The Importance of Luxury Cosmetic Packaging Debunked

Packaging universally plays a significant role in the sale of every other product irrespective of the type of industry. However, the emphasis on it is heightened in the cosmetic industry as the main aim of cosmetics industry is to draw customers with enhance appearance of the products and the packaging that has same level of allure.

Oftentimes, luxury cosmetic packaging leads to the overall boost of the price of the product. Even though cosmetics are one of the top-selling items in Australia where the disposable income is high, the likelihood of consumers buying these products increases.

This piece of article will discuss the importance of luxury cosmetic packaging in the cosmetic industry through 3 main points- aesthetics, protection, and marketing.

There are 3 Points of Luxury Cosmetic Packaging:

#1. Aesthetics 

A common trend noticed in cosmetic sales is that the audience gravitates towards products that are in clear packaging or ones you can see through. This draws the potential customer to see the product through the artistic appeal of the packaging and this is achieved by opting for luxury cosmetic packaging, which most of the high-end reputed brands opt for clean and clear designs.

A study has shown that since Australian consumers carry out more outdoor activities, they are on the lookout for lightweight cosmetics. This explains why clean and clear cosmetic packaging is so popular among users.

As a result of higher outdoor activities, these products enlist benefits such as SPF and UV protection. This further puts into perspective why the aesthetic value of luxury cosmetic packaging plays a role in the Australian market.

#2. Protection 

Cosmetics are considered perishable goods that have an expiration date symbolized by the open jar on the packaging.

Due to its perishable nature it is imperative for the cosmetic brands to make protective packaging essential. Customers are scouting for products that do not easily break after a fall or get spoiled as soon as they are opened and require a lot of care to be taken.

As part of the deal, the luxury cosmetic packagings are sturdy glass bottles and delicate packaging and yet are durable. Consciously or subconsciously, consumers are drawn to this characteristic.

Other than providing elegant look to the products, the luxury cosmetic packaging plays a significant role in maintaining the hygiene. A cosmetic packaging should be designed in way that the product’s exposure to air is as limited as possible. Additionally, applicators must be covered, and the product should always fluster.

#3. Marketing 

Over the last decade, social media trends have increasingly played a role in determining the success of the product. The packaging ideas are more prevalent now than ever due to the increase in social media usage.

Various trends by social media influencers attract potential buyers to the products. Although many companies come out with certain lines of collections that adhere to a certain trend, brand loyalty is built through a different form of marketing.

As for luxury cosmetic packaging, these brands follow a theme that makes them more recognizable and builds their image as a brand. This unique selling point can range anywhere from a colour pallet to a specific bottle design.

Final Overview 

The importance of packaging in the cosmetic industry is as important as the quality of the products which also showcases the level of commitment of the brand. Luxury cosmetic packaging is centered on brand loyalty and pristine quality. However, understanding the aforementioned points, it is clear that packaging, in any category, plays a monumental role in the cosmetic industry. Be sure to get in touch with professionals to learn more about the aspect of packaging in general.

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