or another, they’ve tested combining the two, and it’s a match made in Heaven.

What Does Green Strain Kratom Do?

A standout amongst the most public inquiries new Kratom clients ask is what the impacts I ought to anticipate from green Kratom powder are? There are uplifting news and awful news to this inquiry. The dreadful news is since we need to agree to the FDA’s government guidelines about medicinal cases we can’t share specific Kratom impacts with anybody. The uplifting news is we have over 10k individuals who can reveal to all of you about their encounters with green vein Kratom and what you ought to anticipate.

I understand this is somewhat of an open-finished inquiry. However, I wanted to ensure you realized where to go to get your queries replied about this strain. Finding out about what the impacts are, how it works, and what other individuals’ encounters are, is an incredible method to figure out which green strain you should begin with first.  Kratomherbs.net is offering best quality green kratom vein with 20% off.

In Conclusion

With regards to green strain, I don’t think, I ‘do.’ Does it make a difference that my most loved green Kratom was a red leaf at a certain point? Do I care that green Kratom powder is typically dried inside a cooled stay with next to zero light and after that taken outside to wrap up? Does it influence my acquiring choice to realize that green Kratom powder is likewise taken out to get done with trying to obtain the ideal leaf shading? Not by any means. All I need to know is if this specific green vein Kratom strain was going to do what I need it to do?

What I like about green strain Kratom is this – it is an ideal decision to portion with independent from anyone else or with another strain since it gives equalization to my daily schedule. It is the constant strain that plays a vital supporting job to my most loved red strains. In America, green for the most part implies go, and you can generally depend on your green vein Kratom to take care of business.

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Do you like traveling but can’t make time for it because of your full-time job? I know the feeling. Just like most of you, I keep a 9-5 job. And sometimes, I catch myself staring at my calendar while silently wishing it is time for my vacation leave again.


I love traveling so much that I usually run out of available leaves at work. Most of my holidays are spent traveling, too. I remember there was once a time that I thought of quitting my job to travel the world.


We hear many stories online about how someone quit her job to travel the world. Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t necessarily have to. There are ways to do that even if you have a full-time job. Here’s how.


Plan your trip around the weekend.


Planning your trip around the weekend is one of the best ways to travel while keeping your full-time job.


Instead of planning a trip within the start of the week, like traveling from Monday through Wednesday, try scheduling your break on a Thursday or a Friday. When you do this, you have two extra days to enjoy your vacation. It allows you to have fewer vacation days so you can spend more of your days in the office earning. You will not hear your boss complaining about the number of absences you incur because of traveling.


Use vacation days wisely.


Always remember to keep track of the number of vacation days that you have earned at the office.


I know this might be obvious to you, but let me remind you about it still. Instead of spending the days off by staying in the house watching TV series or not even doing anything, use it to plan a trip instead. It is the perfect time for you to take the vacation that you deserve. Taking a break from work from time to time also helps you to get back more inspired about what you do.


Maximize the holidays.


Just like planning your trips around the weekend, scheduling a break on holidays is another way to extend your vacation.


Celebrations for a public holiday typically lasts for a day, so technically you would only have one day off. However, if you plan your trip wisely, you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference that a day can make. Usually, there is a crowd on holidays, but you can avoid this by starting your day early. Or, by choosing a less popular tourist spot destination. You’d enjoy your trip just the same.


Take shorter trips.


Instead of traveling to somewhere far, choose a destination that’s nearer to you. It will save you so much time.


Rather than spending the entire week for a vacation and waiting for a long time to get to travel again, go to a destination that requires less travel time. It allows you to spend more of your time on the place than on the plane or the train. Doing this also increases your chances of visiting and discovering new vacation destinations in the future.


Rise up early.


On your vacation days, you have to wake up early to start your day ahead. I understand that vacation days are your days to relax but to maximize your vacation, it is wise to rise early.


Instead of waking up at 11 in the morning, rise at around 7. When you do this, you’ll have extra hours to explore the place. You will also double your time of daylight so you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself. You can check out more tourist spots, visit the local coffee shops, and dine in their famous food places. You can do essentially more activities if you wake up early.


Book evening flights.


Booking evening flights not only saves you time but also helps you get some sleep on the plane. Most of us struggle to get some sleep while traveling by plane, but by being on evening flights, this wouldn’t become much of a problem.


Spend your day at work and get busy. When you get on that plane, you’ll be more than ready to sleep. And, by the time that you wake up, you will be in your vacation destination.

Booking evening flights can be a bit tricky sometimes. To save yourself from the hassle, you can hire a virtual personal assistant to do this for you. You don’t need to spend some time doing the research and picking the cheapest travel rates. Let your virtual personal assistant do it for you.


Work remotely.


When you work from home, you’ll have a more flexible time that will enable you to plan a vacation around your schedule.


It allows you to go on a vacation anytime because you can always bring your work with you. You have to make sure that there’s a steady WiFi connection, though. When you can do that, you’re good to go. You can spend some time working in the morning and go sightseeing right after, or vice versa. Choosing how you spend your time will be in your hands.


Some takeaways


It is important to travel and take some time off from work from time to time. When you do this, you will have the opportunity to break the monotony of your weekdays at work and look forward to your weekends or your vacation days.


Your break is essential because they allow you to recharge and come back to work more inspired. Most of the time when you come from a vacation, you become more creative and more ready to take the tasks at hand.


Taking a break also releases some of your stress. It prevents you from having work burn-out and gives you time to breathe and enjoy life. It creates a healthy work and life balance for you and makes you have time for all the things that you want to do in your life.


When was the last time that you traveled and took a vacation? Now is probably the right time to do so.


Author Bio


Karstine Mae Sanchez is a content marketer at OkayRelax. She loves writing content on business and work management, food and nutrition, and travel lifestyle. When she is not busy, you can find her at the beach, exploring different islands, seeing beautiful waves and walking in the sand.


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People are always searching for unique, romantic, places to vacation, or just get away for the weekend. There are some fantastic destinations on short cruises that are becoming very popular for couples, singles, and families. The opportunity to take a weekend cruise is offered at many ports around the world.

It does not have to be a long voyage for it to be an enjoyable one. setting sail for a weekend of fun or passion is an excitingly overwhelming adventure for everyone who enjoys the ocean air and the breathtaking and beautiful blue-green water. Whether it is the whole weekend, two days and two nights, or just a day trip, it will be a magical experience.

Lunch cruises

Take someone special for an unforgettable lunch cruise in the middle of the day. This will add a special spark to any romance. You can charter your own cruise, or join others as you sail off with the spectacular harbour as your backdrop. Enjoy cocktails and drinks of your choice while listening to music that will add to enhancing the mood of the day.

Dinner cruises

Nothing can be more romantic than taking a dinner cruise, and having your meal while watching being mesmerized by the lights glistening over the ocean waters as you cruise through the Sydney Harbour in Australia at night. The lights of the city in the background appear to come alive during the evening hours.

The Harbour Bridge is also in view adding to the magic of the moment. Experience the best in delectable meals that are prepared by expert chefs and served by courteous waiters providing a dinner adventure that will be unforgettable. The Sydney Princess Cruise Lines also offers a myriad of drinks from the bar.

