Aging is one of the rare certain things in this life. If you’re an adult with parents, older spouse or beloved family members, you can already start making a good plan for their senior years and organize their care. While there are so many long-term care options out there, you can offer support and help for your elderly loved one yourself. Here’s how to plan for their happy and healthy aging. 

Prepare their home

Home is where most elderly accidents happen, so make sure you prepare their house well. Today, there are many new gadgets that can help you take better care of your senior parent or loved one. For instance, consider getting GPS trackers, security cameras and alarms and light up medication containers. There are also anti-scald devices for showers and faucets and grab bars near toilets and showers to ensure safe hygiene needs. All of these will allow seniors to stay at home for longer. 

Provide them with exercise

Exercise is an amazing weapon to fight disease and maintain good bodily functions. Even if your elderly loved one used to lead a sedentary lifestyle, exercise in senior years can still repair some of the damage and delay the need for hospital care. According to experts, elderly people need around 30 minutes of moderate activity five times a week (think walking, biking or swimming). Those who prefer more intense workouts can get away with exercising 20 minutes a day three times a week. And don’t forget to encourage weight training and daily flexibility and stretching exercises are a must. 

Organize regular doctor’s visits

No matter if your elderly loved one is sick or not, doctor’s visits are a must. In order to get the best service, write down all the questions and bring all the important medical history records with you. Write down all the medication they currently take and report about any changes in behavior. With that information, their doctor will take over and know how to take the best care of their patient. 

Welcome professional help

While caring for your elderly loved one is one of the top priorities in your life, sometimes there are things that simply require your attention and you have to leave them alone. However, that’s nothing to worry about if you have professional help available. In western countries like Australia, there are great agencies that offer care for elderly and sick patients. If you find a respectable nursing agency in Australia, you can arrange nursing care or support for a few hours every week or 24-hour care while you’re gone. This will not only allow you to dedicate attention to your obligations but also ensure your elderly loved one is in great hands. 

Keep an eye on mental illness signs

Even though often overlooked, mental health is a very important part of elderly wellness. Keep a watchful eye on any signs of depression or anxiety. Senior years can be very difficult for some people, especially if they suffer from other illnesses, so monitor their mental state and provide support if you notice any symptoms. 

Seek financial help

Oftentimes, taking care of an elderly person can cost a lot of money, so it’s very important to invest in a good insurance policy or mediclaim. This will keep both you and your senior loved one covered and stress-free. Do your homework and pick the right program that will benefit you. You can also talk to your loved one and discuss their finances and possible insurance plans for private care. In some cases, you can even get additional benefits (reduced bills and medication costs) so try to identify these when you get the chance. 


If you plan well and do your homework concerning elderly health and wellbeing, your senior will have a safe and relaxing elderly years and enjoy their retirement to the max. 

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