Getting a tattoo is something that starts off as such a big deal, but once you have a few of them on you, it becomes more like going to get a haircut. But you only have so much space on your body and you want to choose your designs carefully so that they all go well together and so that you’re not taking up space for something better that you might think of in a few years. If you’re itching for a new piece of ink but don’t know what to get, here are some fresh trends to inspire you:

Crochet tattoos

This is a style that people either love or hate. It literally looks like someone crocheted a pattern onto your skin, which can look surreal. The people who find this style off-putting are imagining the yarn actually being crocheted into your skin, but if you can get over that, these are some of the cutest designs you can have on your body, and they can come in all sizes, styles and colors.


Pixel art is something that has never lost its popularity, even when technology far surpassed it. There’s something in the simplicity and nostalgia of pixel art that just draws us in – and it’s no wonder it’s become a popular tattoo trend. Pixelated pieces, especially if they are drawn in a larger scale, are clearly legible from afar and if you take inspiration from pop culture, as they often do, it’s a great conversation starter.

A big piece

If you’ve got plenty of smaller tattoos, it might be time for you to move onto a larger piece that will take up a bigger area. These pieces are really only recommended for veteran tattoo enthusiasts, because you have to know exactly what style you’d like if you’re going to commit to something like an intricate tattoo body suit. You can make your whole body one large art piece, or do it in sections that blend together. If you have a bunch of smaller tattoos scattered around and you think that stops you from getting a big piece, remember that you can just go right over them, or incorporate them into the piece. Whenever you see someone with a body suit, you can bet that there are quite a few smaller tattoos that are hiding beneath it.

A question

A lot of people love tattoos because they are such amazing conversations starters. You can chat about them and their meaning endlessly, but that effect is so much greater if your tattoo is an actual question. It can be something simple, like “How are you today?”, lyrics from a song to give it deeper meaning or an intricate question that can really spark a deep, long debate and trigger self-discovery.

A portrait

There’s something so classic and emotional about putting someone’s portrait on your body. It can be a family member, an idol or someone you just find so beautiful you want them as a decoration on your body. It’s never a great idea to get portraits of people who are still alive, because you never know what can happen in the future, and you definitely don’t want to be stuck with a face of someone you can no longer stand looking back at you from your forearm.


Whether you go for something minimal and dainty or for a big meaty piece that will cover a huge area, you want to make sure it’s a design you love and connect with and not something from a flash art that you just picked because you didn’t want to miss out on the $20 deal they had for Halloween.

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