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Redesigning your home’s patio can end up very expensive for your children’s party entertainment, and if you have tight budget you may wonder how you can possibly do it without putting a hole in your pocket.

The first thing you should realize is that you can do the redesigning of your home patio without having to spend ridiculous amount of money. Of course you can overspend if you have expansive budget, but if you don’t, fret not because there are cheaper ways to do it.

You don’t have to let your limited budget get in the way because are dozens of ways you could resort to in order to make your patio redesigning affordable. One of the most expensive phases of patio redesigning involves furniture shopping.

Outdoor furniture items almost always come expensive, but if you know where to get them cheap, you will get the thrill of it. Listed below are some tips on cheap furniture buying that you may want to do for your patio redesigning project.

1.Go after sales – You may want to buy your furniture items during sales season. These sales can cut prices up to 40% or even higher, depending on the store’s terms. Needless to say, you can get your patio furniture for a cheaper price.

Large furniture retailers conduct annual bargain sales to make room for their new stocks. It may be a challenge at first to find good quality ones, but you will definitely find one. You just need keen eyes to spot good outdoor furniture that are on sale.

You may also want to be in the loop on when your local furniture shop usually hold its sale so you can be there before anyone else, giving you more time to look for a good quality furniture set for your patio.

2.Shop online – Despite the growing popularity of online shopping, not all consumers are aware that many discounted outdoor furniture pieces are sold on online classifieds sites.

Online stores or merchants tend to sell more affordable furniture pieces because they do not have to spend a lot on maintaining physical store.

While the products they sell are comparably cheaper to that of larger retailers, their products are equally good as others’.

If you have little experience on online shopping, good sites to start for your furniture hunting should include eBay (, Trading Post (, OLX (, and Locanto (

These sites have countless of classifieds on patio furniture, giving you a lot of options to choose from.

3.Go to opportunity shops – Before you know it, the nearest opportunity shop in your area is selling quality outdoor furniture at a very affordable price.

While furniture pieces are quite rare to see in opportunity shops, you can never know. If you have time, leisurely visit a thrift store near you and you may find quality used furniture that may blend well with your patio design and layout.

Some opportunity shops like Vinnies (St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store), the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and MS Australia occasionally carry cheap furniture items that can look good on your patio.

However, before buying a furniture piece from an opportunity shop, you may want to check it first for apparent damage so you will not end up buying damaged furniture.

Buying outdoor furniture items for your children’s party entertainment project may be challenging and time-consuming but if you do it right, you can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars, which you can use for other related expenses.

However, while you want to go cheap, do not compromise quality. You still want to buy quality and durable pieces so as much as possible, look for items that are affordable but are of good quality.

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