The health benefits of tea

The popularity of this tea has been growing in recent years to the point of being considered almost miraculous due to the medicinal qualities. Although tea is a traditional drink in Japan, which had its origin in China, its consumption in Western countries has become fashionable and not precisely because of its attractive taste. Discover the health benefits of this variety of tea, also known as green tea, and the possible applications it can have in the kitchen, beyond the classic infusion.

The most valuable varieties for health are obtained from the first harvests and have a more intense flavor. The more expensive and pure the types are, the more their price rises. On the other hand, versions with improved flavor are also marketed, although they do not have the same health benefits.

Apart from its characteristic green hue, the qualities that make tea attractive are:

– Its significant contribution of antioxidants, with a striking presence of polyphenols: is why tea is considered anti-cancer and heart-healthy. It is credited with the power to fight excess cholesterol and triglycerides.

– It is considered purifying, as it prevents fluid retention and promotes the elimination of toxins.

– It favors concentration in a way similar to coffee alone without altering blood pressure, so its consumption is more appropriate for the first hours of the day.

– Contains minerals, vitamins, and amino acids of great nutritional interest.

– Improves intestinal transit thanks to its tannin content.

– Accelerates the metabolism, favoring the burning of calories, which makes  tea an appropriate drink for weight loss diets.

Ways to consume tea

Its soluble presentation is a very versatile tea when it comes to applying it in different culinary versions. Beyond the drink, which is achieved by merely mixing hot water and powder, we can consume  green tea in ice creams, natural juices, smoothies, cakes, soups and creams, cookies, cakes, etc. bread, among other recipes. However, according to nutrition experts, the ideal is to consume it naturally, as fresh as possible.

How much should you take? There is no standard

Recommendation, as with other plant foods, within reason, more is usually a good thing.

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Varieties and the health benefits of each:

White tea

How it’s made:  

After harvesting, the young tea shoots are steamed and dried quickly to inactivate the enzymes that cause the browning.

Benefits of the drink:  White teas contain the highest amount of catching, a type of falconoid that can help keep blood vessels open and help the body break down fat.

Green Tea

How to do it:  

The new leaves are harvested and immediately steamed to keep their green color.

Benefits of the drink:  

EGCG can also fight inflammation in the body. According to research from Purdue University, if you like lemon, squeezing a slice in green tea can help the most beneficial compounds survive digestion.

There are some concerns that high catechu intake can cause liver damage. Recently, the European Food Safety Authority [EFSA] published a report on the safety of catechins in green tea.

Black tea

How it’s, make:  

Tea makers roll or crush the leaves, releasing the enzyme that oxidizes catechins. Fermentation gives an intense flavor and a dark color.

Benefits of the drink:

 It can help strengthen the skeleton. Postmenopausal women who drank black tea regularly had higher bone mineral density in the lumbar spine and hip, according to a A USA study that followed 498 women for more than five years.

4 facts for people who drink tea

  1. All-natural teas contain caffeine. Black supplies more (72 mg in 12 ounces, about half of what is in an equal-size serving of coffee).  
  2. The World Health Organization has classified “scorching beverages ” (158 ° F or higher) as possible carcinogens. Although drinks are not usually serv so hot, it is best to let your tea cool a little before drinking it.
  3. Decaffeinated tea and homemade iced tea infusions have fewer beneficial compounds due to the decaf or ice dilution process. If you want, you can double the tea bags to increase the difference, suggests Blumberg.
  4. be wary of sugary tea drinks, a 16-ounce StarbucksChai latte with 2% milk has 240 calories and 42 grams of sugar. And you should not only reduce the amount of white sugar. Super vidalistatablets solve ED problems.



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