Party cruises in the middle of the ocean

The Sydney Princess Cruise Line provides party cruises to celebrate any occasion. From children’s birthday parties, wedding parties, adult parties, or office get-togethers, the fun never stops on the party cruises. You can be yourself on the weekend getaway in the middle of the ocean.

Buck’s party cruises are a day or night cruises with the Sydney Harbour providing the scenic nightlife or day view. There will be unlimited entertainment, drinks, and a variety of phenomenal food. Sydney, Australia is well known for the many days, night, and weekend cruises around the city from the Sydney Harbour.

Cruising aboard the various boats in Sydney Harbour


Taking a weekend cruise in the middle of the ocean aboard the many boats that sail the Sydney Harbour is an adventure as well as a memorable event. The boats are different in size and design, but all are accommodating to people with different preferences. Sit in the ocean aboard the smaller My Ocean Blue, or the slightly larger My Jerry Bailey.


There is also My Blue Room and My Vagabond. These boats are made for fun and excitement on the ocean. My Sydney has all of the qualities of a luxury liner but also has a very intimate environment. They make enjoying a weekend getaway simple and easy. You can find all the information when you visit website to get more details.


Taking a long weekend getaway in the middle of the ocean is a great way to enhance a romance, get rid of the stress of work, or just to have some much needed alone time. Visiting the venues that surround the water for a short trip will renew vitality, and will uplift the spirit of those who feel depresses. Weekend trips can be taken whenever the body feels it is necessary.


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In India wedding holds an utmost importance in a girl’s life! Parents start preparing for this day the moment a girl child is born. Undoubtedly gold jewelry is the center of attraction during any Indian wedding, and parents’ startputting together the jewellery pieces years before the actual day. This is done to avoid investing in wedding jewellery in one go which proves to be heavy on one’s pocket. So, if you are someone who is on the same path, then we suggest that you start investing in purchasing gold coins and gold bars today.

Why is a good idea to purchase pure gold bar and coins!

Gold is one such precious metal that’s always in demand and considered as one of the oldest investment instrument in the history of mankind. It is also thought to be auspicious to purchase gold on dhanteras and akshaya tritiya, as buying gold on these occasions brings endless wealth into the family.

So, on such occasions, instead of buying Jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces or rings, purchase gold coins and bars, and here’s why:-

  • There are no making charges or labour charges involved while purchasing a gold coin or bar as against purchasing gold jewellery. So you get more weight in less price.
  • Gold jewellery may lose its value over a period of time due to wear and tear, but the gold coin rate only appreciates.
  • There may be some amount of deduction if you are investing in jewellery studded with precious and semi-precious stone while exploring the buy-back option, which is eliminated in case of gold coins and bars.
  • Gold designs may go out of fashion after few years, but if you have gold coins or bars you can exchange them at any reputed gold jewelers for latest designs.
  • Investing into gold coin can start with as small as 0.5gms, which isn’t possible with gold ornaments.

Places from where gold coins/bars can be purchased

  • Indian Post Office: One can purchase gold coins from Indian Post Office, while various denominations of weights are available,people tend to invest only lower denomination and value of gold coins and bars here.
  • Banks: All national and international banks these days make available different quantities of gold coins ranging from as low as 1gm for their customers to purchase. The gold coins sold by banks are 24Karat, however these banks do not offer a buy-back option for the gold coins and bars on the directives of RBI (Reserve Bank of India).
  • Local Jewelers: Most of the Indian crowds flock to local jewelers to purchase ornaments. These local jewelers also sell gold coins and bars, which are comparatively lower in cost, however the quality of the gold is questionable. These do not come with any purity seal or hallmark.
  • Reputed and Branded Jewelers: All the leading jewellery brand outlets sell gold coins and bars. One can be assured of quality as the gold coins come with the hallmark which is a sign of their purity.

Looking for trusted jewelers?

A brand which has a sturdy reputation in the market and comes first to our minds is Vaibhav Jewellers. They are the leading name in the south Indian jewellery market and have a very strong brand presence across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Their online website Vaibhav Jewellers is a must visit. One click and you are presented with varied options of gold, diamond and temple jewellery.

Visit their gifts & coins section to explore the various weights of gold coins available with them. One will find gold coins ranging between 0.5gm to even 90gms in weight. All the gold coins are 24Karat gold with 999.9 purity and fineness and have a stamp of MMTC –PAMP to validate the same. From cliché simple gold coins to coins embossed with deity figures like Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, motifs, Gold Sovereign 2017 they have them all.

They offer a flexible exchange and buy back option in store and on their website. The rate of exchange is the prevailing rate of the day and that can be checked on their website on daily basis. You can exchange the gold coins and bars to some fabulous designer gold ornaments.

So, if you have some extra cash in hand or are expecting your bonus to come in, then invest into small ticket prices rather than waiting to make one big purchase. This inculcates the habit of saving and can prove to be beneficial in the long run!

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 There are different methods used for treating cancer. However, you should know that different treatment methods have been designed to deal with different types of cancers. A single treatment therapy can be used to treat cancer, but in most instances, two or three methods are used in the treatment process. Before enrolling for a treatment procedure, it is essential that you learn about the treatment process and associated side effects. Here are some of the cancer treatment therapies.


 1. Radiation Therapy

 This is one of the commonly used cancer treatment procedure. It involves the use of high doses of radiations to shrink tumours and to kill cancerous cells. Radiation therapy is an effective cancer treatment therapy.

 However, the cancerous region must be well known before radiation can be used. Research has shown that radiation cannot be used in sensitive areas such as around the heart, sexual organs, and even brain as it could cause severe damages. Radiation equipment is required for radiation therapy to take place.



2. Chemotherapy

 Recent trends show that chemotherapy has replaced radiotherapy as the most preferred treatment method for cancer. It is a cancer treatment procedure that involves taking drugs to kill cancerous cells in various parts of the body.

 It does not have severe side effects except the feeling of exhaustion and tiredness. The chemotherapy treatment process can take several dosages before full recovery is realized. People under chemotherapy treatment procedure continue to handle duties depending on their capacity.



3. Immunotherapy

 Immunotherapy cancer treatment procedure is one of the most recent discoveries in cancer treatment. Unlike other treatment methods that focus on killing tumours and overgrown cells, immunotherapy focuses on enhancing the immunity of the body.

 By enhancing the immune system, the body is expected to fight cancer and other diseases. This treatment method focuses on increasing the number and size of white blood cells so that they can fight cancer efficiently.


 4. Targeted Therapy

 This is a cancer treatment procedure that is similar to precision medicine. However, it is more of a preventive technique rather than a treatment method. As oncologists continue to learn about cancer cells, they have discovered that cancer cells, grow, divide, and spread.

 Oncologists have therefore innovated a treatment procedure that is geared towards preventing cancerous cell changes. The idea is to prevent cancerous cells from dividing, spreading, and growing, thereby minimizing their impacts.


 5. Hormone Therapy

 Researchers have discovered that there are cancer cells that grow through the aid of hormones. If you visit website with cancer treatment procedures, you will come across endocrine therapy, which is the same as hormone therapy.

