The Indian-Style Royal Wedding

The sizzling Indian actress Shilpa Shetty and her significant other, the business tycoon Raj Kundra looked magnificent at their wedding. Their wedding, a terrific snare, was nothing less than the glorious happy-endings we read in fairy-tales, with Kundra looking as rich as a sovereign while exquisite Shilpa looked as delightful and posied as a duchess. Presently, glad parents of a baby boy, they share a joyful life-Kundra fast for his significant other loves and reveres her while she assumes the job of a supportive spouse, and mother.

They met not long after Shilpa Shetty finished and developed as a champ in Big Brother, a famous unscripted TV drama in the UK. The on-screen character and businessperson Kundra regularly observed each other during the launch arrangements for her fragrance, S2. What started as a working relationship transformed into a caring relationship, with the couple getting married in a luxurious ceremony on November 22nd, 2009!

The Mesmerizing Wedding

Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra’s wedding was a fanciful snare in each sense. From wedding theme to outfits and functions, everything was straight out of a fantasy, reminding guests and fans about the imperial legacy of India. It was a Mangalore style wedding, with all services indigenous to this Southern city. The wedding was held in Western India on November 22nd, 2009, and the service was as luxurious as one can envision. The couple wore imperial outfits, with brilliant red implying the profundity and energy in their affection. The affectionate family wedding, held in Khandala was a throughout the night festivity that filled in as a peak for two-day celebrations, including Sangeet function, where women dance blissfully and sing melodies of wedding alongside a Mehendi Ceremony, wherein henna was applied on hands, arms and legs of the bride to be. The wedding gathering was held in Grand Hyatt following day and highlighted the intermix of an assortment of International food cuisine at live counters.

The Out-Class Attires of A Classic Indian Bride

A day before the wedding, Shilpa was seen wearing a brilliant hued Lehenga for Sangeet and Mehendi ceremony. The Lehenga was designed so that it praised her figure and flaunted her smooth curves. The marriage was acted in agreement with customary matrilineal Bunt customs. Accordingly, the lady of the hour, Shilpa Shetty, wore maroon shading outfit, which is viewed as crucial for Mangalore style, hit Weddings. Rather than settling on regular Lehengas, she picked a staggering red and burgundy shading sari, which coordinated her wheatish complexion and praised her tallness and hourglass figure. The outfit, designed by Tarun Tahilani, highlighted the customary ‘Mango fringe’ structure, with mango shapes everywhere throughout the sari. To give it a lovely look, he added staggering Swarovski precious stones to the sari, which showed up in an ideal complexity to her Kundan adornments in gold, with red and green gemstones. For adding indulgence to her ensemble, Shilpa proceeded with huge circles or studs alongside a little nose ring and a tika. Since the customary style directs that the lady of the hour needs to wear white blooms or gajra on her hair, Shilpa chose to tie a bun that highlighted an impeccable transaction of fresh white blossoms. To balance the extravagant jewels and extreme attire, the bride decided to understate her makeup, opting for neutral shades of pink over bold golds and reds, reflecting her real beauty.

Who Made It All Possible?

SamitGarg is the CEO of E-Factor, an experiential events firm that enjoys a near mythological status for crafting unenviable and transformative events/experiences in the Indian industry. He is responsible for single-handedly organizing the luxury wedding market in India -pegged at a whopping 40 billion dollars. E-Factor is the name of trust among famous celebs & personalities, including The Mittals, The Goenkas, The Modis, The Jindals, Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra, Aishwariya and Abhishek Bachan, etc. whose weddings became stellar events due to the diligent professionalism at E-Factor. Established in 2001, E-Factor has served plenteous of esteemed clients to date, making them experience a wedding free from fouls and mistakes. For a wedding is a once in a lifetime thing!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra praises the efforts of Samit Garg, “Warm thanks to you for the excellent efforts and cooperation made by your team in managing our wedding celebrations, which resulted in a memorable event enjoyed by everyone.”

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