The main characteristics of a contemporary kitchen design

Unlike earlier times, the modern concept of kitchen design leans more towards comfort and functionality. You want to make it an enjoyable and happy place as a larger part ofyour time goes here when you are at home. Since your life revolves around it, you may desire to give it the coveted contemporary touch to make it just perfect for your everyday needs. And when you talk about this, you would want to include modern installations that look decorative, flexible, and easy to use. You should feel comfortable and efficient with them.

Besides, it is no more a cooking hub only. Nowadays, it has become the center stage of social gatherings within the family and friends. So you have to reckon in this aspect also to make optimal utilization of this space. Here are a few hallmarks of a modern kitchen that you can replicate in your design to make it suitable for your purpose. Let’s delve into them at once.

The cabinet planning

Many would say that the kitchen cabinet tends to be the highlight of any contemporary kitchen, which is not wrong also. After all, cabinetry plays a crucial role in giving your kitchen a seamless and clean look while doing what it does best. So when you add cabinets, you should create a straight line with drawers and doors. Any modern kitchen would have this standard feature, regardless of its size. The cabinets’ surface should be smooth even though there are different textures, materials, and colors. If you wish, you can do away with handles to have a more visual appeal. When you remove this obstacle, the main focus would naturally be on the finishing.

Another thing you would like to ensure is the maximum use of every inch of space. It means you can have upper cabinets, lower cabinets, corner cabinets, and pantries if possible. Don’t worry about the measurements. You can contact a furniture store that specializes in contemporary designs to help meet your requirements.

The components of the cabinets

As hinted once, handless cabinets and drawers can be an idea to go for when you desire to give your kitchen a modern twist. It is advisable because most of the contemporary styles propagate minimalism – the less, the better. But doing away with this doesn’t mean compromising with comfort and functionality. The doors will have a comfortable opening system that allows easy access and a complete view of the interiors without any hindrance. Then, you can have illuminated cabinets to make your kitchen atmosphere pleasant and attractive. Please make sure the appliances match the spirit and vibe of the cabinets.

The lights, plumbing fixtures, and more

In the matter of lighting, you get two standard choices – strips and LED lights. These usually settle under the wall cabinets to enhance the visual appeal of the interiors. Anyone who steps into your kitchen should be able to relish the view without obstacles. As for the plumbing things, you can be more particular about the choice of your sink. Since it is the heart of the kitchen, you would want to ensure that it looks great and performs even better.

Going by this, what about getting a reversible single bowl sink on a glossy surface? Its flexible design can add to any kitchen theme seamlessly. To be precise, you can use the apron sink’s flat side to make it sync with your modern layout. And in a traditional interior, you can benefit from its rounded apron front design. Although you get many options, you can select a white base to play safe with your choice. For an experience, you can take a look at the Kraus Turino collection in white. It would give you clarity about your expectations. And don’t worry about the faucet. You can search for an elegant and efficient kitchen sink faucet from the same store that you buy this sink.

The color scheme in the kitchen

You will find extensive use of shades like orange, red, green, blue, yellow, and white in the kitchen if you observe. You can give them a modernized touch. For example, blue is a versatile tone for a cooking space. Lighter tones help create a tranquil place, reminding you of the sky, beach, and other natural elements. However, you can make blue more interesting by opting for brighter hues, such as cobalt, aqua, navy, turquoise, etc. All these look sophisticated and attractive. Your kitchen can experience new energy altogether. But you have to be smart with their use. The kitchen area should get plenty of light; otherwise, darker blues can look depressing.

Similarly, you can do something about yellow and green. You can go for the neon effect in these shades to add an element of surprise. Your kitchen would always feel full of energy and freshness because of such paints. But you again have to use them sparingly. For example, you can choose a lime color for the pantry, accent walls, and inside the cabinets. You can further accentuate its impact through neon-colored accessories.

So, these are a few considerations that can help you design your kitchen after a contemporary theme successfully. Since every element and inch of space matters, you have to be wise with your selection. Otherwise, you cannot justify a modern design, which is all about optimization, efficiency, ease, and everything else that a busy lifestyle yearns for and want. You may be thinking about the overall cost.

Whether you have to be careful with your money or not, you can plan a kitchen of any size to fit into your budget. Some experts believe that the best thing about kitchen remodels is the flexibility to play with your investment; if you end up burning too much money on a few features, you can make up for it with other elements by picking the more affordable options. Hence, if you were thinking of changing your kitchen a bit, maybe it’s the best time to do it. Once the renovation work completes, you can enjoy your design ideas in their physical shape and form.

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