The Art of Choosing the Perfect Colour for Your Wedding

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If you think that white is the only colour suitable for a wedding theme – we will have to say that you are wrong! Thinking out of the box is essential when it comes to your special day, which means that you will have to set your mind free and consider some unconventional ideas. Choosing the perfect colours for your wedding is not easy, however, you can definitely do it like a pro. Here are some ideas, so – enjoy!

Yellow, Orange & Tangerine Fantasy

This combination of gorgeous shades simply screams summer, which makes it just perfect for a modern wedding which will take place during this season. If you are wondering why these are so suitable for summer, here is an answer – all of these shades remind of the Sun and its warmth, which is highly recommended for such a theme. When it comes to your decoration, you should definitely let the flowers be centrepieces – particularly hydrangeas, peonies, ranunculuses, and zinnias. These will make a perfect balance with a white backdrop that will give a hint of simplicity and sophistication you surely need.

Yellow Orange Tangerine Fantasy

It is important that you keep everything else as simple as possible, because the flowers will pretty much talk for themselves. As for your bridal look, you can always pick shoes in one of these colours. On the other hand, if that is too much for you – just add a gorgeous tangerine belt to your gown, and that will match the theme perfectly.

Green, Gold & Peach Loveliness

The magic of this gorgeous colour scheme will be accentuated even more if you choose an open-air venue. That will connect you with nature in the best possible way, which makes it amazing for summer wedding theme. So, what should you start with? Bridesmaids’ dresses, of course! A fabulous peachy shade will look so great in combination with your white wedding gown, so make sure not to miss it. When it comes to flowers, peonies, zinnias, hydrangeas, and garden roses may be the perfect ones for your decoration.

Green Gold Peach Loveliness

Don’t forget to incorporate green and gold, too – your cake will look outstanding with these two colours, which will perfectly match an overall theme. If you would like to follow it, too, you can always choose some details that will break the whiteness of your look – peachy shoes will look astonishing in such a combo, as well as a belt in the same shade. You won’t make a mistake no matter what you choose.

White, Black & Pale Green Fairy Tale

If your wedding date is already set for this spring, this colour scheme may be just the one for you! Pale green is always a good idea, and you can incorporate it into every possible detail – from your bridesmaids’ dresses, over the most amazing centrepieces, to beautiful flower girl dresses.

White Black Pale Green Fairy Tale

As for the flowers, we say that you should keep them as simple and delicate as possible – white garden roses in combination with greenery will provide a fairy tale effect you are looking for. Aside from that, succulents will make a stunning decoration and will bring a touch of Mother Nature directly to your wedding venue. However, if the black-white contrast is just too harsh for you, you can always opt for ecru or ivory instead of white. That will soften up the whole theme a little bit, which is not bad at all!

As you can see, there are so many ways to break the traditional all-white wedding theme, which are very elegant and sophisticated but also fun at the same time. All you have to do is to choose everything carefully, to the tiniest detail – that will ensure you a perfect wedding day everyone will talk about. When that is done, you can enjoy this special day and make memories for a lifetime.

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