Uttarakhand has numerous tourist destinations, but Auli is the place which is blessed with enchanting beauty and highly rich in traditions. Sure, you will witness the nature of god in the Auli destinations. There are so many things to do in Auli right from mountain peaks to ski slopes, you will enjoy to the core. Well, it is the best destination and can be visited throughout the year but winter is somewhat quite impressive and looks beautiful. Through this article, we have discussed why Auli tourism is the tremendous winter destination among others!

About Auli:

Well, Auli is the ski resorts which are surrounded by a hill station in the district of Chamoli. It is popularly known as “winter wonderland”. That is why it is highly famous for ski slopes, ski resorts, and ski events. The ski slopes are always organized in the winter season. And also, it is the perfect destination for your pictures. The white snow-covered peak mountains make Auli the best destination among others. On the other hand, there will be snow covered road that adds extra beauty to nature. While traveling on the road, you will witness a fresh breeze and sure you will enhance different feeling.

Top things to do in Auli:

  • Rope cable rides across the valley

It is the best way to watch the full panorama of Himalayan ranges. It is about 5km traveling and sure it is perfectly suited for the people who are ready to enjoy daring adventures. Actually, Auli has two types of rides namely from Joshimath to Gondola and Joshimath to Auli. This ride is waiting for you to give the ultimate outlook of Garhwal Mountains with a degree of 270. While enjoying the ride, there you will notice the mountains which are fully covered with white snow.


  • Romance with snow

Of course, most of us never witness snow falls in our daily life, right? That it is always a good choice to go with the winter destinations. If you are the one who wants to enjoy the snow with your spouse, then nothing can be better than Auli. It is like a little heaven during the period of winters. And sure, you will never experience this kind of enchanting experience in any other winter destination.

  • Enjoy trekking

Auli is perfectly suited for the people to perform trekking. Of course, even a common trekking trail in Auli offers a unique experience and sure it is the finest way to enjoy your vacation. In addition, the ski slopes are neither too simple nor too difficult, so you can go ahead to enjoy adventures with full comfort.

  • Hone your skiing skills

Of course, there is no need to give a full introduction to skiing in the Auli. It is because; it is the major adventures and anyone can try it. In order to perform this daring activity, you don’t have any experience. And also, it is reasonable and so never makes a big hole in your pocket. As a whole, it is highly advisable for the folks to visit Auli at least once in your lifetime!

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