The Ideal Swimwear for Your Body Types

The Land Down Under is also a land of beaches. In the summer, the sun shines brightly on the beaches of Australia. The warm, grainy sand contrasts beautifully with the cool smooth waters. Summer in Australia starts around December. There are still a couple more months before that, and that gives you ample time to prepare what you can wear as you flaunt the beaches.  There are various things you can wear at Bondi Beach, Surfer’s Paradise or Manly Beach in Australia, but a staple will always be swimwear. There is a myriad of swimwear in Australia, and it may not be easy to decide on what style suits you. Should you get a one-piece? A bikini? What about the material? The patterns? Luckily, with the right knowledge, you can easily get past the clutter and find yourself in something cute that is worthy of the Gram.

Know Your Body Type

Like any clothing, there are things to watch out for so you can get the best swimwear in Australia. One of the top things to consider is your body type. Women come in all shapes and sizes. Some are petite, while others are curvier. Some may have larger chest sizes, while others have wider hips. As long as you are healthy, there is nothing wrong with your body. There is, however, something wrong if you pick an ill-fitting swimwear. Luckily, you can control that with the right knowledge.

  • The Pear

You may have a pear-shaped body with wider hips and thighs. This body type is probably the most common shape in women. If this is you, you may feel more comfortable in something that brings more attention to your top. Go for bright coloured prints for the top and solid neutral colours for the bottom. Such contrast will bring more attention to your top. If you are opting for a one-piece, then something with a plunging neckline can bring a visual balance between your wide bottom and narrow top. Vertical stripes are your best friends.

  • Long Torso

You may want swimwear that can visually shorten your torso. The contrast of a two-toned swimwear can mask the length of your torso. People will find it harder to “visually measure” your torso if there are two colours present. High-waisted swimwear can also offer a visually shortening effect. As a bonus, this swimwear can make your legs look like they go on for days.

Aesthetics aside, though, you also have to consider function. When it comes to one-pieces, a common struggle among longer or taller women is the length of the one-piece. Some may perfectly fit your waist, bum, and torso width, but are barely long enough to reach your ribcage. If you manage to wiggle your way into it, it may feel like it is squishing you lengthwise. It will take some effort and time, but finding the right length is worth it.

  • Short Torso

On the flip side, the problems you may have will be the opposite of your longer counterparts. Bikinis or two pieces may be more accommodating for your body. The side panels of a one-piece can visually lengthen your torso. Go for one with solid colours or with the side panels absent.

Tummy Concerns

Everyone has these, but they should not hinder your fun at the beach. Many of the swimwear in Australia is also slimming. Dark solid colours and vertical stripes are your friends. These kinds emphasise your silhouette rather than your contours. Some even have mesh lining for tummy control.

No woman should feel uncomfortable wearing swimwear, but no woman should also wear ill-fitting ones. By considering your body type, you can look and feel confident as you walk along the beaches this summer.

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