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The 4 Most Common Celebrity Cosmetic Dental Procedures - Likeitgirl

The 4 Most Common Celebrity Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Have you always wanted a dazzling Hollywood smile? Let us let you in on a little secret. Proper hygiene and regular visits to the dentist’s are essential for a bright smile, but sometimes they are just not enough. Most celebrities, at some point, have to resort to dental surgery and other procedures in order to have the perfect snowy whites. Here are the most common ones.

Replace a lost tooth with implantsReplace a lost tooth with implants

Accidents happen, and sometimes people lose teeth. This leaves an unsightly gap. The most common way of replacing a lost tooth is with a dental implant. Implants are usually made of a titanium screw and a ceramic or composite crown that looks like the patient’s tooth. The implant is inserted into the jaw where the missing tooth used to be. The procedure is done under local anesthesia.

Achieve perfection with veneers

Even with the utmost care, you can’t really control how your teeth grow. Usually, they grow at least a little bit uneven. That is why a surprising number of celebrities actually resorts to getting veneers. These ceramic shells made to resemble the patient’s natural teeth can solve a number of cosmetic problems, such as uneven color, crookedness, gaps between teeth and cracked enamel. In Australia, for instance, this procedure is one of the most popular ones. Quality porcelain veneers in Sydney are becoming the standard for both stars and common folks, which is unsurprising, as it is a relatively simple, low-maintenance and long-lasting way to get a flawless smile.

Dazzle with blinding whitenessDazzle with blinding whiteness

Have you noticed that in the movies everyone’s teeth are blindingly white? Even with regular brushing, our teeth are just not naturally that white. Add to that habits that might stain our teeth, like smoking or drinking tea, coffee and red wine, and the results are far from the TV standard. You might start brushing with a baking soda and peroxide mix, but even then, it’s questionable whether you will get the same results. Also, you should always be extremely careful when trying at-home teeth whitening solutions because improper use can cause damage to the enamel. Professional teeth whitening is a pretty simple procedure. The first step is to physically remove build-up such as tartar and plaque. Once the teeth are clean and have their natural appearance once again, the dentist bleaches them back to their original color, or even a few shades lighter than that, removing all stains in the process. Sometimes, a laser is used to further enhance and speed up the procedure.

Save a tooth with inlays or onlays

Inlays and onlays are a way to use the remaining healthy part of a tooth, even when it is damaged to a relatively great extent. Sometimes, normal fillings are not an option because there just isn’t enough of the tooth left to support it. Inlays and onlays, sometimes also called “indirect fillings”, are a procedure that is used when there isn’t enough surface of the tooth left for a traditional filling, or if the stability is compromised. Instead of extracting the tooth and inserting an implant, the dentist will have an inlay or an onlay made in a dental laboratory. Inlays are used when the tooth cusp is still intact. If the cusp is damaged as well, the dentist will opt for an onlay, which will cover the entire surface of the tooth and be attached using dental cement.

Save a tooth with inlays or onlays

Surgical procedures in dentistry are getting very common, and are generally relatively uncomplicated. While these procedures are normally elective, more and more people are deciding to get them done in search of their own Hollywood smile.


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