The Best Decorating Ideas for Your Beach House

Is there anything the ocean can’t do for you? The sounds calm us down; the waves make us feel like we’re flying, salt water is good for our skin and that beautiful air is great for our lungs. Having a small beach house is just perfect; you have your own piece of heaven by the sea or by the ocean, and you want it to be just perfect. Are you thinking about decorating or redecorating your lovely beach house in a simple and beautiful coastal style? Here are a few simple tips and tricks to make your home look like one of those stylish ones found in magazines.

Use the nature

How many times were you casually strolling on the beach when you noticed something beautiful or peculiar: a strangely shaped driftwood, a beautiful shell, an unusual rock, or a delicate twig? Do you have the need to take these things with you back home, but don’t know what to do with them? It’s simple: use them to make your living space beautiful! Make little centerpieces for you table, or arrange pebbles and shells in a bowl, add small candles and keep it on your windowsill. Take a wine glass and fill it with broken shells and use it instead of a vase with flowers.

Keep the floors bare

Is there anything better than seeing clean and well-polished floors? Beach houses usually have that carefree air about them which should not be dulled with ‘boring’ things such as expensive carpets. Keep the floors clean and the entire space will appear more spacious and clean. If, however, you don’t like the idea of keeping your floor bare, opt for plain braided rag rugs and scatter those strategically around the house. a beige on in the dining room, a pale blue one in the living room, and bright red ones in the bedroom will certainly brighten up the atmosphere without making the place look too cluttered.

Decorate with seashells

Seashells are beautiful and a real representative of the beach and the ocean.  You probably have dozens of lovely seashells around the house just waiting to be used. With just a bit of glue and a pinch of inspiration you can make real works of art: from candle holders to mini flower pot. Use them to decorate your plain flower pots, mirror and photo frames, or simply buy a couple of shadow boxes in your local store, fill them up, and hang them on your bedroom wall.

Express your love

Why keep the walls plain and boring when you can hang cheerful beach signs on them instead? Colorful painting, pet portrait or an inspirational quote which perfectly convey your feelings will look lovely on pale blue and white boards which will give the entire place a bit of that vintage look. Feel free to express your love for salt water, the smell of salt in the air, mermaids, surfing, sand, and shells with lovely drawings and quotes and proudly hang these on your walls so that everyone who comes to your home can see what you feel for that magical place as well.

Decorating any space in a beach style is probably one of the easiest and not to mention the most affordable decorating styles in the world. The moment you step into your old home you will feel like you have stepped into a place from your dreams. It’s about having pieces of nature inside your walls and living surrounded by it every day. From the moment you wake up until you go to bed in the evening you will feel relaxed and comfortable in your lovely home.

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