Terms And Conditions For Royal Panda Bonuses

There are only a few good online sites in India where one can play and place bets on casino games. Royal Panda is undeniably counted among the top ones. From the convenience of placing bets to the generous bonuses that the online site provides, it is no secret that people prefer it because of the free spins and bonus bets. There must be a check on every good thing. The terms and conditions laid down the basic rules and guidelines for Royal Panda casino bonus are:

  1. Power of the site
    In case Royal Panda doubts perpetration of fraud, they have explicitly mentioned that the site holds the right to curtail the participation of an IP address or from the household in free bets and bonuses. The participation of the player in the free bonus will be curtailed and his or her account may even be frozen.
  2. Compliance with betting requirements
    There are some basic requirements that are given by the casino betting sites for the players to follow. These have to be mandatory followed and complied with. In case of non-compliance, the site holds the right not to issue any present bonus or any bonus in the future winnings of the player.
  3. Payment of bonuses
    Usually, the amount that the player wins as a bonus through free spins is credited to the account balance of the player. Royal Panda casino betting and games can be played exclusively with this bonus subject to the wagering terms that 35 times that of the bonus amount has to be received by the casino from the player.
  4. Abuse of bonus opportunity
    It is a condition that anyone taking part in the Royal Panda casino bonus should not take advantage of bonus opportunity or any technical glitch in the system of the site or an undue strategy that might not be ethical. Else, Royal Panda may take actions as they may deem fit.
  5. Delay of rounds
    When an ever is made using the bonus from the site, the players are strictly required to finish the game rounds using the bonus balance without delaying it. In case the wagering requirements for the bonus amount are not met, funds need to be deposited by the player to the account on the site. If the player still delays the rounds, it is automatically accepted by the system that the player considers his bonuses void.
  6. Irregularity in the betting pattern
    Before any withdrawal is processed by the site, the pattern and behavior of the player are analyzed to spot the irregularities. Fair play is always encouraged by the Royal Panda casino game site and in the spirit of that, any unfair means by the way of hedge bettings or low margin bets are screened. They hold the final say in confiscating the bonus and funds in case of any discrepancy.
  7. No sports betting on bonus
    If one is using the bonus earned from the casino, sports betting using that amount of off-limits. These sports betting cannot be pending. In case of pending sports bet when using the bonus, the number of funds in the player’s account may be confiscated.
  8. Chronology of balance deduction
    When a player is about to make a wager on a casino game, the amount of the bet is first deducted from the amount is first deducted from the cash balance in the player’s account. In case of a shortage of funds in the player’s account, the bonus will be put to use.
  9. Date of the expiration of bonus
    It may happen that no last day for the use of a given bonus balance is shown. In cases like these, the bonus from free spins and promotion will come to an end after 90 days of the date of the issue of the bonus. Even if it is unused, the bonus automatically gets revoked after 90 days of the issue.
  10. Discrepancy due to language difference
    The terms and conditions for the issue and use of bonuses on Royal Panda casino betting sites are available in multiple languages. However, the legal binding only exists in the English language and any discrepancy arising due to the difference in translation or interpretation will not have a legal effect.
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