 Endocrine therapy, commonly known as hormone therapy involves the use of hormones to suppress the hormones that are supporting the growth and development of cancer cells. In most cases, hormone therapy is used in the treatment of breast and prostate cancers, which use hormones to grow.


 6. Stem Cell Transplant

 This is a treatment procedure that involves restoring blood-forming stem cells in patients whose blood-forming stem cells have been damaged by radiation therapy or high doses of chemotherapy. Blood-forming stem cells need to be restored in the body because they are essential in forming white blood cells that are used in enhancing the immunity of the body. Other important blood components, such as platelets and red blood cells, are created by blood-forming stem cells.

 These are the main cancer treatment therapies that you will come across in many treatment facilities. However, as technology continues to grow, other cancer treatment techniques such as precision medicine have already been incorporated in the medical industry. Each cancer treatment therapy has its pros and cons. A cancer expert should give you a comprehensive detail of the best therapy you should choose depending on your health.

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Today, translation is the new beginning to run a publication house successfully. If you are hiring a certified translation agency for the very first time, then you might don’t know how hard it is to hire a reliable translation agency that can provide you good translation services. While choosing a translation agency, it is very important that you get a quality and accurate translation. This would be quite challenging tasks to ensure that you are getting quality of translation. If you are staying in London, then you might know that getting certified translation services in London is quite an easy process. The agencies provide you reliable services to ensure that your documents are translated nicely and precisely. Only a certified company will help you to achieve you and your company dream within a limited time period.

Here are some of the major tips that will help you to ensure the quality texts from a certified translation agency.

Know the Important Information

Before you give documents to a reliable translation agency, you have to make sure that you know all the important information of the text. This will help your agency to translate the text even more easily and you can also get quality of services. You can also give them a proper deadline to translate the text so that the agency can able to manage the element of the text to produce the best quality of translation in a limited period of time. However, the language of the text really matters a lot. So, to ensure the quality of the services you need to make sure that you provide the agency with the right resources. By using the resources, the agency can able to produce the quality of translated documents.

Evaluation of linguists

After the translation is done, you can now evaluate the translate documents with the linguists so that you can get rest-assured that you get a quality translated document. If the text is not in proper quality then they will even help you to re-write the text all over again. With the help of the right translation services, you can be sure that the document is fully translated in the right way. Linguists have the right knowledge about the language so that’s the only reason they can able to understand what written on the text. They can also check whether the translated text contains the right information that you required.

Proofread and Edit

A reliable translation agency will not only proofread the text number of time but also make necessary changes whenever requires. Only a certified translation agency will ensure that they review the completed translation. You really need to make sure that the facts of the documents are written properly so that the essence of the documents still remains the same. A certified translation agency will ensure to cover everything that you need is covered so that you can get the fully translated text without any mistake.

Avoid using Online Tools

If you are the want your documents to get translated as soon as possible then you should hire reliable translation services. You should not completely rely on online tools as they will not translate the exact thing that you need. You can use online tools to understand the text but you cannot use this to translate your text. As you might don’t know this, the online translation program lack necessary cultural knowledge which leads to poorly translated texts.

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A Big Fat Indian Wedding is incomplete without some lip-smacking food options that’ll be a treat to the tastebuds of your guests. For many years in the past, a Halwai used to prepare all the food for the wedding. But now, the wedding kitchen has been replaced by professional wedding caterers, expanding the list of menu items that can be included in the wedding buffet.

There are many options to choose from around the world, that’ll make the wedding exotic and unique, giving it an international dimension. Including the international cuisines is indeed a great option, but what’s more important is to keep those desi Indian palates satisfied by including the tasty options from the very own Indian menu.

Classic Pasta Primavera

This one is absolutely perfect to calm down the cravings of all the kids at the wedding. This dish will surely be equally liked by your guests, irrespective of their age. The soft boiled pasta topped with some freshly chopped veggies and shredded cheese makes this dish iconic and really good when served in the platter.

Recipe: Garlic Butter Pasta

Blackened Sheepshead Fish

This one is an absolute favorite of all the Bengali people. A barbequed flaky texture with the smoky aroma will surely fill the whole venue with a pleasant smell. This counter will be the one which is sure to be visited multiple times by every guest.

Smoked Dal Makhni

Among the various extravagant food options served in the wedding, this simple addition to the menu will be quite classic. There are many guests who like to have something simpler, and this will provide just that option. The buttery dal makhni is a real gem that has its roots deep in the Indian culture.

Also read: Mouth watering Wedding Counter

Sweet Gulab Jamun

You won’t be able to find a person who doesn’t like this sweet dessert. This one is an absolutely essential option to include in the final wedding menu. A gulab jamun after the dinner will surely make your guests crave for more.

Spicy Butter Chicken

With some of the most amazing flavor, butter chicken is the most popular curry in all the restaurants serving Indian food around the globe. Those aromatic golden pieces of chicken in the buttery gravy will surely make the guests’ mouth water.

Appetizing Paneer Corn Pasanda

This one is for all those vegetarian guests who’ll miss out on the butter chicken. Paneer-Corn Pasanda is a great addition and includes paneer and corn pieces in the onion-tomato gravy. It’ll be the one lavish dish that no one will be able to refuse.

Amazing Dahi Bengan

A relatively lesser known option but will be appealing to the guests all the same. This is an eggplant recipe. The brinjal is fried and dipped in curd along with some tossed onions and garlic that adds extra spice. This dish is famous in Orissa and has its roots deep in their culture.

This last addition will be a great option. You can go ahead and ask the top wedding caterers in Ahmedabad to set up a counter with the various items for the guests to make their very own fondue. You can include brown and white chocolate options along with caramels and the different toppings.

These were some of the options, that we believe, you must add to your wedding menu. These menu options are sure to showcase the Indian tradition in a perfect mix of extravagance and simplicity. As a host, your only concern when deciding on the menu would be to serve the best to the guests and that they return satisfied and with a full tummy, and including these dishes will surely do just that.

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Renovating your home can be really exciting and scary all at the same time. You want your place to look absolutely amazing with the best online cabinets, the top energy-efficient appliances, and attractive fixtures, rugs, and the whole nine yards. But you do not want or need to spend a small fortune to make your abode look its best.

It doesn’t really matter if you have a large budget or a tiny one, because paying for home renovations can get out of hand very quickly if you aren’t paying attention. But it’s certainly possible to renovate your home so it’s absolutely perfect and still save money in the process.

How do you accomplish this nearly impossible task? Well, to make it possible we recommend learning our five favorite ways to save money on a home renovation. We’ll tell you all about them and more below so stick around to discover the truth.

  1. Design a Money Saving Budget and Stick with It

Before you can even consider picking your specific home renovations, you’ll need to set a budget ahead of time to determine exactly how much you can afford. Otherwise you could seriously set yourself up for big trouble and end up spending a lot more money than you actually have on hand. This would create major problems for you and the company you hire to perform these renovations when they find out you ran out of money to pay them.

Design a Money Saving Budget and Stick with ItSo, just because you’re creating a budget doesn’t mean you have to set aside as little money as possible. If you have extra money available, then by all means add it to your budget as long as you can comfortably afford to pay to fix these things without breaking the bank.

