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Taking Care of your Bridal Mehndi Designs - Likeitgirl

Taking Care of your Bridal Mehndi Designs

Contrary to the assumption that bridal mehndi designs has got to be done each day before your event, it’s best to get it done 2-3 days before. Bridal mehndi designs reaches its peak color about 48 hours after it’s been removed.

If you’re not acquainted with the bridal mehndi designs artist, you ought to always do a trial run with them. This enables you to see the standard of the planning and color of the bridal mehndi designs. I often tell my clients to try and do this but influence from others leaves them misinformed. An attempt assures and reiterates what I’m advising.


Some important steps to require to get a decent color:


  • Ask the artist if they’re mixing their own bridal mehndi designs or bringing pre-made cones. Pre-made cones are usually filled with chemicals and therefore the color are often dicey. If the artist is mixing their own bridal mehndi designs please confirm you follow only their instructions as they know what works best to attain optimal stain. Bridal mehndi designs paste has got to get on for a minimum of 6 hours. If I do the bride’s bridal mehndi designs within the evening, I ask her to keep it on all night.


  • If it’s done during the day, the bride can take it off in the dark. A lemon-sugar solution must be applied 2-3 times. If this is often overdone, it can lead to killing the bridal mehndi designs stain sometimes. If the bridal mehndi designs is completed within the evening I ask the bride before she goes to sleep to wrap the design in toilet tissue like a mummy.


  • Old school belief is that bridal mehndi designs should be wrapped in plastic bags. This is often a myth. With plastic wrapped round the hands and feet there’s no air circulation and this releases tons of moisture which may ruin the design. Toilet tissue lets the air circulate and it also makes the bride feel secure that the design isn’t going to fall all over the sheets.


  • If the bride gets cold easily it’s advisable for her to take a seat during a warm area to urge her bridal mehndi designs done. Bridal mehndi designs brings down the blood heat and allows for a cushy atmosphere. The heat helps the bridal mehndi designs dry faster too and there are less chances of accidents happening. The more heat you give your bridal mehndi designs the darker it gets.


  • When the bridal mehndi designs is removed it shouldn’t be washed but scraped off. Once scraped off, put some oil (preferably mustard for the warmth factor) and massage it gently over the design. This may remove all the stickiness of the lemon sugar. You’ll be able to wipe this off with a towel. Keep the bridal mehndi designs faraway from water for a minimum of 2-3 hours after it’s scraped off. Please remember: Palms get the darkest as compared to arms and feet.


  • If the bridal mehndi designs quality isn’t good, then even with all the instructions stated above, your bridal mehndi designs won’t get optimum color. For an exquisite design and stain it’s always good to hire a reputable artist who mixes their own bridal mehndi designs and leads you thru a radical process of aftercare.
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