Having an occasional glass of wine, beer, brandy or any other type of alcohol is completely cool. In fact, they say it’s even healthy. They also say each type of beverage is perfect for a different occasion, and while some alcohol is great when it’s snowy and freezing outside, other is exactly what you need on a scorching evening. Continue reading and learn more!    


Many would agree that beer is the best drink when you are watching a football match. You can drink it alone or with friends, before and during the match, even after it. It takes away some of the tension, so you won’t have a need to fight if your team is losing. It’s even more perfect during summer and all those terribly scorching days and nights when a cold glass of this delicious beverage can cool you down.


Drinking some wine right before dinner is a good idea, because it can stimulate your appetite. It’s perfect for elegant parties with a sophisticated dress code, because everyone considers this drink classy. Check out some wine online in Australia to see some brand names you might like. There’s a big list of different types of wine, both red and white.  


If you occasionally organize a poker evening with your friends, this drink is a perfect match for it. It’s great when you can combine it with cigars, especially fine Cuban ones. It’s a perfect taste while you are counting all the money you gained. You can even see it in movies when they drink scotch and play poker. Add some ice and it’s totally yummy!   


If you like drinks that are delicious, vodka might not be your first choice, but it’s perfect when we combine it with some other liquors that are tastier. Vodka is something you drink when you want to get hammered with friends, go out and have a night full of adventures. 


Without gin, drinking tonic is something you will never think of. These two go great together and it’s one of the best combos we know of! This drink is amazing before going to a club. If you want to get in the mood, go for it! It’s also a great drink to consume after a hangover in the morning, because it has the ability to make people feel reborn and ready for some action!


When it’s too hot to do anything – drink some rum! Rum-cola is even more delicious. They say this drink is best when you feel sick, but even if you don’t, a cold glass of rum is perfect for a hot summer evening in a club.


Since the winter is almost here, you should also know what the best drink is for this freezing season. A few jagers can take the chills right out of your bones, so they’re perfect when you enter a bar from the cold outside. 


Tequila is the right drink when you are on an exotic island with your friends and you are having a drink with new interesting people you have just met! You can show how cool you are by ordering it. Expect to get in the mood for some karaoke!


You’re having a girls’ night out and you are ready for some juicy gossiping! It’s never really the same without a round of your favorite cocktails! These delicious and nice-looking sips are usually girls’ favorites.

As you can see, every drink is perfect for something. From cooling you down to making you warm, there are many kinds of liquors and each of them has a different purpose. Now that you know all this, which one do you think you need the most right now?

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