The Major Benefits of Screen Printing You Must Know

Screen printing nowadays has gained a lot of popularity among people as it is not only able to print on flat surfaces but also spherical ones. Because it has the ability to work on different materials such as paper, plastic, wood, and glass; screen printing provides enough benefits to run a small successful business. It is also known as serigraph or serigraphy printing that uses a mesh to print materials on to a substrate. The mesh is generally made of polyester.

Few Important Perks of Screen Printing:

  • You can print on anything irrespective of size and shape. This gives you the best varieties of customization for all your products that you buy as gifts. Screen print can be done on cylindrical objects, such as cups, pens, and bottles. As long as the surface is not in a bad shape, anything can be printed on the object.
  • The quality of ink used in printing and the thickness and composition used in this process makes it everlasting. The printing machine can withstand any amount of stress without hindering the quality. You can always rely on this process as it gives you the best-finished product. The printing takes place and before that the screen and the frame go through the pre-press process. It means blocking out any unwanted form of pin-holes in the entire printing emulsion.
  • If you wish to start a business and make it big then you first need to start it small. Take small steps and then jump to catch bigger fish in the lake. Screen printing can also be one of those small businesses as it can provide you with many benefits than any other business.

Screen Printing and Finishing Quality of Products:

Screen Printing
Screen Printing
  • Next great thing about screen printing is that it gives a great finish to its products. With vibrant colours and the technique that is used, provides a much better and long-lasting effect to it. While the other techniques such as DTG, i.e. direct to a garment which uses CMYK, i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow and black dots to print images on the fabric, which usually fades and becomes pale after some time. But in case of screen print, the print will last for almost two to three years.
  • None can match the versatility of screen printing. Surface such as fabric, wood, plastic, and even metals can be used to print.
  • Screen print is economical if printing is done in a large amount but if the same is to be printed for one or two items then it can cost you an extra buck.
  • This technique uses the most basic process and it can be operated by both hand and machine. It is easy to use and with less effort can produce the best results.
  • Screen print is not done by using the same technique and process in every material; different materials and fabric may require different printing techniques.
  • Due to the presence of the variety of ink, one can not only use the adhesive and slurry method but also coarse particles of the pigment. This ink printing method is quite simple to use and its product use light fastness property to protect it from fading when exposed to light.

All the above-mentioned points well describe how the screen prints have overtaken the printing business. Today, almost all newspapers use screen printing method to publish their papers. If you have thought about building a silk screen or screen printing press, you need to buy or rent three types of presses like cylindrical, flat bed and rotary.

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