Telecom Industry as an Opportunity for a Successful Career

The faculties related to IT and telecommunications attract many talented students to Polish universities who want to explore their knowledge in this field. However, this is not surprising, because there are many companies and enterprises on the market offering numerous internships and programs. This is a great opportunity to develop and gain valuable experience in the first stages of building your own professional career.

The number of positions to be filled in the telecommunications industry is still growing. The dynamics of this industry is huge. Currently, implementation of 5G technology is underway in many places in Europe, which will significantly improve data transmission. This necessitates the employment of thousands of people who will speed up the process. However, there is no shortage of work on other projects. Data analysis specialists, mobile application programmers and infrastructure specialists are constantly sought after. These are just some of the offers, attractive not only in terms of salary, but also opportunities to gain valuable professional experience that may pay off in the future. Contrary to appearances, the lack of previous experience is not a problem for graduates of Polish universities. There are many large corporations that are willing to devote their time, to train future specialists. To this end, internship programs are created that are waiting for your application.

Engineer in Telecommunications
Telecommunications is a largely technical industry. Interesting offers await telecom engineers who are able to demonstrate logical thinking and creativity in the broad sense. However, employment can also be found in other places: generalizing – wherever it is necessary to broadcast video or audio, however, the greatest demand for engineers is shown by cellular network operators. The most significant ones offer their services throughout the country, as a result of which the job can be found regardless of location. Moving to some jobs may be necessary, but favorable working conditions and extensive development opportunities will compensate for this inconvenience.

Job fairs
To start your career in a satisfying way, no doubt you should choose the right place to start. In the case of the IT or telecommunications industry, you can choose offers, be a little picky. However, this does not change the fact that it is worth showing experience during the interview, and thus – providing evidence of the desire to develop yourself. Job fairs organized at Polish universities are a suitable place to learn about internships and traineeships. This is where large companies have their stands who want to have ambitious, creative students in their team. However, this is not the only option, because access to the network is enough without today’s telecommunications. It is worth browsing the websites of mobile operators who have their own internship programs, implemented at different times. You can not only prove yourself and gain valuable experience but also get a chance of employment. All you need is ambition and commitment, which can result in a dream job.

Let’s do it
Regardless of whether you study in the day or evening program, you will certainly find something for yourself. Summer internship programs in telecommunications companies are a great offer, above all, for full-time students who are unable to find sufficient free time in the academic year. Implementing internships during the holiday season is a great opportunity to use your free time to gain valuable experience. Semi-annual or year-long traineeship and apprenticeship offers are also available to those interested.

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