No matter what, by setting a budget you’ll be able to save money because you’ll restrain yourself from spending too much. So determine how much you have available for your renovations and always stick to that number and never go over. Going over is how people end up spending a lot more than they really should and we’d like to help you avoid that at all costs.

  1. Pay Cash for Your Home Renovations

Guess what? Contractors love getting paid in cash for one simple reason: they do not have to report the money to the IRS; even though they are technically supposed to they can get away with it when cash is involved.

Pay Cash for Your Home RenovationsSo, a quick and easy way to save money on your home renovations is to offer to pay cash in exchange for a discount. Many contractors will jump at the chance to take your job and even offer you anywhere from a 10% to 20% discount because of your willingness to give them cash in lieu of a personal check or credit card payment.

  1. Do Not Rush through the Renovating Process

It’s very tempting to want to rush through your home renovations just to get them out of the way. Plus, you want your home to look its absolute best so you’re desperate to get everything done so your place looks truly amazing.

Guess what? It’s going to take time and effort when performing a home renovation. This is especially true if you plan on remodeling your entire home. You have no need to rush through the process to get everything finished quickly. Instead, focus on a room or two at a time and get them looking absolutely perfect and up to snuff. Then move on to other areas of your home and begin fixing them next.

  1. DIY, Anyone?

Are you a natural born handyman or handywoman? Maybe instead of paying a contractor top dollar to fix up your home you might want to consider making the renovations yourself.

Yes, they are going to be time-consuming and it’s going to be a lot of hard work. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, you could literally save tens of thousands of dollars by performing these renovations on your own or with the help of your friends and family members.

  1. Purchase a Mixture of Low-End Materials and High-End Materials

Purchase a Mixture of Low-End Materials and High-End MaterialsTo really save money, your best bet is to buy some low-end materials and some high-end materials and balance them out. Why? Some areas of the home just don’t need top-of-the-line material. It just isn’t going to make your home look any better.

On the other hand, certain areas of the home will require high-end materials to make it look beautiful. As an example, instead of using cheap and unattractive Formica countertops, you’ll get more bang for your buck installing marble countertops in its place.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely see that it’s possible to save money on a home renovation. We’ve shared some excellent tips with you today to make it happen. Please use our recommendations. You’ll find it easier than ever to fix up your home without putting yourself in the poorhouse.

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In the recent past, athletes usually never wore protective eye wear that was designed to safeguard the eyes during a sports activity, This naturally led to injuries that were quite widespread. These days, almost every sportsman uses protective eye wear. This can be seen in sports that involves bat, racket, stick, or ball. This usage can be seen in almost every league ranging from minor leagues to professional leagues. This change is because that most of the players, and coaches have understood and realized that wearing sports prescription glasses helps the players in better vision. Many fitness and athletic clubs do not allow individuals to enter the facility without wearing the right kind of gear.

Some Of The Factors Need To Look At While Getting Glasses Are:

Sports Prescription Glass
Sports Prescription Glass

The Different Shapes And Sizes Of The Glasses

Sports goggles are made in a variety of shapes and sizes. These googles are designed and are available for different sports like soccer and basketball. Some of the sports prescription glasses are even designed in such a way so that the helmets fit in like a glove. Some of these sports where the glasses need to fit inside the helmets are American football, baseball, and hockey.

There are also lenses found in sports eye wear that are usually created using poly-carbonate. Since poly-carbonate is known as an impact resistant material for lens, it usually works, and eyes are protected from objects that are moving quickly. Also, poly-carbonate has an in-built protection made from ultraviolet. This is very valuable for sports that are played outdoors.

The Type Of Tints Available In The Market

First, it is very important to understand that tints bring down the light’s intensity that is falling on the eye. Also, it is very important to change the spectral composition because of the different color properties. The sensitivity of the color differs from individual to individual and each of the color perceives tints as different functions. Hence, selecting the right kind of tint is considered to be a very personal choice and it is not possible for every person wearing the tint to feel comfortable after wearing it. While selecting the tint, enough options have to be tried and the right one has to be selected from the right kind of optician.

Irrespective of the tint selected, the user must ensure that it is not very dark. The overall intensity of the color must fit in the right kind of sport and the brightness is as expected.

Preventing The Lenses From Getting Misted

Sports Prescription Glass
Sports Prescription Glass

Sports prescription glasses that get fogged up should be avoided as much as possible. This is very important because it can cause heavy damage when the sport is being played and the athlete might not be able to see anyone who is appearing right in front of him. While purchasing the buyer should ensure that the glasses offer the right kind of circulation and the fogging can be avoided. There is a special coating that can be used to avoid the fogging as well.

All these tips are useful ones when it comes to selecting sports prescription glasses. As people get experienced in purchasing the right kind of glasses, they should pass on their experiences in online discussion forums that can help novice buyers. The experienced ones are the ones who are known to provide the right kind of advice at consultancy prices as well. Overall, selecting sports prescription glasses is not a straightforward task and the buyer needs to spend considerable time to buy the glasses.

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It is always an exciting experience for women to see the different kinds of wigs which are available for them and ready to use. Women pick up hair wigs to wear for many different reasons. While some women have lost their hairs because of medical treatments, the others wear postiche to change their overall appeal.

Today, it is quite easy for anyone to change their look and appearance without changing the hairstyle much. There is no doubt that women love their hair. They always want to get natural looking hair pieces, which can give them a great look and style. Wigs are made from human hair or synthetic fibres. For all those women who want to wear a natural wig, for them, the high-quality human hair wigs are the right choice. The best part of using false hair is that it can easily be cut and shaped into different style to suit the need and taste of individuals.

Tips For Increasing The Life Span Of Artificial Hair

There are semi-custom, Remy hair, and mass-produced hair wigs that are widely available in the market. The life span of these wigs depend on the quality of hair which is used in making the women’s wigs. Hence, proper care should be taken so far as increasing the life span of the false hair is concerned. When you are using a shampoo or conditioner, you need to make sure that you are using the one which is highly recommended by experts. While custom made hair can be a little bit more expensive than the other types of hair such as synthetic hair wigs, you can consult with your hair stylist in that case.

Well, if you think that the hairstyles or wigs are only meant for women, you are absolutely mistaken. The hair stylists understand that even men desire to have attractive hair to cherish.  Hence, they also design exceptional hairpieces for men that gives them a cool look and dashing appearance.

Things To Consider

As there are different types of wigs that are available in the market, your hair stylist will rightly guide you towards choosing the right kind of wigs for yourself. Some of the types include full lace, lace front, monofilament, etc. Not only does a stylist help you make a better selection but also give you great tips and advice as to what you should do in order to maintain your wigs and make it look natural and shiny for life.

Now it is important for you to remember that shopping for Remy or human periwig is never that easy. You need to do some good research to know about the right service provider. If you are looking for the most attractive hair pieces, you can contact a professional wig manufacturer who specializes in hair products. From there, you can easily shop for the kind of human peruke which you are looking for. They have a different yet unique variety of Remy or human hair wig.

