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The Impact of Fashion Clothing on our Brains and Bodies - Likeitgirl

The Impact of Fashion Clothing on our Brains and Bodies

We all have to wear clothes. Unless you are part of a nudist camp, everyone has to step outside with clothing on them. Realistically, we could all wear the same t-shirt, trousers, and shoes and it would cover all of our basic needs; so why did we evolve to explore different styles, create trends, or have personal preferences when it comes to how we dress in the mornings?

This piece will take a look at fashion clothing and the impact it can have on our brains and bodies.

The Physical Side of Clothing and Wellbeing

We have all been there. One day we put on a skirt that is just a little too tight, there is a label on a top that is constantly tickling our side, or we have shoes on that are rubbing us in all the wrong places.

Feeling uncomfortable certainly takes a toll on how we feel throughout the day, which can make us feel grumpy, irritable, cold, or in pain. This is why we might feel better when we opt for our regular jeans and a giant jumper over clothing that is a little fancier, as being comfortable is an important component to enjoying yourself.

Change of Style

The mere-exposure effect has a lot to answer for. Ever wonder why you are staring at a clothing item that is bright pink with a floral pattern when your whole closet is filled with neutral tartan? Advertising can do that to us, which is why it is so effective. When a particular style becomes popular we are likely to see it everywhere, and because of this exposure, we tend to develop a preference for it. So next time you see yourself reaching for a style that has never previously been your regular choice, this is probably why!

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How We Dress Makes Us Feel Differently

Wearing suits in some situations can help us feel more confident and powerful, putting us in the right frame of mind for a business meeting or an interview. This is the same principle for wearing gym clothes and getting into an energizing mindset to tackle a workoutor lift some heavier weights.

Clothes play a significant role in society. They not only tell you what roles people are playing, who are in positions of authority, and also hint at their financial welfare, but they act as a chosen uniform – professional or otherwise, as to how people want others to see them.

Next time you need a confidence boost, think about what type of outfit might help to get you ‘in the zone’!

Clothing Choices and Self-Esteem

Clothing choices affect your self-esteem, and your self-esteem affects your clothing choices. It is very much a chicken-and-egg-type scenario here, but the easiest way to help break this cycle is to choose clothing that makes you feel confident. Tastes change over time, and what you used to feel comfortable in might not make you feel at your best now. Because of this, experiment with different styles and patterns, pop on Pinterest, and make a board of all of the designs you like the look of; then you can start searching for clothes that meet this description.

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