The Latest Trend in Workplace Wellbeing

“A study involving almost 200,000 participants, finds that individuals who have back pain are more likely to experience a range of mental health issues. Knowing about these links could form a more successful treatment plan for both sets of conditions.”-MNT .

Alarming! Isn’t it! Especially, when most of us have to spend the maximum time of a day in the office sitting on some chairs and do the work whole day.  More than 40% people working in IT sector or some other sectors fall victim of such kind of issues now. On the other hand, W.H.O. has already expressed its rising concern about the increasing obesity among most of the workers. Hence, overall, the situation seems to get worsened in the coming days. That’s why it’s extremely important for to be fit even working in tough schedules.

It has become frequent for the employees to take leave for their health issues. As a result, the overall productivity of the company is getting down; moreover, they cannot give their 100% on their work anymore.  The scenario compels all of the UK firms to look for an appropriate Workplace wellbeing UK service as early as possible.

Why is it necessary?The Latest Trend in Workplace Wellbeing

Well, every individual must go through multiple ups and downs in his professional career; that’s why it is even more important for him to take up those challenges and perform with his 100%.Now, several service providers have cropped up within the UK that can offer a completely reasonable wellness program for your staffs. This kind of wellness programs has been developed after experimenting a lot with modern day technique; that’s why this kind of programs has been so advantageous for all the sake of any business.

Benefits of Workplace wellbeing in the UK

  • Increased retention – Dedicated employees would give you an assurance that these employees would remain longer in your company which, in other words, would reduce costs related to several other factors like turnover, training and recruitment.
  • Reduced absenteeism-Well, it is well comprehended that if employees are absent from office then the overall productivity would be dissatisfied. With the assistance of a wellness program you can reduce absenteeism of your employees. As a consequence, the productivity would not be hampered.
  • Reduced costs of injury and disability-A healthy, as well as flexible body isn’t much prone to injury or other sorts of disability. That means you can save a fair amount of money now you have to pay less as compensation cost.

Moreover, this kind of wellness programs also comprises of the correct guidance on nutrition at work UK.  Needless to say, more than 70% of our sound health depends on the diet; that’s why it is extremely significant to follow a healthy diet in your daily lifestyle. Therefore, implement such wellness program to get benefited enormously.

It is extremely significant for an individual to maintain a balanced diet to keep up their healthy body. A balanced diet must be a combination of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, good fats etc. In short, a proper combination of both exercise and nutrition can help you to keep up your energy at the work.

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