The Complete Guide to Creating and Promoting Your Business Blog

Having a blog has become extremely crucial to promote your business effectively. It helps to drive traffic, convert the traffic into leads, establishes brand authority and drives long term results.

Blog is a great way to add fuel to your existing SEO efforts as through blogging, new and unique content is constantly being added to your site which increases crawlability and helps your site to get ranked for many keywords.

This guide will unleash the essentials of creating and promoting your own business blog.

Creating a Blog

The web is a crowded place and several blogs are created each day. You need to follow some guidelines to make your blog stand apart from the crowd. This resource from Neil Patel about creating and promoting a blog is a great read. Here are the required steps for easily creating a blog:

Step 1: Choose your blogging platform

A blogging platform like WordPress is an awesome choice to start your blog. A platform for blogging is essential as from there you create and edit posts and all of the associated images.

Step 2: Register a domain name and choose a web host

Your domain name is the name with which you want your business blog to be recognized on the World Wide Web. You can easily register a domain name from GoDaddy which also offers easy web hosting solutions to store files related to your blog.

Step 3: Design and Customize Your Blog

After you choose a web host, the next step is designing and customizing your blog as per the needs of your audience. You need to keep the things simple and follow an uncluttered design. Using contrasting colors can be a great choice as it will help to keep the CTA elements visible. Last but not the least, keep the design responsive.

Promoting a Blog 

After you have your blog ready, the crucial part of promoting your blog posts begins. Here are some top strategies to promote a blog in order to generate more leads and a greater revenue:

  • Build an email list and allow the visitors to subscribe to your blog easily. Send a newsletter to your subscribers every time you create a new blog post or propose any discounts.
  • Make use of Schema markup in your emails in order to increase the clickthrough rate.
  • Increase the number of social shares by including social sharing buttons within your emails.
  • Participate in aggregating sites and up-vote communities.
  • Share your content in like-minded social media communities.
  • Ask your employees to share your blog on their social profiles.
  • Use internal links in order to pass PageRank and decrease the bounce rate.
  • Include the link of your blog on all your social media profiles.
  • Make use of influencer marketing while promoting your blog posts. Learn the website or blog marketing techniques at or learn it from online sources.
  • Install Click to Tweet boxes in your blog in order to make it easier for the users to tweet your blog.
  • Use Promoted Tweets to easily promote your blog posts. Promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets purchased by advertisers who want to reach a wider group of users or to spark engagement from their existing followers.
  • Use hashtags to help people outside of your circles find your content.
  • Use your blog posts to entertain and inform your audience. Encourage social cause and this will help to increase the amount of engagement.

Hope this guide helps to enable you to create and promote your blog posts in an effective manner. Are you using any other strategies to promote your blog? Please let me know in the comments below.

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