Environmentally Friendly – It provides a material that cooling gel pillow is superior to cotton, without using any fertilizers or pesticides. Furthermore, bamboo grows with no irrigation and formulates a proper curvature to the shoulder and neck. This pillow takes proper care of neck, shoulder, head which is perfect for all kinds of sleepers.

  • Breathable –Bamboo pillow is made up of high-quality fiber and is super light and breathable. This is the perfect choice for those with breathing problems and for snorers. Bamboo fiber is extremely delicate and light which is an ideal choice for warm climates and hot summer nights.
  • Flexible –Bamboo pillows often come with shredded foam filling and a zipper cover. This makes it very simple to regulate circulation and ideal for all sleeping positions to get a good night’s sleep.

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  • Antimicrobial – The bamboo pillow is the popular choice due to its antimicrobial properties and particularly for people cooling pillow  with allergies and sensitive skin. It can also defend you against fungus, dust mites, bacteria and other allergies for a pain-free sleep.
  • Absorbent –Besides being breathable, Bamboo pillow is absorbent and can defuse any repulsive smell. This means every night is fresh, fragrant with this health-care pillow
  • Hypoallergenic – The Bamboo Pillow is made up of organic materials which are naturally hypoallergenic, UV protective, anti-bacterial, biodegradable & green, cool & breathable, flexible, soft, and has a lush design. Bamboo pillow ensures total safety.



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