The benefits of a work ladder with platform

When it comes to workplace safety and home safety, stairs have been cited as the main causes of injury. One of the main reasons for many accidents with stairs is that the wrong stairs were chosen for the job.A step ladder may be the right choice for one type of job, while a platform ladder may work better for another. Take a quick look at the differences between a step ladder and a platform ladder.

  • Light weight: Stairs made of materials like fiberglass are nice and lightweight, which means they are easy to carry from work to other work.
  • Longevity: If you invest in a good quality ladder, it has the potential to withstand a full lifetime.
  • Ease of use: The supplied worker has completed the course of ladder safety training.
  • Ladders, on the other hand, also have many limitations:
  • Small steps: Some stairs can be thin steps on which workers have to keep a balance, which puts them at risk of slipping.
  • No work platform: Most platform ladder does not have a dedicated work platform for workers to use. This means that all devices and appliances must be connected to the body.
  • Restriction on height: You should never stand higher than the top range of the ladder. This means that your reach is where the ladder is located.
  • No safety rails: on stairs, there are usually any railings or guards to keep you in an enclosed area, making it more likely to fall.
  • Security function platform: Some multi-use, height-adjustable platforms have only recently entered the market, and are rapidly gaining traction. Equip2go is the top brand designed to enhance safety and productivity. Here are some of their advantages:
  • Versatility: Both adjustable work platforms are available at different deck lights heights, making them ideal for working in very small or very large spaces.
  • Customize: It allows you to build your work-around solution around working machinery / equipment. Watch the video below to see how this happens easily.
  • Portability: With Equip2go, you can easily move from one room to another on your work platform. Again, watch the video below to see it in action!
  • Increased security: You can ensure that proper, secure railings are available at every level of your work platform.
  • Cost savings: Because the security work platform is able to accommodate and optimize every task, there is no need to buy many different ladders.
  • Up-front cost: Yes, you will definitely pay a little more for the adjustable work platform. However, the experience of long-term cost savings once you invest you can negate the initial cost.
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