Remember that hairpieces for men and women’s wigs come in different colours such as blue, brown, black, orange, etc. and sizes like short, medium and long. Thus, you should always select the one which suits your style and matches your personality.

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The choice of one’s workout outfit mostly depends on the type of exercise they’re intending to do. Polyester and spandex are a perfect choice for yoga, while some more intense exercises (like aerobics and running) require materials that will prevent excessive sweating.

Fashion designers work hard to incorporate gym outfits into the latest fashion trends. Consequently, it is not unusual to see the sportswear used as a part of a streetwear style, especially by the people who are trying to add a personal touch to an entire outfit.

Make the Gym Wear Stylish Street Wear

Sporty comfort is one of the most popular types of fashion trends today. As long as it feels comfortable, not restrictive and it can be worn on various occasions, it is the perfect outfit. A fashionable pair of sneakers will make any outfit look cozy, but stylish. A pair of sneakers in combination with a leather jacket, a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans will make the ultimate casual look. Additionally, a cute summer dress and a denim jacket can go perfectly with a pair of black sneakers.

Make the Gym Wear Stylish Street Wear

Embrace the Tailored Sweatpants

Tailored sweatpants are the new fashion trend many stylish women are embracing. This versatile and universal type of apparel will provide everyone with the comfort and the style they need. Additionally, these pants are a perfect thing to wear instead of jeans. Slim fit tapered joggers are just some of the numerous different cuts tailored sweatpants come in, and they are perfect for work or a lunch date. A woven fabric will provide the ultimate comfort, and when you pair these pants with a turtleneck and a pair of high heels, they look gorgeous.

Embrace the Tailored Sweatpants

Accentuate the Figure with Tight Leggings

Tight black leggings are perfect for highlighting the thinnest points on legs, and accentuate the figure in the right way. For tall women, an above-the-knee crop is the best choice, because it balances the body proportions. Many women have equally wide thighs and calves, so a boot cut version would look great on them because it nips in at the knee and flares a bit at the ankle. Matching a pair of leggings with a T- shirt, an oversized cardigan, a pair of sneakers, and a cute bag will easily turn this gym outfit into a streetwear combination.Accentuate the Figure with Tight Leggings

Sporty Accessories

Accessories are an indispensable part of every outfit, which is why a bag must have its rightful place in any ensemble. Sturdy functional gym bags are a perfect addition to the sportswear, but they can also be incorporated into a streetwear style. The bag should be big enough for you to put your workout clothes, training shoes and gym equipment in; but also well designed to look stylish and cute, so it can easily blend in with your everyday style.

Sporty Accessories

The comfort we once only had at the gym, can now easily be shifted to the streets as well. The fact that they are practical and non-restrictive makes them perfect for any casual situation. Adding a little bit of a personal touch to the gym clothes will make the sportswear look stylish and chic. Therefore, always experiment, be bold, and try new things – you never know whose eccentric ideas will make the next big trend in the fashion world.

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Japan is a country of opposites, place renowned for polite manners, and yet slurping noodles, napping at work, and Hadaka Matsuri – the naked festival – are common occurrence. On the other hand, Japan is also known for its weird trends: Ganguro (blackface) trend where girls tan to extreme and Yaeba trend of having crooked teeth. Nevertheless, this is a country with rich history and its traditions, customs, and especially fashion are an inspiration to people worldwide.

Schoolgirl uniforms


Being around for more than a hundred years, school uniforms have become another symbol of Japanese culture. There are different types of uniform: sailor, with a navy scarf over a white blouse, blazer and bolero uniform, and uniforms with different kinds of skirts: jumper skirt, overall, and suspender skirt. Now, girls like them short, but schools don’t allow it, so they wait to get out of school grounds and then simply fold it several times. Also, as their uniforms are plain, they use any opportunity to add colour: sweaters, scarves, sneakers, key rings on schoolbags, etc… The more the merrier!

Connecting the odds

jap street style

What Western girls would never even think of wearing, Japanese girls have turned into fashion statements: platform shoes combined with flower patterned skirt and polka dot shirt. Boldly combine different patterns and colours, and forget all about that Western rule that you should not wear more than two colours or patterns at the same time – Japanese girls rock the look! Bright lipsticks, neon eye shadows, differently coloured and decorated nails, and rainbow hair; Kawaii style allows it all.

Different shades of Lolita


Gothic Lolita, steampunk Lolita, sweet Lolita, Wa Lolita and many more styles have been born and explored in Japan where girls are crazy about Lolita look. Gothic is all about dark yet feminine look: plenty of silk, lace, leather, red-and-black lips, and elaborate jewelry. When playing with steampunk go all Victorian-meets-modern and think corsets, puffy (but short) skirts, and modern accessories. Sweet Lolita is all about girly-girl traits: pastel colours, ribbons, and glitters; while Wa Lolita blends traditional Japanese dress, kimonos, belts, and hairpieces with modern shoes and elaborate makeup.

Harajuku style


When Gwen Stefani introduced this style to America, it only opened up people’s eyes and brought this incredible trend to their attention. Like Halloween every Sunday, Harajuku in Japan is a chance for girls to show off with their talents and creations by combining modern and traditional. Girls who are looking to copy this style should aim to dress in layers, customize their clothes, do their hair and makeup wild, and wear accessories which do not necessarily go with their overall outfits. Boys loved wearing oversized military jackets, leather jackets with combat boots, leggings, and shorts, and sharp wool suits with cute hats. You see, it’s not just for girls.

Pieces of Japan on runways


Famous designers don’t hide that they find inspiration in Japan’s rich culture and tradition, and we can see young Japanese designers making a breakthrough with their unique style. Kimonos, wide obi belts, and wide cut sleeves can be seen not only on runways, but in the streets as well. Japanese dresses and kimonos are made of light materials that feel great, and no wonder this summer girls everywhere chose to add silky or lace kimonos to their outfits.

Perhaps you cannot go to Japan and experience their culture first-hand, but you can do plenty to feel like you are a part of it nonetheless. Finding inspiration in their fashion and dressing as lovely Japanese girls do will make find your inner Kawaii.

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So, you’ve received a cocktail party invitation and now you’re puzzled with what to wear: we’ve all been there. What does “cocktail chic”, “black-tie” and “formal attire” even mean? Finding a balance between the not-too-fussy-formal and not-too-casual look can be a tough one. There are three things you should take into consideration before dressing up: the season, the venue and the host.

Style Tips

Here are the cocktail party dress codes – decoded.

Leave your fashion comfort zone

Depending on the level of formality, cocktail parties can be an ideal opportunity for you to experiment with new looks. The balanced mixture of the playfulness and formality gives you freedom to wear pieces you don’t normally have a chance to try out. According to the celebrity stylist Kate Young, it’s good to wear a more invading dress colour or add a bit of a spark to your outfit, if the occasion allows it. Don’t be shy and ask the host/hostess of the party about these details.

Leave your fashion comfort zone

Men can opt for the bolder patterns when choosing a jacket (e.g. a checkered one), or try a colour that’s not a typical neutral one: burgundy or olive green make nice choices. Tuxedos should be worn only if specified: otherwise, you risk looking over-dressed. If you don’t feel like spending too much time thinking about what to wear, stick with the classics: well-fitted tailored suit will do the trick; lose the tie for a more casual look.

