The Best Underwear for Men with Big Balls

Given that you probably saw the title and clicked on the article, we can assume that you’re one of these men with big balls. You’re hung; so let’s move on to the question at hand. How can you comfortably accommodate your not-so-little friends, and maybe even accentuate them even more at times? That ultimately depends on what kind of guy you are.

If you’re hung and it must grow to that point, you have a little bit more freedom in the accentuation department. Firstly, you can wear underwear such as a jockstrap or a thong for accentuation purposes without being introduced to too much discomfort. Of course, when you get aroused you might just push off the underwear without using hands if you get my drift (your partner will probably love this).

For those that like to show off, a lot of the latest underwear styles will give you inspiration. Naturally, your penis is always in a state of “ready to go”. This isn’t a terrible thing. If anything, your sex appeal is probably always on high. For tighter underwear, you might not appreciate them as much. You’ll find that trying to stick a large dong into a tight pair of undies is the equivalent of trying to put a circle in a square. It just doesn’t work.

To get over this problem, you can just simply wear some free-moving briefs, wide-leg boxers or contoured underwear. It will get the job done perfectly. For men with big balls like that, there’s going to be a lot of swinging going on. It helps to give your little (big) men the capability to do so.

Regarding sex appeal, you can worry more about the garments that you’re wearing above the underpants. In other words, your pants play a big role. When you wear good fitting jeans or khakis, you already know there is room for the bulge because it’s held together quite well. If someone stares at your area down there long enough, he or she may be able to figure it out. To make this easier and more appealing, you can consider wearing some sweatpants or soccer pants. Really, anything athletic will give your big balls the ability to swing around and be seen swinging. This doesn’t take away from your comfort, but it still has the same amount of sex appeal as an accentuated bulge would through a jockstrap.

It’s important to note that every guy’s package is different. No two dongs are the same. Therefore, any underwear recommendation for big nuts should be taken as an average suggestion. Whatever works best for you and your partner is probably what you should go with at the end of the day.

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