The Importance Of Choosing An Engagement Ring Setting

If you are planning to pop the question to your partner, your mind will already be thinking about the engagement ring, which will be a symbol of your undying love. More and more couples are turning to customised jewellers who can design and craft a diamond engagement ring that is truly one of a kind.


Customised Engagement Rings


When you approach a custom jeweller with the aim of having a diamond ring designed and made, there are numerous aspects of the ring to discuss, such as:


  • The metal
  • The precious stones
  • The setting


The jeweller would show you a catalogue of many ring designs, to help determine the perfect ring for you. With your input, the jeweller can design a ring that is like no other. If, for example, you are looking for the most exquisite blue diamond engagement rings Australia can offer, an online search will help you locate a reputable jeweller who can design and create the perfect ring.


Popular Engagement Ring Settings


There are many stone settings of course, and the following are very popular:


  • Solitaire Diamond Setting – This has long been the favourite for romantics, with prongs that hold the central diamond in place. This setting best displays the stone, as more light can enter. Popular diamond cuts include Brilliant Round or the Princess Cut, which has always been a firm favourite diamond cut for an engagement ring.


  • Pavé Setting – This is the most secure setting, as the stones are set into a groove that is channelled into the band, with either the front of the ring, or the complete band with pavé stones all around.


  • Three Stone Setting – If you would like a large central diamond with a smaller stone on either side, this is a popular design, especially for an engagement ring. This style is said to represent the past, present and future, symbolising an eternal love, and the smaller stones might be sapphires, rubies or emeralds.


  • Halo Setting – The halo setting is a great design to show off a large central diamond, which can be surrounded a row of tiny pavé diamonds. You could ask a custom jeweller to design a halo setting with one or even two rows of small stones in a halo setting, which could be heart-shaped. For some design inspiration, search with Google image and that will give you hundreds of ring designs and when you see one that strikes a note, show it to the custom jeweller.



When thinking about a diamond engagement ring design, you should choose a setting that is practical, as the ring will be worn all the time, and the safest settings are those that are channelled into the metal, such as a bezel setting. The great thing about designing your own ring is that it will be truly a one-off, and with your input, the jeweller can create something special that will be a symbol of your union.


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