Belts are probably one of the most under rated accessories in the fashion world and yet without them our closets will lack their usual charm. Be it for holding up your loose pair of jeans or just for style, statement belts are a must-have. Throwing on a belt can instantly glam up your look in unimaginable ways.

I had been wearing a basic black belt with a silver buckle on repeat for years until one day it decided to come apart and die on me. I wasn’t about to roam around with my jeans clinging to my hips to save its dear life and my precious modesty. So I decided to go online and get myself a new one, only to find that while I was busy wearing out my black buckle, the belt game changed! Perhaps for ever and surely for good. The feeling was uneasy at first, just like when you get out of a really long relationship and have to get back in the game, only it’s too hard because all the rules changed while you were gone. The feeling was something similar but slowly and steadily I realised that this change was indeed good. Belts are waist defining classics, they are timeless, it is only fair to use them in their full glory.

On my hunt for a new and fashionable belt, I found this amazing site named Kerry Parker. This website is the dream destination for every girl who loves fashion. They have such a unique take on statement belts. A single accessory can take your outfit to a completely new level. Basically, I was in search of a belt that can replace my old black belt, but after taking a look at these ultra-glamorous statement belts, I might’ve got carried away. I wanted just one, but my heart was set on these two. Here’s a review of the statement belts that I bought from Kerry Parker.

This quirky piece was genuinely stunning. The moment I saw it; I knew I had to have it in my wardrobe. It’s eccentric and charming. The first thing that came to my mind as soon as I saw this was – Love for scallops in a belt? Pure genius! I was totally blow away. And it looks so very adorable. It can make your outfit look finished and put together. I think it would work great with layered outfits.

The timeless elegance of this one had me swooning over it. The way it sits right above your waist and gives you an hour glass shape feels extremely flattering. It looks so polished and impeccable. Also, it’s got this beautiful runway appeal to it. This could be best friend to all my dresses. You can throw it on with any of your dresses and trust me, the brilliant pop of colours isn’t something an ordinary belt can give.

I absolutely loved all of them and would highly recommend them. The whole shopping experience was totally worth it. They were all absolutely stunning and have given me a new and more fashionable perspective of looking at statement belts.

So, which one was your favourite?

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