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The Best Skincare Regimen For Your Eyes When Traveling

Skincare is something that you must take seriously when you go out of town because you will find that you have bags under your eyes, puffiness around your eyes, and dryness because you have been so active. There are a few things you can do to prevent these problems, and they are all fairly simple. A woman who travels often must do something to prevent her eyes from looking older simply because she has been on the road for so long.

1. You Need An Eye Cream

You could purchase an eye cream specifically for travel, and that cream will reduce the inflammation around your eyes at the end of the day. An eye cream is nothing more than a powerful night cream that can stop your eyes from showing the signs of travel that you do not want to reveal. You can trust few of the experts’ recommended products when looking for rejuvenating night repair creams. 

 2. Give Yourself A Facial

Women often forget that they can give themselves a facial because it is nothing more than a couple lotions, some steam, and a little relaxation. The facial that you have started for yourself ends with an eye cream right before you go to bed. Apply a mask to your face to reduce inflammation, get some steam from the shower, lie down with cucumber slices over your eyes that you got from room service, and your eyes will not be so puffy in the morning. It is always suggested by the professionals that you follow a four-step beauty regimen comprising cleansing, toning, brightening, and protecting. You can also find such a kit on the market from famous brands. 

3. Use Eye Drops

Eye drops are often the only way to treat your eyes when you have been too tired to keep your eyes open. You will show your lack of sleep if you are not using eye drops because they cannot help but be bloodshot. You will reduce the appearance of inflammation around your eyes with a cream, but you must use eye drops to keep your eyes looking fresh when people are paying attention to what you have to say.

4. Wash All Your Eye Makeup Every Day

You must wash the makeup off your face at the end of every day. You cannot throw water on your face hoping that all the makeup will go away. You know very well that that will not work, and you must use a makeup remover to keep all those remnants off your face. Your makeup will clump and peel if you are not careful, and an eye makeup remover will help clean your face completely. You can shower with a bare face, and you can go to a facial or eye cream to have a much better complexion for the next morning.

5. Use Sunscreen

You must use sunscreen every day. A foundation that has some sort of SPF is usually not enough because your face can feel the effects of the sun. You are much better off using a sunscreen that will cover your whole face before you begin applying makeup. Sunscreen is especially needed around your eyes because that skin is so sensitive. You might not have realized that you had that much sun damage until you really took stock of your photos from other trips. Your eyes will take on a lot of sun damage quickly, and you often do not notice because you are simply not paying attention. 

6. Wear Sunglasses

This might seem like a silly tip, but you must wear full coverage sunglasses. Wear something that looks like it came from the days of Audrey Hepburn, and use that coverage any time you go out while you are walking around town. Your eyes will not take on all that sun damage, and you will avoid the discomfort that comes from puffiness. You might have thought it was a result of being so active. However, the sun could be the cause of the problem. 

7. Take Medication

You want to get some kind of medication in your body that is an anti-inflammatory. These medications help you cut down on the puffiness that you feel around your eyes, and your eye cream becomes much more effective. You probably have wondered how other women do it, and taking these medications for headaches works wonders for your eyes at the same time. 

8. Get A Full Night Of Sleep

You must get a full night of sleep after you have gone to all this trouble. Your body must recover from a long day on the road, and you must help your eye cream set in for a full eight hours. This requires some planning because you might have very long days on the road, but you owe it to yourself to get as much sleep as you can. You spent a lot of money on that eye cream, and you want to see those results in the morning after sleeping soundly. 

9. Workout

You might want to go through a workout of some kind when you are on the road. Working out makes you sweat, and the sweat will release all the toxins from your body. You could use the workout as a way to get your head right, and you might go straight from your workout to the facial that you have planned in your room. You owe it to yourself to stay in shape, and you will find that your eyes look much better just because you spent about an hour sweating. You could even go so far as to swim laps in the hotel pool. Do something that works for you so that you get better beauty results at the end of the day.


There are many people who want to have perfect skin, but they do not realize how much work goes into that. Your eyes will be battered at the end of a long day due to sun exposure, and you will find that you cannot hide how tired you are in some cases. The eyecare regimen that you start on your next trip will help your eyes look great, reduce puffiness, and reduce the dryness that occurs when makeup is not washed away.

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