The Best Chocolate Cakes in Singapore.

We all have different preferences when it comes to our choice of desserts. And if truth be told, the options are endless; buttercream, ganache, fondant, sugar flowers, and fresh blooms! You also have intricate piping, tiered and rustic styled cakes. That’s not all as you can then choose between the available flavours and sizes. Yes, it is pretty overwhelming. Have you taken a bite of Temptationscakes Singapore durian cake & chocolate cake? Temptationcakes offers you a wide variety of dessert delights for all occasions, and you can custom order your dream dessert as well.

In this article, we list all that you need to ask your baker before you make your purchase to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck!

Let’s have a look.

A background check is a must

It is essential to find a baker with tons of experience with wedding, birthday cakes, and transportation of the same to the venue. A professional bakery will take utmost care from the construction to the transportation of your dream dessert.

Additionally, you need to check for the culinary background of the baker along with how many custom cakes are made by the bakery every year. This will give you a clear indication about the proficiency of the bakery services.

Lastly, you need to ask about the licensing and the insurance of the bakery. Some venues require the proof of insurance for any vendor to work on the property so make sure you are covered.

About the flavours

You need to make sure of the flavours and fillings your bakery offers. You can even go for a mix and match session from the various flavours on offer. Don’t be shy to communicate your favourites from the list of specialties. With a custom cake, you have the option to go over the minutest details of organic, gluten-free or vegan option.

Often a tasting consultation is available for a specified fee where you can taste the various delicacies on offer to make your choice. However, a tasting consultation is not just about nibbling a few cakes on your own but an interactive session where you can discuss your designs, specifics, get a taste and then sign the contract.

About the design

Generally, most of the professional bakeries have a portfolio of the most popular and past designs that you can look through. This is a good starting point as you will get a clear idea about the expertise of the bakery. It is okay to investigate a bit and make sure that the inspiration ideas are not plagiarized of the internet! Make sure of the authenticity of the cake design before falling in love with it.

A professional bakery service will make allowance for you to choose from a set selection of designs or completely customize a dessert according to your specifications. If you want to create a completely custom you need to inquire about the process for a discussion and exchange of ideas.

Recreating a unique design is time-consuming and difficult. It is necessary to plan ahead to prevent rushing things through and missing out on a perfect dessert treat on a special day!



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