The accessories nowadays are not just accessories, they are elements that help define and personalize a look. So much so that sometimes they print even more strength than a garment. The accessory has become a fetish item, an object of desire for which to guarantee its quality and provide us with a status we are willing to pay a higher price. Quality shoes, a classy bag, a trend sunglasses, a scarf providing color, jewelry that give light to the face, a belt that separates blocks or simply mark waist …

Anna Wintour with her inseparable sunglasses in full parade.

Carrie Bradshaw popularized the shoes of Manolo Blahnik

The classic Speedy house icon Louis Vuitton

The classic Speedy icon of the house Louis Vuitton.

Some time ago to encourage a flat or monocolored look we added a complement as a color detail. Today we are looking for a basic and simple look to be able to show off our valued accessories: a white t-shirt + jeans for our beloved maxi necklace, the LBD wardrobe bottom for our leopard belt, a basic maxi jersey for our leggings fantasy, etc …

As Coco Chanel has already told us , everything that is fashionable goes out of fashion, so accessories such as clothing items also suffer their peak moments for a while and then return to the background. Do you remember Audrey Hepburn looking through the window in Breakfast with Diamonds? … and the necklace with a stylized neck? … For the last few months the baroque maxi necklaces  or bib necklaces have triumphed again .  A trend already seen this summer on the catwalk by the hand of Donna Karan and Jean Paul Gaultier and this winter in Chanel, Marni, among others … So much is their sales success that in some stores they are given a strategic and very significant location together with clothes and not separately with the rest of accessories.


Wear a baroque collar on top of a casual garment like a military shirt or jeans 🙂

Another of the star accessories of this winter is the Sombrero.  We also recover it from the past. Those that seem straight out of a film in black and white are the most requested. The Vintage is still on the rise !!!

Do you remember this scene from Casablanca? …

It is also one of those accessories that not only provides aesthetic value but also fulfills the practical function of protecting from the cold. The result of adding a hat to your look adds style and personality to your look. The Fedora model, felt and broadband, is one of my favorites because it is very versatile and can be worn by both men and women.

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