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Each time when you watch an interesting video on social media then one thing comes to your mind “I wonder this video can be saved to my mobile phone.” This happens often sometimes right? But, there were some apk are available on the Google Play Store, which can download social media videos from the individual social media platforms such as if you want to download a video from Instagram then you would download/install a particular apk for Instagram videos and if you want to download one from Facebook then you have to download/install a kind of apk especially for Facebook videos, individual applications for each Social Media platform. This can be frustrated for keeping this many applications in your smartphones as they cover too much storage space and RAM of your smartphones which ends up hang problems.

Solution of Downloading any Video from a Single Apk

To get rid of those applications, Vidmate Download Apps 2018 is here for you, you have to install the Vidmate app, which can execute download from any social media. Vidmate 2018 is very eminent to download videos of any quality and resolutions. Here are some characteristics of Vidmate apk, which make this apk top of the others.

  • Low to High-Resolution Videos: Vidmate is the proper setup of entertainment and there is no entertainment when you cannot watch your videos clearly. However, low-quality videos are good and supportable in small phones that have low processors and small screen resolutions whereas you can download the High-quality videos on your high-end devices having processors such as Snapdragon 600 series to Snapdragon 800 series.
  • Videos from any Source: As discussed above, Vidmate apk helps to download videos from any platform, not only from social media but also from the different websites as well; the majority of Vidmate users make use of this apk for downloading YouTube videos only but this app can do more than this. You just need to browse the video through Vidmate Apk and you can download that video easily, plus, you can do it by copy and pasting the URL of any video in the Search bar of the Vidmate.
  • Availability for Different OS: Yes! Vidmate is available easily for both Operating Systems, Android and iOS. Now you can enjoy downloading your favorite videos on iPhones also by using the Vidmate for iPhone
  • Occupancy of Less Storage Space: Since I already told you that when you download and install the Vidmate apk to your smartphone then you do not need to install any other specific apps for a particular social media platform to download videos from there. Vidmate is enough for doing this stuff solitary and hence you would not any problem regarding the mobile storage. Also, the size of the app is not more than 11 MegaBytes, which is also good for low-end devices.

See, these are the key benefits of Installing the Vidmate Apk to your Smartphone and you will find more fine advantages of this awesome application after installing it.

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