Minding the venue

There are different types of cocktail parties, depending on the venue and occasion. They can take place in someone’s home or garden, but they can also be organized as a formal reception at the popular restaurant. Taking this into consideration is half of your dress-success.

For men, it is useful to know how to dress smart casual since this style implies an effortless, casual charm, but with a dash of elegance.  It’s all about creating a look that’s on the point, but also relaxed and not too “matchy”. The basics of smart casual are crucial for making men’s outfit more vivid, along with picking the right accessories such as cufflinks, pocket squares, belts and watches.

Minding the venue

Women, on the other hand, have more dressing options.

Timeless LBD and other simplified solutions

Emerged from the twenties and credited to the famous Coco Chanel, little black dress is one of the everlasting pieces that you can’t go wrong with. The original cut was a short-length black dress that was universal and could form different looks, depending on the choice of accessories.

Timeless LBD and other simplified solutions

To make your LBD party-ready, have your eyes open for details. Strategically put belt can enhance your waistline, pearl earrings can add a bit of class to your look, black patent leather stilettos – a dash of mystery and femininity. The black-white combo is perfect for the more formal venues, but you can also add a dash of colour (e.g. fiery red). Put on a red lipstick and opt for a red clutch purse – and you’re done! Another simple solution includes a silky slip-on dress: for a classy look – style your hair into a sleek chignon, instead of messy waves.

Think beyond traditional femininity

Who says it has to be a classic cut dress or a dress at all? Consider wearing formal jumpsuits. Many celebrities embraced this trend: from Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr to Kate Hudson and Diane Kruger!  A lot of jumpsuits have a fitted dress-like upper part (e.g. a heart-shaped one), which makes it a fashion piece that lies somewhere between a maxi dress and a suit – a perfect choice for a cocktail party!

Other less conventional options include wearing a women’s suit or a blazer-dress. These can be extremely chic and eye-catching. For a glamorous look, style your hair in big waves or into a straight sleek ponytail.  

Think beyond traditional femininity

Make sure to have a clear idea of the level of formality. The key is adjusting your look to the occasion so you blend in with the guests, but also incorporate details that will make you stand out in a tasteful manner.

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rings for couples

Women love their trinkets – whether they are expensive diamond jewellery or simple junk items. When teamed up with the right costumes, these accessories can help in making great style statements on all occasions and events. Most women have great stocks of such jewels and it is important that they remain organized and well sorted so that you can find the right piece at the proper time. Proper organization of the jewellery pieces also ensures that the trinkets are well maintained.

At the very first place, it is important to segregate the pieces that are worn frequently from the ones that are kept only for special occasions. Women love to wear small pieces of jewels even while going to college or to work. Usually these trinkets are not very expensive and should be separated from expensive pieces of jewellery. If you are confused as how to manage the whole thing, here are some highly effective tips that can help you, in keeping your jewellery well organized:

For storing necklaces – Necklaces often tend to get tangled with one another, when they are not kept properly. And untangling them is a pretty difficult job. If not handled in the right manner, the chain might break while untangling them. The best way of storing necklaces is by hanging them from small hangers. Freestanding necklace holders and hangers are available in the market. If you cannot find one, get a peg rack installed in your wardrobe, where you can hang all your necklaces without tangling them. This also gives you easy visibility of the various neck pieces that you have.

For keeping rings – Rings are small pieces of jewels and have high chances of being misplaced when not stored property. For storing your precious diamond eternity rings or other expensive rings, it is recommended to use a box with soft, velvet cloth spread inside. Many women also use cotton for that extra padding so that the jewels remain extra protected. However, for junk rings, you can choose an ordinary box and keep all the rings at one place, so that you can find all the available options at one place.

Storing earrings properly – Earrings come in wide varieties. While some come in small stud style, some are big ones like hoops or danglers and chandeliers. It is important that each kind is stored separately so that you don’t have to rummage through all varieties while looking for a particular earring. Make small boxes or bags for each kind of earring and put a tag on each box as which kind of earring it contains.

Keeping bangles and bracelets – While some bangles are sleek; some are oversized and chunky pieces. The same applies for bracelets. Keeping these in jewellery boxes occupies lots of space. Instead use various kinds of holders (even a bangle holder will do) to keep your bangles organized. You can keep your bracelets spread in narrow jewellery boxes to keep them free from tangling.

Special care for bespoke diamond jewellery – It is quite obvious that the care and maintenance for your special bespoke jewellery will be little different from the ordinary pieces of trinkets that you possess. Usually these unique pieces of jewels come in special bags or cases. It is recommended to keep them as it is. These bags and cases have soft velvet lining inside so they keep the jewelleries free from scratches.

Now that your jewelleries are organized, you will have no problem in finding the right piece at the right time.

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Becoming a fitness model is a task that is a tough challenge – not only in the beginning but throughout your whole life. No matter how impossible the mission of maintaining the figure once you got it – the tips from the top fitness girls in the industry will come in handy.

Coming up with your own routine and the daily rituals are the essence of living a healthy life and keeping a hot-shaped body.

These are the few tips that will help you overcome the challenges, and they go way beyond healthy nutrition. All the best fitness girls will advise you on the following:

The morning is the imperative

We all know that the morning is the greatest forecaster of the rest of the day. Have you ever wondered if there is one single correct way to start the morning? There actually is.

Waking up at the same time every morning is the essential. It may be hard at the beginning, but once you get used to it, you won’t need ten alarms to wake up at the time you have determined at the beginning. Waking up earlier, preferably when the sun comes up will fill your day with positive energy.

Drinking a glass of warm water is the next step you should try to practice every day until it becomes your ritual. A glass of warm water boosts your metabolism and wakes up every cell of your body better than 3 cups of coffee. Besides, it cleans out the toxins out of your body and prepares it for the rest of the day.

Avoiding the technology devices at least few hours after you come out of bed seems to be working too. This way, you will help your brain work peacefully and without unnecessary disturbances.

Eating a well-balanced breakfast is not just a cliché. It actually works better than you think. Add some cereals to your low-fat dairy, mix it up with healthy fresh fruit and feel the energy boost instantly.

Do some meditation or yoga – whichever you find working better for you. Finding your private spot in your house or apartment where you won’t get disturbed and taking 15 minutes to connect with yourself is the magic trick of all fitness pros. There are plenty of breathing techniques that are the basis of all meditation practices. Visualizing a day full of energy as well as your body healthy and well-toned will do wonders to your subconsciousness. Additionally, few yoga poses will stretch your body to a point that will wake every cell of it – and get it ready for the day that comes.

Planning your day, including the food you are going to eat and the exercises you are going to do is an important step you should do every single morning. This may take you some time in the morning, but you will be thankful for the whole rest of the day since you won’t have to think about managing your time and get muddled.


Once you start your day properly and prepare your mind and body for the gym – you come one step closer to become an admired fitness pro. Good luck!

