The Fashion Ring Trends You Need to Know For 2020

A single piece of jewelry can change the entire getup or looks. This year 2020 was about wearing multiple rings in one hand. This trend is quite popular this year as wearing multiple rings makes your hand look more attractive. You can start wearing fashion rings of various sizes, be it small and large, and wear the rings in combination to be a part of the trend. Fashion rings will add a unique touch to your look and will grab eyes. This 2020 was all about fashion jewelry trends, among which fashion rings were the most popular and fashionable ones.

List Of Current Fashion Ring Trends

Below mentioned are the top fashion rings and fashion ring trends which will help you in choosing what type of fashion ring you want to own and what type of looks you should carry or will suit with such fashion rings. They are:

1. Geometrically Shaped Fashion Rings:

Geometrically shaped rings come with various sizes. It also comes with different geometrical shapes like round, triangular, squared, pentagonal, hexagonal, etc. They are very modern looking and can make your entire look fashionable and trendy. You can top this look with any outfits.

2. Elongated Fashion Rings:

As you can understand from the name, elongated rings are very long in size and can cover one finger fully. You can wear elongated rings in one finger of your hand or multiple fingers. They are very simple looking but yet look very fashionable. Wearing elongated rings can boost your confidence and give you a feeling of a boss lady. You definitely cannot miss wearing these rings.

3. Wrapped Fashion Rings:

Wrap rings have a half-round shape; that is, it comes in a cutout. They can match any looks, be it casual, ethnic, party, or any special occasions.

4. Minimalist Fashion Rings:

As the name suggests, minimalist rings look very simple, and they come in different shapes and sizes. There is no such detail that works in minimalist fashion rings; they are just simple and yet trendy and fashionable. You can top this look best with casual outfits.

5. Ornate Fashion Rings:

As you can understand from the name, ornate rings are very highly ornamented and decorated rings. This can be an absolute style statement for you if you want to look stunning and unique. This type of rings can be best worn with dresses which have a lot of floral prints, or dresses with a lot of embroidery work and detailing, and with dresses which have lively colors.

6. Faux Stone Fashion Rings:

Faux stone fashion rings are customized and crafted with gemstones, real stones, and crystals that will add a soothing touch to your look. These rings come in very soothing or settled colors like white, emerald green, light blue, etc. You can feel very energetic and confident while wearing such rings.

7. Midi Fashion Rings:

Midi fashion rings will add a simple and minimalistic feel to your look. You can wear midi fashion rings if you do not want to look overly accessorized and still look classy, trendy, and fashionable.

8. Finger Claw Rings:

Finger claw rings are also known as full finger rings. Finger claw rings look like birds’ claws, more accurately and generally an eagle’s claw. This type of ring looks very creative, as they are very creatively designed. But you cannot wear them on every occasion. They are mostly worn in Halloweens and balls. You can flaunt your creative and unique attire by wearing finger claw rings.

9. Rhinestone Fashion Rings:

Rhinestone fashion rings are very royal and elegant looking rings. They can be worn for unique invitations or royal invitations to add a royal and elegant touch to your look or attire. You will feel more beautiful and glowing wearing these rings. 

10. Chain Handpiece Fashion Rings:

Chain handpiece fashion rings are a combination of both ring and bracelet, which are connected by a chain form. They look fashionable, trendy, fresh, and authentic. Wearing a chain handpiece fashion ring will help you grab all the attention in any place.

11. Stackable Fashion Rings:

Stackable rings are the trendiest rings of all, and the demand for this ring is going to stay for a very long time. Stackable rings look very eye-catching, and they can make your look very interesting. This type of ring goes with casual and romantic outfits. 

12. Symbolic Fashion Rings:

Token rings look very artistic, and by wearing them, you can show your creative and artistic side to the world. Symbolic rings will suit your beachwear perfectly, and you will look attractive.

13. Pearl Fashion Rings:

Pearl fashion rings are crafted with pearls. They look very classy and add a sophisticated and feminine touch to your look.

14. Patterned Fashion Rings:

Patterned fashion rings have a very detailed design with different patterns and designs. They look fashionable and adds a special touch to your look or attire.

15. Big Fashion Rings:

These types of rings are huge, and it will look very bold if you wear them with almost any outfit. This type of ring will portray an intense look about you to others. 

There are also trends going on with engagement rings such as engagement rings with oval cut, engagement rings with diamond halo, and birthstone engagement rings. Apart from that, there are pear-shaped engagement rings, rose gold-colored engagement rings, three stoned engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, engagement rings with floral elements, stackable engagement rings, etc. 

The Final Note

In this blog, you came to know about the different trend-setting fashion rings of the current year. Most of the designs will complement your attires, and you can wear them for several occasions. This blog will help you in choosing which fashion ring you want for yourself and also what type of looks they will portray. If you want to be a part of the fashion rings trend, then you can choose the mentioned rings and start looking trendy and fashionable.

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