The Asian Bucket List for Adventure Lovers

Travellers know how hard it is to downsize a list of places they want to visit. Unfortunately, money and time are not unlimited resources, so enter the lists of best, most affordable, most wonderful. Today we’ve come up with a list of things adventure lovers should not miss in Asia.

Watch The Sunrise Over the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia

Borobudur Temple

Most sunrises are nice, but only so many are spectacular. This is the one you will definitely be grateful for having woken up in the middle of the night. Borobudur is a Buddhist temple over the city of Yogyakarta that will make you try really hard to take a bad photo. (Meaning, they will all be great!) Once you’re done with the sunrise, make sure to explore the city, its music scene, art and culture. Yogyakarta also offers a lot to the visual arts lovers and connoisseurs, and everybody else can enjoy in the cafe scene of the city – great coffee included.

Ski in a Hot Spring Village in Japan

There are many skiing resorts in Japan, but if you want to experience something truly historic, opt for Nozawa, a place where skiing was first introduced to the country more than a century ago. Now, this is not only a famous ski resort, but a charming village of hot springs where steam can be seen everywhere in the town. It is also known for good service to English speaking visitors, so even if you’re a beginner, there will be instructions catered to you. If you hadn’t heard of Nozawa before and worry about getting there, worry not, because companies like Liquid Snow Tours offer everything you might need, from flights and accommodations to lift passes, instructions, and guides. All you need to do is relax and ski down the slope!

Get Colourful at Holi Festival in Jaipur

Holi festival in Jaipur

Even Europeans and other foreigners have started to celebrate Holi with colours, but Holi in Jaipur is something else. Holi Festival, also known as the Festival of Colours, is the Hindu celebration of the arrival of spring, and that’s why it’s full of dancing, music, bonfires and good vibes. How do the people celebrate it? They just go to the streets wearing white and cover themselves and people around them – known and unknown – with intensely coloured powders. If you want to take part in this amazing street festival, mark your calendars – Holi is held on the last full moon day of the Hindu luna-solar calendar month, which is usually in early March. Don’t forget to bring all white clothes you don’t mind ruining!

Have an Unusual Snack in Laos

Unusual means different things to different people, but a specialty of Laos are the edible insects. There are over 50 kinds of those, and they are a staple food for the locals, so it will be fairly easy to find in restaurants and street food shops. The best times to go and taste the fresh bugs is June and July, or from November to January. You can have them fried, dried or boiled, and chances are you will here cicadas, crickets, bamboo caterpillars or even the larvae and pupae of ants and wasps. But as we stated, there are more than 50 kinds, so eat away!

Dive for Shipwrecks in the Philippines

shipwreck diving

Did you know that Coron Bay in Palawan, the Philippines, is world-famous for shipwrecks? Most of them ended up there in WWII. There are 12 different wrecks at the bottom, so swimming through those while fish swim around you is a truly unique experience. An eerie one as well, as you will be armed with just a torch! Grab an underwater camera, and enjoy the world buried under.

Skydive in Thailand

If you’re not afraid of heights or want to get cured, there’s hardly a more extreme and efficient way than jumping off a plane and then free falling. To some, it might sound like the total opposite of a bucket list item, but for others, it’s the adventure of a lifetime, and slightly addictive. The views as you jump out of drop zones near Bangkok and Pattaya are gorgeous, especially from above – and if you can handle the beauty together with the adrenaline rush.


Asia is so diverse that it is hard to choose just several favourites, but these are the things not to be missed if you’re in the mood for adventure hunting – whatever exactly the word “adventure” means to you. Sometimes getting up early is adventurous enough. 😉


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