This fall, we will have a chance to delight in quite peculiar jewellery trends. It seems that designers managed to combine opulent jewellery and cheeky accessories with items that are dark and edgy, and at the same time, minimalist and gender-neutral. Many were very curious to see how the gender-punk fashion vibes would impact the fall and winter of 2019/2020. If you are too, continue reading to learn about some of the latest trends you might find interesting!

A sense of daring

This year, you will remember the runways for the Classic Parisian jewellery which dominated them, accompanied by layers of gold chains as well as cameo rings and pearls. Both the small, subtle pieces and the overstated ones are in, and you can feel that audacious Neo-Parisian sensation in the air. If you think you can pull off that daring look with the bold reinventions of the Parisian staples, the time has never been more right!

Grungy and androgynous  

A punk look is another trendy one this year, with boxy designs and check prints showing that rebellious spirit of the late 1970s. If you like stacks of piercings and bondage-style studded chokers, you will be fascinated with this trend! 

If you, however, rather prefer beautiful classic pieces, check out fine jewellery online to find what matches your taste the most. There is a big selection of incredibly nice-looking items that you can wear with elegant outfits. From subtle earrings to gorgeous bracelets abundant with outstanding zircons, you can find classy pieces that are never out of style.    

Striking earrings and other large pieces

Incredibly long and striking earrings, delicate danglies, a single earring, tassels and ear armour – this year we can say you can really go wild with choosing your jewellery! Covering the bulk of the helix and wearing as big earrings as you can find are all trendy. Extreme pieces are totally acceptable, so don’t think it’s too much if you like seeing yourself wearing really huge ones rich with details. 

We should also mention rhinestones! Falling in torrents from models’ lobes, these statement pieces will be the reason why everyone is staring at you in public with amazement. You can browse through Pinterest to get some cool ideas and know what to buy for yourself this fall.  

Let’s not forget to mention the unmissable oversized chain-links either, which are quite respected at the moment. They can perfectly adorn any look and give you that chic, stylish appearance you desire. One thing is for sure – if you dare to wear pieces like these, you definitely won’t go unnoticed wherever you are.

Neon and other lively colours

An explosion of colours might be extremely daring, but it’s also a big trend this fall. Large neon pieces have never been so appreciated like at the present moment. You can combine colours that you usually wouldn’t even think of matching. If the models on the runways can pull off this fabulous look, so can we!

Kissed with signatures

Last but not least, logomania is quite a hit in the fall of 2019, so you won’t see fashion houses letting their names go unrecognized. You can notice necklaces stamped with logos and jewels which form tiny initials on models, which is a perfect way to let designers pay homage to the heritage of the houses.

Do you like the trends for the fall and winter seasons of 2019 or do you find them too much? It’s definitely not for those who aren’t audacious enough to try to pull off some of these looks, but you can always turn to classic pieces that are trendy constantly. Whatever you choose, it should be something that makes you feel like yourself the most.  


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