The Most Stylish Bags According to Paris Fashion Week

The beginning of fall and September are always an exciting period for the fashion world. New York, London, Milan, and Paris become the centers of attention and the place to be. These four cities are where all the important names from the fashion industry, all the magazine editors, designers, influencers, and fashion lovers in general, gather and enjoy the beauty of the new collections. The final fashion week, the one in Paris, has given us a lot of inspiration when it comes to clothing, but especially bags. There were numerous gorgeous purses, clutches and other bags to be seen, and we bring you a list of the most stylish ones. 

Bucket bags

The chic bucket bags have become one of the favorite bags to many fashion influencers who have decided to pack only the essentials when heading off to a fashion show this September in Paris. Many designers also showed their fresh versions of this bag, the most striking one being the Nina Ricci’s colorful bucket hat that can be worn as a handbag. Other fashion labels kept it a bit more classical, with their velvet bucket bags combined with romantic dresses or they have opted for a structured and oversized version of this bag, such as the one seen at the Prada show. 



Letters and bags

Monograms have been a big trend during the fashion month in February and they continue the tradition in September. Whether it is a personalized monogram on a gorgeous monogram clutch or a statement logo on a timeless cross-body bag, the engrossed letters on bags were seen a lot around Paris. A lot of celebrities and fashion lovers have happily embraced this trend, so we could see the beautiful Eva Longoria looking incredibly stylish in an all-black outfit with a pronounced designer monogram bag. 

Two bags in one

The phrase that two is better than one could most certainly be the motto when it comes to the bags we could spot in Paris. This actually may be the perfect solution for all the trendsetters who simply couldn’t fit all their essentials in the trendy micro bags. By attaching a bag to another bag, labels such as Acne Studios with their extraordinary belt bag or Fendi with an exquisite micro bag on a purse, have successfully created another trend that will we see a lot in the forthcoming season. 



Oversized totes

If you scroll through your Instagram feed, you will most likely stumble upon several fashion influencers who carry with style their oversized tote bags, whether when heading off to the airport or a fashion show. One of the most popular totes is certainly the Dior book tote, which has been a part of the collection Dior presented in Paris at a breathtaking venue. In addition, other brands presented their oversized tote bags as a perfect addition to an elegant trench coat and fashion lovers wore their totes with chunky and comfortable sneakers while exploring “the city of lights”.

Croc embellished bags

Unarguably, some of the most luxurious bags that have been captured at the Paris Fashion week were the croc embellished ones. We could see the unique-looking boxy bags, such as the popular Bottega Veneta Daisey bag, the bigger purses with adjustable leather straps, and even elegant clutches in crocodile leather texture. They come in a variety of colors, as well as in real and faux leather, so there is a perfect croc-effect bag for everyone. Another guarantee that we will love wearing this style of bags in the future is exactly that touch of elegance and glamour that it adds to any outfit, from the most casual ones to the sophisticated business looks.


Finally, we can conclude that the Paris Fashion week was filled with great accessories in terms of bags. From the updated version of some old favorites to the truly innovative spins other designers had on their version of a bag, we do look forward to wearing all of them.

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