The Latest Architectural Solutions for 2019

Architectural trends are all about the future. The question all those creative architects and designers need to ask themselves is always the same – how do we change the urban landscape so it reflects the ideals humanity should strive for. It all begins with beauty, of course. Every architectural trend reflects aesthetic standards of the times and intellectual climate. If you want to truly grasp the zeitgeist of structural design, here are the latest architectural solutions that we have in store for 2019.

Eco-friendly features

Green is the word on everybody’s mind. Eco-friendly materials and habits are not the end of all green thinking – in 2019, it is coming through the front doors with all the fanfare in the realm of architecture. Our cityscapes need to reflect humanity’s desire to strive for a hopeful tomorrow, where our children will perpetuate ecological consciousness and further civilization’s harmonious synthesis with nature.

This means you will see a lot of grand and elegant lines, gentle curvatures – if any, as well as vertical gardens and greenery-filled rooftops. This trend translates to the interior too, of course. Many big companies are adding green walls and plant life into their halls and offices. Of course, sustainability will also be taken into consideration when designing a building, but even though it is worth mentioning, this aspect also crosses into a construction and engineering territory.

Eclectic and woodenEclectic and wooden

The interiors will be all about mixing it up. The impeccably modern designs will be contrasted with vintage items, different period furniture pieces next to each other will give your space a sense of careless lavishness, etc.

Recycled materials or not, wide plank wood with popping natural textures is what you are looking for if you are redesigning your living space in 2019. It is also a future-proof option. Stained wood might be in vogue now, but in the case it falls out of fashion, you can always repaint it in a way that meshes well with the current trends.

Try to keep the hues of the wood on the light side, and contrast it with dark finishes. Black furniture pieces placed against white wooden walls is the basic example of this stylistic choice. Furthermore, you can adorn this dark furniture with ornate vintage accessories, and voila, you have the makings of the modern interior. Of course, this example is overly simplistic, but it gets the idea across.

Bathrooms are a haven

2019 will see the bathrooms turned into spacious, elegant havens. They are not there merely to fulfill a function, they are also a place where you can feel comfortable and free. This is why gentle colors and spaciousness play such a crucial role in bathroom design right now. Geometric lines, clean feeling and minimal colors are what you are looking for. Keep the space uncluttered and dedicate a corner to the drawers where you will keep most of the bathroom accessories and equipment.

Kitchen is all about warmthKitchen is all about warmth

Every architect will tell you that the kitchen is the spine and the heart of the household. As open-floor plans become increasingly popular, at least to an extent, you will see a trend of kitchens blended with dining space more often than before. In fact, kitchen islands usually serve a double purpose – as both counters for meal preparation and makeshift dining tables. It is always a good place for upgrades and that way you can buy something that will complement it, such as a freestanding Viking range. The design for such multi-tasking centerpieces is becoming very versatile and appealing. Metal surfaces and bright tiles, often white with some semblance of stained texture to give it that oomph, are a safe stylistic bet for the foreseeable future.

Open floor plan

As it has been suggested in the previous paragraph, the open floor plan has been all the rage for several years now and the trend doesn’t seem to be showing signs of winding down. The idea behind this architectural solution is to capitalize on all the space you can get and tear down the walls to create a multi-purpose communal space for the entire household.

This used to be mostly popular for houses that could have reserved the entire first floor for such a purpose, but the trend has spread to apartments and single story-houses alike. Usually, it’s only the bathroom that is singled out as a separate chamber, but everything else – including the kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom, share the same space. It can serve as an interesting canvas for redecorating, as you are not constrained with walls and you can create furniture “islands”.

The architecture of 2019 is all about space and eco-friendliness. The rooms are spacious and airy, with a lot of windows that let the natural light come through. It also goes for the yards – outdoor areas, patios, decks, barbeque corners and dining areas are all blending into a single space. The mission statement behind such choices is pretty clear – the return to simplicity and blending with the surrounding nature.

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