New Fall/Winter trends are bound to bring something new and interesting our way when it comes to jewelry as well. After all, these days, accessories, and jewelry especially, seem to be as important as clothing pieces when it comes to one’s unique, personal and fashionable look. If you too are interested in spicing up your style for the following seasons, check out the following big jewelry trends.

1. Pearl things up

Pearls have always been timeless and stylish, but for the following Fall/Winter season, they’re truly making a comeback. Of course, you can still wear your favorite pearl earrings and necklace, but if you want something truly special, you might be interested in trying the funked up variations of pearly style. Mixed with different metals and in various shapes and tones, pearls have come a long way. This is especially obvious when it comes to earrings. Essentially, you can’t go wrong with either – going delicate or statement when pearls are concerned.

2. The chunkier the better

If you’re a fan of chunky statement jewelry, you’ll be glad to know that the following Fall/Winter trends are definitely all about the chunky pieces, especially for rings, necklaces and bracelets. What’s more, if you tend to prefer the punky and edgy style when it comes to jewelry, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the options available. Essentially, large metal and spiky chokers, chains and oversized geometrical shapes are all part of the chunky trend for the upcoming seasons. Don’t be surprised to spot huge chunky earrings either!

3. Go long with earrings

In case you prefer small earrings, don’t fret since these remain to be trendy and classy. However, if you’ve always loved having something hanging from your ears, you’ll be happy to learn that the Fall/Winter trends have made a special spot for the gorgeous chandelier earrings as well as those more delicate yet very long pieces that subtly and elegantly hang along your neck. In that respect, you have the creative freedom to go for a burst of colors and materials for a true ear statement or take the route of more dangly earpieces that perfectly match trendy and elegant. 

4. Rhinestone mania

Rhinestones have always been popular when jewelry is concerned but this year you can sparkle and shine as much as you want thanks to the absolute rhinestone craze for the Fall/Winter season. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you like bulker, more statement-like pieces or those that are more minimal and delicate – if you like rhinestones, you can literally find a jewelry piece for yourself covered in them! These are perfect for every occasion, so don’t hesitate to rock them with confidence. 

5. Embrace the unpredictable

Those of you who value more eccentric and out-there styles will definitely enjoy the fact that Fall/Winter trends also include the unpredictable! Basically, anything goes! You want to use scarves and belts as earrings? Go ahead! A watch as a ring or choker? Definitely yes! What’s more, using different trinkets, items and accessories as a part of your jewelry setup seems to be the cool thing to do, according to runways and fashion shows. If you’d like to try something like this, feel free to give it a go! 


You don’t have to follow the trends in order to look amazing in your own style, but it’s always good that Fall/Winter trends allow such a variety of options. That way, you’re bound to find something you like and jazz things up a little bit. After all, why should you match the gloomy grey weather when jewelry can help you stand out and shine!

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