The 6-Minute Guide to Buying A Digital Camera

Everything is equipped with a camera nowadays; phones (dual camera), tablets and even laptops. However, taking pictures is only a secondary function for these gadgets. Only a digital camera can produce professional results barring the quality of a few mobile phones. Moreover, the phone cameras we use have automated settings providing standard results.

Digital cameras, especially Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras, allow you to manage the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance along with an option of using various lenses. Canon is at the helm of DSLR camera manufacturing and you ought to visit a Canon authorized service center to check out the right one for your need. Here are some tips that will help buy a digital camera:


You must have heard this term quite often. 1 megapixel contains 1 million pixels – the minutest area of display on a digital screen. The megapixel count most commonly refers the scope of a picture to be digitally zoomed in before it starts getting distorted. For everyday use you won’t require a camera with very high pixel count as even the most elementary DSLRs provide 15 megapixels plus. However, you must go for higher megapixels if you plan to shoot for billboards etc.

Viewfinder & LCD

The optical viewfinder of the camera is one of the most important components. The SLR camera mirror reflects the exact image that you will see on paper or on the screen.

The view finder can be adjusted according to your eye power. Needless to mention, it allows you to lose the specs and take pictures without them being out of focus. When it comes to the LCD, the view depends on its quality which varies with each camera.

The Modes

Modes like Action, Landscape, Portrait, Manual and Automatic are important features of the camera. Some cameras are equipped with features such as Guide, Panorama, etc. as well. If you just want quality pictures, you may take pictures on automatic mode which is the highlight of the point and shoot cameras. If, however, you want to take pictures, on manual, you must learn the various features on the SLR.


Now comes the part you’ve been waiting for – the lenses. As you must have noticed, cameras are usually paired with certain lens that defines the frame of pictures you’re going to be taking. The basic lens is 18-55mm zoom lens. If you get another 50mm fixed prime lens with these, consider that you’re getting a great deal. However, if you have ideas about your pictures and want different lenses, you can get them there and then. You can always buy lenses later according to your need as well. However, always buy a Canon lens for a Canon camera.

Other Important Features

Shutter speed the speed of shutter defines how long the shutter collects light before the image is created. Higher shutter speeds allow you to capture a fraction of the moment without the image being blurred.

Aperture measured with an ‘f’ unit, the aperture is basically the opening of the lens which allows you to control the entry of the light. The lower the unit of the aperture, the more light the camera will capture.

ISO is the measure of the light sensitivity of the sensor of the camera. Cameras allow you to set the amount of the light to be absorbed by a particular image. The higher the ISO, the brighter will be the image.

Read extensively about cameras and identify your photography needs before you visit a digital camera store to buy this amazing equipment.

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