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kylie jenner

Lately there have been lots of rumors and speculation about the procedures Kylie Jenner, the 17 year old star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” reality show has done. If we compare the photos of this young star, it is obvious that she looks very different now than just a few years back, and much older too. According to plastic surgeon Mark Ho Asjoe who did a study with the Mirror magazine, it seems that Kylie has had so many plastic surgeries that she has aged herself by 10 years at least. He suspects she has had fillers to her lips and cheeks, a nose job and possibly some bone shaving around her jaw, as well as breast and booty injections.

No.1 – Lip fillers

Even with all this speculation in the media, Jenner has only admitted to having had lip fillers. She said “I have temporary lip fillers. It’s just an insecurity of mine, and it’s what I wanted to do.” Another surgeon, Schulman, who is an assistant professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, commented that he’d hesitate about doing this procedure on someone so young, but that he didn’t have any safety concerns except for psychological effects of changing one’s appearance. Temporary lip fillers are arguably the safest, they are hyaluronic acids, which is basically a sugar gel, and the body breaks it down, as opposed to permanent fillers like silicone injections.

No.2 – Nose job


It is said Kylie could have had the so called lunch-hour nose job or non-surgical rhinoplasty. This is a non surgical nose job in which the shape of the nose is altered by applying injectable fillers, most commonly hyaluronic acid ones like Restylane and Juvederm. We can’t know for sure if she has done it, but she has definitely spoken of wanting to do it.

Anything else?


She allegedly also got a breast and butt augmentation, an eyebrow lift, upper eyelid surgery, a chin implant and jaw reshaping. It is most likely she has altered her butt to catch up with one of her famous sisters. An inside source said Kylie always wanted a butt to match her sister’s, Kim Kardashian’s, and that she was happy with the results now and showing them off.

But it is not only her booty that has suddenly grown, she has started wearing more revealing necklines to show off her cleavage. However, she denies having gone under the knife saying: “To [whomever] thinks I had breast implants, there’s a whole lot of tape in here, holding these up.”

rumor butt

As a psychologist has commented recently, if Kylie had been born in a normal family, she wouldn’t have felt like she needed to compete for the love of the audience and the world with her older sisters, who have already made their fame from being seen as sexy and gorgeous. The main problem is that she’s had the Kardashian tribe for role models and all of them have undergone a lot of plastic surgery so this is not something out of the ordinary for this teen. It is seen as normal and desirable and a way to succeed in life. We can only hope she manages to find better ways to deal with sister rivalry and other avenues to prove herself and get public attention.

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A new trend has emerged in the world of social media – micro fashion, or better yet, dressing kids like adults. Social networks like Pinterest and Instagram are flooded with pictures of little boys and girls following the latest fashion and dressing up in grown-up attire. Kids have apparently jumped out of princess dresses and superhero shirts and slipped into something more formal, but still comfortable. Here’s how you can style up your youngsters without damaging your budget.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

How it all started

The phenomenon of micro fashion started to spread out as more and more fashion brands began to offer children’s clothes designed in adult-like manner. Before you know it, this occurrence in fashion world appeared on various social media. “The trend really began on social media with moms sharing images of their kids dressed up just like them. It’s not a sexualized, cleavage-showing look. Stores like H&M and Zara are offering the same clothing for children and adults because kids are becoming more highly stylized. Forget the princess shirts,” said Krista Thompson, president of Boomerang Kids corporation, a chain of stores that specialize in children’s clothes from toddler to teen years.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

Style tips

You don’t need to go over the budget to dress your kid like a star. The key is to invest in basic clothing pieces and then just layer according to the occasion. It’s important to choose items that are both fashionable and comfortable. What’s more, let your child be involved in decision-making at least to some extent. Select 3-4 outfits for them and let them choose the one they like best. Show them that you value their opinion and choices.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

For girls

If you wish to avoid princess dresses, there are plenty of outfits to make your little girl look dazzling. A pretty skirt with a daisy print and a waistband works well with almost every blouse or shirt. Make contrasts by having stark bottoms and gentle tops and vice versa. Combine printed shirts and dresses with a denim jacket, flats, and an effective scarf to complete the look. Pair up flattering summer dresses with suede wedges and accessorize appropriately depending on the occasion.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

For boys

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to boy’s fashion. Try mixing colors and patterns. Incorporate polo shirts with bright colors or stylish vests with unusual prints. If you prefer gentle tones, combine plaid shirts with one-color vests and an interesting bow-tie. Pair up coral pants with a shirt in a subtler shade, a cardigan and brown boots. You can achieve a stylish look even if you have a limited budget. There are many stores with quality clothing that offer great discounts. Also, search online for more deals and ideas and don’t forget to check http://www.patpat.com to find some delightful pieces at very affordable prices.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

A well-organized closet is important

A messy closet doesn’t look nice and results in frequent ironing. Keeping your closet neat is a more efficient way of managing your clothes. All those fancy pieces deserve proper care. Make the most of your free space by hanging as much clothes as you can. You can group clothes into several categories in order to easily find what you need. Additionally, make sure to fold all pieces in the same way to prevent clothes from wrinkling. If possible, store smaller items and accessories like belts and jewelry into drawers or boxes to avoid making a mess in the entire closet when searching for something.

Dress Your Kid with a Big Style

Little fashionistas seem to be emerging and setting up trends. Young children are developing a sense for fashion much earlier than it used to be the case, guided by their parents. It’s become obvious that clothes represent one way of expressing someone’s personality, regardless of their age. Little fashion stars are bringing the runway look into their daily lives and there’s no reason why your kids shouldn’t join in. The best part is that you can get the look without excessive spending.

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Ladies love fashion regardless of their particular style. With incredible sales and retail therapy, more often than not, we tend to forget all those promises we made about buying only the things we need and having more self-control. While there’s a definite feeling of happiness after a shopping spree, you have to admit, there’s a little bit of guilt involved as well. So, if you want to be a smart buyer, you should know what pieces are actually worth the investment. Then you can build your style around those fashionable garments and accessories and always keep in mind the color combos and effect that you want to achieve, which will make any additional shopping more structured and thought-out.


Walk down the yellow brick road wearing fabulous shoes

Everyone needs a good pair of comfy shoes. Now, it’s practically impossible to choose just one pair for every occasion and season, but keep in mind that as long as you take a good look at your wardrobe you can come up with a moderate amount of shoes that would match many different looks. If you don’t like to wear heels, don’t buy them. If you hate how your feet feel in flats, don’t buy those either. When it comes to the health aspect, it’s been said that 3cm heel is best for a good posture and joint support. Invest your money in shoes, boots, sandals and sneakers that would serve you for many seasons and provide you with a fashionable look whatever you decide to wear.


Wear that outwear like a star

A flattering coat and leather jacket are basically two key garments that are worth the investment. If you can have them custom made even better. It’s important to pick the jackets and coats according to your own body type and preferences in cut and length so that you can look gorgeous and feel confident every time you step out of your home. What’s more, a good quality coat and an edgy leather jacket can make any outfit look luxurious and well put together.


One really great bag to rule them all

Let’s face it, apart from shoes, we spend most of our hard-earned money on bags. But, in all honesty, if you choose one great-quality designer fashion Marie Turnor bag that would be versatile and perfect for all your needs, you wouldn’t need to spend more money on other ones. Of course, you’d have to think through what kind of bag would be your perfect choice, but in general, when going for that one bag that will be your staple piece, you should go for a medium size bag that doesn’t have a ridiculous amount of details. The usual colors are black, brown, beige, white and red.


