The Best Physical Exercise To Do At Home Without Equipment

Going to the gym is good, not only to stay fit, but because it is a lifestyle and even social experience, but what really matters in the end is the result of your training, what does this mean that even if you don’t go to the gym and don’t have access to any sports equipment, that is no reason not to practice.

If you don’t have access to the gym, there are physical exercises that don’t require equipment and you can do it at home or anywhere. But if you want maximum results, investing in home exercise equipment is recommended. You can get your equipment at affordable prices if you buy online. Our recommendation is buying from

Here you will see some of the best home exercises that don’t require any equipment. For you to do it, you will not need special equipment, weights, bars or anything. You will only use your weight, or at worst the furniture in your home.

Donkey kick

Maybe a donkey kick can be seen as a variation of a push up, but it’s different enough and good enough to be registered as a different exercise. This exercise without equipment is one of the best for training your shoulders and back while adding explosions and accelerating your metabolism. To do this, start in a steep position with your arms and legs flat on the floor and hips up. Kick with your two legs in the air, throw your full body weight into your shoulders and arms.

The jump box

Get a box, or other object that is very hard and sturdy so you can jump on it. Depending on the strength of the chair, sometimes it can also function, keep in mind that it must be very sturdy. Start from the squat position and jump to the raised surface. This exercise will add a lot of intensity and will make your heart beat fast.

Oars upside down

This exercise requires a little creativity to perform without barbells, but can provide exercises for your back that are very difficult to do without equipment. Use a table or two chairs and broom to make a temporary bar and do the paddle upside down. Some inverted paddle variations are also available, which allow you to choose the level of difficulty, such as bending your knees, keeping your legs straight, or lifting your legs to increase intensity.

Shadow Boxing – Boxing Training

Although this exercise provides no resistance, it is a speed that will exercise your arm, shoulder, and core muscles, and speed up your heart. Boxing is a great sport for training your upper body and core strength, but even if you don’t have a boxing bag, you can still enjoy some of the benefits of practicing with shadow boxing, that is, boxing with your shadow.


This is definitely the best exercise you can do without equipment anywhere. Pushups train your chest, shoulders, arms, and core, and if you do, even your buttocks can be used during exercise. Being an exercise that forms several muscle groups, it is a great fat burner and provides the intensity needed to increase your muscle mass. The amount of pushup variation also adds to the value of this exercise because you can choose different levels of intensity and the way your muscles will work.

Bench dips

The Bench Dip is great for the chest and triceps, but since you don’t have parallel bars available, you can use a bench or chair to do this exercise. This variation focuses more on the triceps.

Exercising at home isn’t something impossible right?

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