The Best Stylish Rings for Girls and Women

Be it for a proposal or just as a gift, the right ring can enhance the beauty of the hand like no other item. The modern rings have gone beyond their symbolic significance and are making new statements with their creative designs. The traditional diamond ring is one of the oldest designs that is still going strong in the market. Let us take a look at the world of ring designs and some of the most popular forms that can be chosen for self-use or as a gift.

The diamond ring

Diamond eternity rings are amongst the most beautiful items that can be gifted as a ladies finger ring. Crafted out of gold or platinum and adorned with diamonds or other semi-precious stones, these rings are crafted to celebrate the bond of love between individuals. The traditional heart-shaped diamond ring can be a very good choice that can be cherished for a lifetime. Other patterns like a cushion cut ring or a teardrop shaped ring have become popular choices in recent times as engagement rings.

The shape

While selecting a gold or silver ring for girlfriend, the shape of the stone that adorns the ring is an important factor. While there are various shapes that are available, 75% of all diamonds and stones that are fixed in the ring have a round cut. Round diamonds exude the maximum brilliance and does not need the support from any other stones to look gorgeous. The same goes for coloured gemstones as the round cut with a brilliant finish not only brings out the best range of colours from the stone but also hides minor imperfections.

The band ring

While traditional designs are evergreen, it is always nice to step out of the common format and select something that is special. A band ring or a wedding band can play this role very well and it is quite a popular choice when it comes to silver rings for women.  They are simple but stand out with their outstanding elegance. This ring is uniform in width and can be designed with patterns or set with gemstones. For those who are looking for something gorgeous, a band ring with a lacy design can be a great choice for any occasion.

The right metal

Gold, silver and platinum have always been the top priority for any girl finger ring but at present, many other precious metals are stepping into the arena as well. Metals like palladium, tungsten and titanium are some of the other precious metals that are now being used. The tungsten ring has become quite a popular choice as it offers extreme longevity along with an affordable price. These rings also need very less maintenance and retains their shape for a lifetime.

Natural designs

While traditional ladies silver rings drew design inspiration from a wide variety of objects, the recent trends are following the pattern of natural elements. The designs of flowers, birds or even animals are being creatively incorporated in the design of a ring, lending it a unique value. In case you want to step out of the traditional patterns, these designs are a great option.

If you are planning to buy a ring for someone special, make sure that it becomes a precious gift with the right romantic touch. There are a number of options ranging in cost, durability, make, comfort, and brilliance. These will allow you to personalize your love and convey just how special and valuable your bond is.

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