Even classier than LBD – their majesty the jeans

A small disclaimer – there’s nothing wrong with LBD but let’s be fair – you probably already own your go-to little black dress. On the other hand, we tend to spend a lot of money on cheap jeans just to have them in bulks. Not to mention that cheap denim can rip and distress pretty fast. Therefore, invest your money in three pairs of good quality denim jeans – skinny, classic straight cut and flare ones – and you’ll be able to pull of many different looks while the jeans themselves will last you a long time looking as good as new.


Body shapers live on

When you think about body shaper today you might still recall the pain and discomfort of old-fashioned girdles and corsets. Rest assured that there’s nothing painful about body shapers nowadays. They are made of stretchy, high-quality materials that allow the skin to breathe while well-fitted waist cincher subtly transforms your figure into a flattering and attractive hourglass shape. Investing in any type of body shaper is a smart move since all your clothes will fit and look better and you’ll feel more confident than ever.

Apart from knowing where to invest your money when it comes to fashion, it’s essential to stress out the importance of taking proper care of your garments and accessories if you want them to look nice for a long time and keep their flattering shape and vibrant color. Therefore, follow the instructions on the labels and treat your fashionable items gently and carefully.

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If you ever felt like the White Rabbit from the Alice in Wonderland, who is always “Late, late, for a very important date!” or if you simply don’t like spending too much time on beautification, your makeup process may go much easier than you think. With the following advice you’ll see that beauty doesn’t always require a lot of time and that all you need is good organisation and just a little of practice to gain a skill of creating the perfect makeup look in less than 10 minutes.

Less is more

Yes, we all know this phrase so well, but it’s true. Save extravagant makeup for special occasions and keep more natural look for daily situations. Discover your best features and use makeup tips to enhance them and show your inner beauty as well. With right products, you won’t need much time for that.

Less is more

Multipurpose cosmetic products can be very helpful for this busy situations, so try to find the ones that respond to the most of your needs.

Setting the base

Instead of using several different makeup products, choose one that has moisturizing ingredients and SPF factor or try BB creams with pigments – this way you’ll save your time and your money. But, if you have only basic foundation, mix it with moisturizing cream you usually use and make unique, custom made tined moisturizer. For a glowing effect, add some highlighter into the mix.

Setting the base 01

Whichever foundation you want to use, apply it evenly all over your face – from its centre to the eyelids and then blend it to cover up border lines. Once you finished this, apply a little bit of concealer on the dark circles under your eyes and put face powder if you have a problematic skin (where is most needed) for a porcelain-like finish.

If you know how to properly use it, highlighter can be the most important item when you want to make a quick makeup transformation. Apply it on recommended areas, like cheekbones, nose, corners of the eyes, brow bones and cupid’s bow and you’ll look fresh and natural.

Setting the base 02

Finish your base with a blusher to gain some healthy color on your face and you’ll be almost done. Apply mascara and some natural lipstick to accent your lips and you’re finished.

Spice it a little bit

If the described plain look doesn’t satisfy you, you can bring it on a level up with some daring, different and more creative approach for enhanced makeup.

  • The simplest way to secure an effective appearance is by applying an eyeliner along your upper lash line. For a softer look, smudge it with a small brush. Black is the most common choice for an eyeliner, but you can experiment with other colors as well – it will take you the same amount of time to apply it as it would for the classic black one, but it will create an unusual look.  
  • Spice it a little bit 01
  • Applying a lip balm or a lip gloss is the quickest way to finish your lips. They will moisture and protect them and also add some color to them; depending on your preferences: choose some neutral shades, or bold ones. If you use a lip gloss or a lipstick, make sure that they’re made from all natural ingredients that will prevent your lips from dehydration and keep your overall mouth healthy.
  • Spice it a little bit 02
  • Good organisation is half job done, so it would be good to keep your makeup cosmetics neat and tidy so you don’t need to waste your time by looking for them. This advice will enable you to sleep some more in the morning and to go out with your friends right after your work shift is over or to be prepare for any unplanned situation that demands a flawless look.
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If you think that white is the only colour suitable for a wedding theme – we will have to say that you are wrong! Thinking out of the box is essential when it comes to your special day, which means that you will have to set your mind free and consider some unconventional ideas. Choosing the perfect colours for your wedding is not easy, however, you can definitely do it like a pro. Here are some ideas, so – enjoy!

Yellow, Orange & Tangerine Fantasy

This combination of gorgeous shades simply screams summer, which makes it just perfect for a modern wedding which will take place during this season. If you are wondering why these are so suitable for summer, here is an answer – all of these shades remind of the Sun and its warmth, which is highly recommended for such a theme. When it comes to your decoration, you should definitely let the flowers be centrepieces – particularly hydrangeas, peonies, ranunculuses, and zinnias. These will make a perfect balance with a white backdrop that will give a hint of simplicity and sophistication you surely need.

Yellow Orange Tangerine Fantasy

It is important that you keep everything else as simple as possible, because the flowers will pretty much talk for themselves. As for your bridal look, you can always pick shoes in one of these colours. On the other hand, if that is too much for you – just add a gorgeous tangerine belt to your gown, and that will match the theme perfectly.

Green, Gold & Peach Loveliness

The magic of this gorgeous colour scheme will be accentuated even more if you choose an open-air venue. That will connect you with nature in the best possible way, which makes it amazing for summer wedding theme. So, what should you start with? Bridesmaids’ dresses, of course! A fabulous peachy shade will look so great in combination with your white wedding gown, so make sure not to miss it. When it comes to flowers, peonies, zinnias, hydrangeas, and garden roses may be the perfect ones for your decoration.

Green Gold Peach Loveliness

Don’t forget to incorporate green and gold, too – your cake will look outstanding with these two colours, which will perfectly match an overall theme. If you would like to follow it, too, you can always choose some details that will break the whiteness of your look – peachy shoes will look astonishing in such a combo, as well as a belt in the same shade. You won’t make a mistake no matter what you choose.

White, Black & Pale Green Fairy Tale

If your wedding date is already set for this spring, this colour scheme may be just the one for you! Pale green is always a good idea, and you can incorporate it into every possible detail – from your bridesmaids’ dresses, over the most amazing centrepieces, to beautiful flower girl dresses.

White Black Pale Green Fairy Tale

As for the flowers, we say that you should keep them as simple and delicate as possible – white garden roses in combination with greenery will provide a fairy tale effect you are looking for. Aside from that, succulents will make a stunning decoration and will bring a touch of Mother Nature directly to your wedding venue. However, if the black-white contrast is just too harsh for you, you can always opt for ecru or ivory instead of white. That will soften up the whole theme a little bit, which is not bad at all!

As you can see, there are so many ways to break the traditional all-white wedding theme, which are very elegant and sophisticated but also fun at the same time. All you have to do is to choose everything carefully, to the tiniest detail – that will ensure you a perfect wedding day everyone will talk about. When that is done, you can enjoy this special day and make memories for a lifetime.

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